Indian Democracy in Times of Coronavirus Pandemic

Indian Democracy in Times of Coronavirus Pandemic Coronavirus crisis witnesses both the ‘poverty of culture’ and ‘culture of poverty.’ We feel pride that India is the largest democracy of the world. It is independent for seven decades and more. But this nation is not prepared to combat any type of crisis. Crisis was/is being always suppressed politically and it would undoubtedly repeat in the future. This willful clever technique of inability reminds the defects of the democracy. It has been cultivated a system that ‘it is everywhere victory to the strong and death to the weak,’

“The constitutional government,  freedom, liberty, and parliaments – are ‘but jokes’.’ India’s democratic socialism is like ‘life less machine.’ It is for vote and it is for power, and authority. We can quote the observation of Swami Vivekananda . ‘There is no mental activity, no unfoldment of the heart, no vibration of life, no flux of hope; there is no strong stimulation of the will, no experience of keen pleasure….’ In this democracy.

This democracy fails to ensure equality for all. Present crisis (Coronavirus pandemic) reminds the failure of development at grassroots. This situation reminds ‘no amount of politics would be of any avail until the masses in India are once more well educated, well fed, and well cared for.’ The government since the very day of independence implies rarely the policy by which people may be able to solve their own problems – ‘The new order of things is the starvation of the people by the people.’ 

Further Indian democracy does not take step – ‘everybody may be prepared to shoulder the work.’ There is lack in whole heartedness share in the work and property and a voice in the management. Their right is limited within the EVM. They have been made dependent on the government for everything and ‘never caring to exert itself for the common good or for self-defence, becomes gradually destitute of inherent energy and strength.’ Swami Vivekananda warned that it may cause ‘the destruction of the nation, and its ruin is not far to seek.’

To fight against COVID-19 government action is mainly limited within a locked down for certain days with provision of extension and a few amount of food grains. Till there is absence of treatment and care facilities. Poor people are in hunger, jobless, and they have to die for food. Hunger is now more dangerous than the COVID-19.  There is a politics going on in everywhere during this crisis. Government may take firm step, at least to save the vote bank. The overall situation knock whether it is people’s democracy or political parties dominated democracy?

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