In the world why is India the largest Diaspora

In India, It is quite common that  youths leave their country in sake of employment, in order to fulfill their basic needs or some leaves in sake of luxury but their ratio is the least as compared to those who leave their land in sake of a mere employment. It is quite difficult for a person  to go away from his/her motherland, to left his/her relatives, friends, but there is no other opportunity/alternative which he or she can do, he/she is compelled to do so.

Here arises a question, compelled by whom?

Article 16 of the constitution of India defines equality of opportunity and prevent the state from any sort of discrimination that’s everyone should be treated equally irrespective of their religion, caste, color. For instance if there are two persons one is Intelligent another is dump, but law says provide equal opportunity to both, person who has caliber can grab it, or can grab success, this is equality we should provide opportunity to everyone and amongst them a person full of caliber/ability can do or can get it. Although India provide equal opportunity to all but still persons who have abilities are unable to grab it, and then other countries provides them that very opportunity. Even nowadays higher secondary students have planned that after the completion of their degree they will leave their country what is the reason behind it. Person with degrees, with abilities doesn’t want to serve their country (india) because their country(India)  didn’t recognize their ability, because of reservation category system.

For instance here are two Students one is from general category and other from any reserved category both appears in any entrance examination, Student who is from general category get 40 points out of 60 and other who is from reservation category gets 07 out of 60. Ironically student with 07 points gets admission in any reputed university and the student with 40 points couldn’t crack that very examination. After that what will be the result, Person with the least ability will serve/lead our country because of this reservation category system as it will also work for recruitment examinations. Major priorities are  given to Reservation category.

Leaving once own country is difficult decision, but he/she is compelled to do so, compelled by government by introducing reservation category system.

To improve India socially, economically this system should be abolished. Not only hundreds but thousands of doctors, lawyers, engineer’s of Indian origin are emigrants in different foreign countries, reason is this reservation category system. The Category system is the main cause of unemployment, main cause of professional saturation, no doubt government should promote education amongst all but not through category system. Employment opportunity should be given to only those who have ability, who are well in that very field not to those who have reservation category.

I put forth my view point because it’s like a discrimination we are being discriminated more opportunities are for reservation category candidates, age relaxation, fee relaxation, attempts relaxation so on and so forth. It is the biggest enemy of meritocracy, it results into the degradation of equality of students. My view point is that as article 16 says provide equal opportunity to all, government should do it but without reservation category system, this category system should be abolished and the government should focus on meritocracy rather than on category system. Government should focus on meritocracy, candidate should be chosen(for development) from their abilities rather than from their class. India is a developing country but if this category system will be abolished within years India will become developed country.


By Suhaib Rafi Mir, studying Law at department of Law University of Kashmir.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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