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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Socio-Cultural Relationships Globally

The pandemic is playing a role of equalizer. Now every country, religion, and region will have a same type of socio-cultural relationship parameters and ethics.

By Bilal Ahmad Dar

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions. Shakespeare

COVID-19 pandemic that raised its ugly and inimical head in Wuhan is proving like Pandora’s box for people. It has disrupted the lives of people in the entire globe. Italy, America, China, and Spain have been the epicenters. All these countries have seen a disruption of devastating kind. This subversive pandemic is going to have multi-pronged implications. World is going to face many problems as this pandemic has put a kind of halt on every productive and commercial activity. People will have to face lot of economic, social, technological, and political changes. One can easily cope up with political and economic problems but bearing the brunt of abrupt changes in socio-cultural relationships is very difficult.

At present, most of the people and countries around the globe are mainly concerned about the economic implications of COVID-19 pandemic. Only few countries and a little percentage of people, besides being concerned about economic loss, are also focused on the impact of this pandemic on social relationships and cultural events. The pandemic which spread only through a pint-sized virus is certainly leading to enormous and formidable changes in the world order. It is going to destabilize everything. The destabilization is well-nigh showing its impact in global concerns, geopolitics, socio-cultural relationships and all that.

The major effect of it will be on socio-cultural relationships because of quarantine system. Prior to this pandemic, as we know, people used to enjoy everything in conjunction with one another. The pace with which the pandemic is decimating the population of the world will surely tell upon the socio-cultural relationships. As anticipated, there will be new socio-cultural relationship norms and protocols. The definition of the things related to socio-cultural relationships will automatically change. New relationship standards will replace the old ones.

 Socio-cultural relationships, as we know, differ from country to country, region to region, religion to religion etc. In West, socio-cultural relationships are of different nature. Western people cannot help without making a Public Display of their Affections (PDA). In order to express their love, affection, and sympathy for one another, Westerners cannot do it without physical proximity. This is going to change for sure.  Maintaining a distance and gap from one another will be considered as a gesture of love, affection, and positive feeling. Hugs, kisses, and handshakes will be considered as internecine acts. Love birds will invent new modes of expressing their emotions. Social distancing is going to be an accepted norm for fear of transmission of the virus.

The pandemic is acting as a great changer in every respect. Geopolitical concerns and relationships, global political affairs, indigenous cultural rituals will have a diametrical change. Where political superpowers like America, Italy, and China etc. stand destabilized, how can social relationships stand firm there!

The pandemic is playing a role of equalizer. Now every country, religion, and region will have a same type of socio-cultural relationship parameters and ethics. Differences in cultural gatherings and ways of celebrating festivals are going to change for sure. The world is going to have a homogenous socio-cultural ethics and codes.

Quarantine system, social distancing, and lockdown have to the greater extent affected the web of socio-cultural relationships. People now fear to meet one another. Quarantine system has conditioned people to live in separation and isolation. In future, people will to some extent refrain from arranging social events. Friends will no longer go for get-together parties. Lovers will no longer meet on frequent and daily basis in recreational parks, five-star hotels and rejuvenating restaurants. Romance will suffocate in self concentration rooms.

The frequency of religious gatherings, which are directly related to socio-cultural relationships are going to get curtailed everywhere. Mosques, temples, mandirs etc. will be put under surveillance. Because of this, number of religious people visiting their respective religious places will dwindle. People will mostly offer prayer, puja and psalms in their homes.

 The preventive and precautionary measures issued by WHO and health departments will have a psychological effect on people. People will inadvertently sort of distance themselves from others. The system of marriage ceremonies will also have a complete change. Marriages, as we know, have always been celebrated with huge fervor and enthusiasm everywhere in the world. Relatives, friends, and neighbours would come in large groups to participate in marriage celebrations. In J&K sumptuous feast and dishes, are usually served in a spacious single plate to four people. But the way through which COVID-19 spreads, this way of marriage celebration will partly change into a celebration of a different sort. Instead of assembling in large groups, relatives, friends and neighbours will come in ones and twos. Food will not be served to four persons in a single plate. Single plate system is going to be replaced with buffet system in which every person serves one’s own self individually. Congregational celebrations of marriages are going to be replaced with celebrations in solitude.

Every religious festival all over the world, as we know, is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. Eid of Muslims, Holy of Hindus, Christmas of Christians, and Baisakhi of Sikhs etc. are the festivals that have always been celebrated with lot of happiness and good spirit. People in these festivals usually congregate in large groups at different places to enjoy and celebrate these festivals. The pandemic has put the entire world in a very sorry situation .W have become kind of untouchables. In future there would be a kind of disregard for the congregational celebration of these festivals. People would celebrate these festivals but at their respective homes. These festivals will be bereft of people, of fervor and enthusiasm.

These changes are going to engulf every country in the world. People will have to acclimatize themselves with abrupt and baffling changes in the system of socio-cultural relationships. A new political, economic, and social order is awaiting the world. If the world survives, people will have to adapt themselves with new socio-cultural ennui and anxiety that are going to be the dear gifts of post-pandemic life. Like Alvin Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’ people will have to face ‘Shock of novel type of socio-cultural relations and etiquettes’.

Postscript: Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes. Goethe

Bilal Ahmad Dar is a Research Scholar at the Department of English, AMU, and can be mailed at:


The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.

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The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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