I NEED TO PLAY (Early childhood Education)


Children learn through play. They play as much as they want. They love to play. First, they explore through play and second learn from it.

But I would like to tell you about a real-life situation at school.

Conversation between a child and a facilitator


Child: Mam, I want to play.

Facilitator: No, you can’t

Child: please!

Facilitator: No, It’s time for a second activity. You have to engage in that.

Child: No, I don’t want to engage.

Facilitator: I will throw you out, listen to me first.

Child: hmm ok.


Can anyone tell me? Why the Facilitator is forcing a child for a second activity if the child is not taking an interest.

 Answer: The facilitator has to complete her duty because she has a time-table That’s why. I think so this may be the reason.

A child with a little heart will follow what the facilitator says. However, A child is hurt from inside whereas A child will obviously express emotion by showing a tantrum or staying quiet.

What do you think it will be healthy for children?

Answer: I don’t think so because it will affect a child’s development.


Please don’t do this with these little angels. They are future leaders. Give them an opportunity to play.

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