1. Godi media is going gungho over Obama’s revelation that the Pak Establishment had full knowledge of the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden when he was located and overtaken by the American marines and killed in his hideout in Abbotabad. Whereas that is common knowledge, regardless of Obama’s latest revelation, what they conveniently ignore is what Obama has said about India. Says he “I privately told Narendra Modi that a country should not be divided on sectarian lines and emphasised how the Indian society needed to cherish that Muslims in the country identify themselves as Indians, which is not common for minorities in many other countries”.

The sold-out, supine Indian media will never talk about the latter.

2. Over the past seven odd decades since the mainstream political leadership has been in power in Kashmir – courtesy  the goodwill of New Delhi it has always enjoyed in return for promoting the Indian narrative on Kashmir – the people of Kashmir have been looking at its leaders as the Centre’s stooges living off the misfortune and misery of Kashmiris. Much as these leaders continue to be perceived as the villains of the piece and deserving of little sympathy, notwithstanding the post August 5th 2019 developments, for once these ‘leaders’ enjoy a certain amount of traction among Kashmiris, if only for standing up to the sinister gameplan conceived and carried out by those who come across as maha-destroyers and enemies of Kashmir. With the BJP leadership now seeking to further discredit them by demonising them as members of the ‘Gupkar gang’, Kashmiris are having the last laugh while taking vicarious comfort from their erstwhile betenoire for standing up to the prophets of doom and misery.

In either case, it’s sheer hypocrisy on the part of those who are controlling the media on the one hand and on the other, have lost control over those erstwhile allies who were running their writ in Kashmir all these past seventy three years. Only because the extent and magnitude of the Cetre-sponsored perfidy in Kashmir has been so huge and overwhelming that the erstwhile promoters of their writ are finding it difficult to get themselves to brook with such misery and disgrace that has been heaped upon them since Aug.5th. With this, one may imagine the maelstrom of misery, malice and malevolence that has been visited upon the common people of Kashmir, especially since that ominous moment of hara-kiri.

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Written by M A Sofi


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