In its elemental fury, Covid is raging to a devastating effect and in ways that, unlike the modern day cult figures in the world of politics, unleashes itself everywhere, regardless of caste, colour, creed, faith, region, religious affiliations, dress code etc. Truly secular in that sense!

However, that’s in stark contrast to the manner in which almost similar cataclysmic upheavals were brought about in recent months involving such sinister acts as CAA, Ram Mandir Nirman and most ominously, the Aug 5th, 2019 chitzpah involving the reading down of article 370. What’s common to these latter developments is the quintessentially communal and the devious intentionality surrounding the immiseration of a certain community through the patently flagrant evisceration of the democratic process.

What is the take away from this discussion? The disempowerment and the impoverishment of a community planned to be achieved through such diabolical acts as CAA, Ram Mandir or the abrogation of article 370 was expected to be achieved without much fuss and without their adverse impact on the economy, employment, livelihood or on the future of the present government. To the naked eye, that indeed looked so, at least in the short run. But the baneful effects of these ill-conceived policy decisions by the governments that were bound to follow in the long run have been vastly accelerated, courtesy the onset of Covid which has devasted the world enonomy in general and the Indian economy in particular.

The scenario looks so very grim that it looks reasonable to surmise that it may not be long before food riots may begin to hit the streets of the cities and villages of India. That would set the stage for a new India to emerge. As if that is not enough, see how, as a result of their perfidy in Kashmir, they have brought a hornet’s nest round their ears by dragging China into the picture which is nibbling away no more in bits and pieces, but devouring whales of the Indian territory, typically as a dragon would.

That should surely be seen as a moment of comeuppance for India and its clueless political leadership which will have to savour the taste of its own medicine by sowing such wild oats as the utterly and thoroughly ill conceived policy surrounding the total devastation of Kashmir, its people, its economy, its culture and its egalitarian ethos in innumerable ways, especially over the past six years.

The moral of the story:

What a completely vanquished 10 million population could not accomplish in fighting the evil at their door step, this tiny, insignificantly and negligibly small organism has done in one fell swoop. Surely hubris is its own reward!

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Written by M A Sofi


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