How my life changed during this lockdown.

Me being 25 years old , the only earning member at home I always had a lot of expectations from myself . 

And when it came to being getting married , I wanted my care and concern for my family should be induced to him also . So funny na , but actually I got a person like that who was 5 years elder to me . He was not settled in life , not having a handsome salary but then too I was pretty sure that he is the one who can share my responsibility and I his . So romantic na , I think these bollywood movies have destroyed our mindset. Ha ha not blaming it completely our society too plays a role in it .

So coming to this guy , we really talked to each other and I really thought I will be happy with him. But I always saw that his family was really reserved , not entertaining anyone and all , earlier I had little issues but then I started accepting it as he used me console me saying that all is fine they are like that only. But when the little ignorance he face from my family he couldn’t accept it at all . He started avoiding my family completely . Disrespecting my mom , not talking to her even when she called him . So this was the end of my honeymoon face , where I realised what stupidity this love is . Now what I have to say is a no . But it’s becoming so difficult for me to do so . As engagement has been done few months ago , now the issue is how we will be able to face the crowd then . If it’s just me it’s ok , but my family will also have to face the consequences . 

But I want to know from you people is it ok to move ahead with a relationship even if we see that there is no importance given to our family.

Please do share your views too .

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