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How Early Childhood Care and Education Changed My Vision

My experiences throughout the journey I have had In BVOC in ECCME-

It begins from my first semester when I got admission in BVOC (ECCME). I had never heard about Child Care Centres or Daycare Centres which supports children in broader terms. It takes care of the children in a secure environment, contributes in children’s learning, growth and domains holistic development. Working parents also get a relief to work in peace but sadly Government hardly expends on early years education even though it’s very important because children grow and develop at a rapid pace during their early years and it has been proven scientifically. They need more attention, care and education at this stage. If we as a society spend even 1 Rupee in children’s early years, in future they will return Rs.100 to society with good achievement and success in their life. Even after graduation, most people are unaware of its importance, as I was, before engaging in this course. It is a major reason for the neglection in the early years education, when children need a nurturing in their natural environment.

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The observations I have collectively stored in my memories-

I am a student as well as a tutor. I have been in the teaching sector for more than three years now and the early childhood age group (3-8) is also a part of my institution. Throughout the journey in ECCME, I have evolved as a good educator. The theoretical knowledge and internship experiences were really helpful.

Each semester I was learning a different set of many course designs that was building my ideas and perception for early years education towards the social and psychological development of children. I changed my methodology with the early year’s age group, moving from rote learning to play way or activity based methods. I categorised five domains- Physical, Cognitive, Sensory, Language, and Socio-Emotional development, then planned according to these domains. Activities that I use to execute with children are dancing, painting, sketching, rhymes or balgeet, play or role play etc. However, it is tough for me to bring awareness among the parents regarding play way methods of teaching initially because they believe in rote learning more than they had to. They do not prefer activity based learning as they want sane written work in copies of their children. It took time to make them satisfied with the results of each child. They are more expressive, confident, thoughtful, initiators than earlier, as I gave them a free environment with few boundaries. Now, I am no longer controlling them because it is important to bring children’s creativity and create curiosity when they are no more in a stressful environment.

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I design the environment that is appropriate to enhance children learning. I set all four corners that are important for their domains development like brought few books to provide reading material in Indian context, set toys for pretend play, few handmade cards and stones for counting and calm corner where they can stay when not interested in play or want some rest etc.

Children’s learning would influence you if you set goals according to your desire. Here, you are killing a child’s potential learning with your expectation that will hamper the child’s overall natural development.

To bring change in children education, we as a society must work together because all the internal and external conditions effects the child, for example as an educator if I am not aware about the policies and importance of early years then I would not be able to bring awareness among the parents about its importance. Then these external factors will affect the child’s internal growth and development of brain.

I try to provide the best learning environment where they grow peacefully and maximise their potential development of all domains.

Thank you

Preeti Kumari, Student of Vocational in Early Childhood Centre Management and Entrepreneurship

Ambedkar University Delhi

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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