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How Do They Do It?

There is no dearth of people who say or would say, ‘Why should we bother whether cricket matches are fixed or not? We enjoy the show, we enjoy the thrills, and we enjoy celebrating when our team wins.’ They have no qualms about being fooled. They must also ask themselves a question. Is not such a thought akin to enjoying rapes or big robberies and bragging about that? Since unmistakably, on the other side of the movie like directed cricket matches are millions of addicted cricket bettors (similar to drug addicts or even worse) who lose fortunes, become bankrupt, and many also commit suicide in extreme desperation….

Yes, knowing or unraveling the modus-operandi of the open continuing gargantuan real fraud and crime would be very interesting and rewarding indeed for us all!

‘In his disclosure statement to the Delhi Police, Sanjeev Chawla, the prime accused in the 2000 Hansie Cronje match-fixing case, has said that “no cricket match is fairly played” and “…all the cricket matches which people see are fixed”. He also pointed to the involvement of “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia” that influences all cricket games that, according to him, were like “movies which are already being directed by someone”….. He could not give more details since “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia is involved in this matter and they are dangerous people and if he says anything they will get him killed”.’

The above was reported in the Indian Express of 30th May, 2020, courtesy the journalist Mahender Singh Manral. It was also reported on websites of many other reputed journals/media during those corona/lockdown days. Given what a reputed international sport Cricket is and its popularity in India, it was not an ordinary bombshell. But can you believe it, the next day everyone seemed to have forgotten it! The Media and the world had taken it in its stride to let the underworld mafia continue to rule international cricket with fixed cricket matches continuing to be played round the globe. Cricket was on hold the worldwide during those days due to threat of Corona or Covid-19. But when it resumed after a few weeks, it continued to be fixed as ever before, and continues as such till date. Yes, the matches in Big Bash League in Australia or the India-Australia Test series that concluded recently sending a country of a billion plus to ecstatic delights through the fantastic scripting of the Brisbane Test, or any other international, or maybe even domestic matches, are all fixed and being directed like movies under the directions of the cricket betting mafia; ICC and various Cricket Boards along with the whole Establishment and Media being at its beck and call. What has been said to have been stated by Sanjeev Chawla in the opening or first paragraph is a very precise description of the scenario as far as game of Cricket is concerned, except that it is like theater rather than like movies, since there is no scope for retakes in a cricket field. What Sanjeev Chawla told the world was nothing new, but was only a further confirmation by a key insider of something already in public domain for last 8 years and lying well established and proven even through a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in Supreme Court of India, and dutifully ignored by our great media! The world including the Media continued and continues with its fathomless degradation in hailing the open fraud even after this revelation in the media, as it had been continuing earlier for years.

First let us try to understand the meaning of what Sanjeev Chawla said. Almost all who even believe that cricket matches are fixed understand fixing very vaguely. They believe that some players are paid some money by some bookies or their agents to fix some matches sometimes; because they have been made to believe so over years and decades. There couldn’t be anything more false than this deeply ingrained myth into our minds by the vested interests. Because this has been the tool by which they have been fooling the world for so long. If anyone were to apply slight commonsense sometime, one should easily understand that it couldn’t be so without the culprit players being taken to task by the expert coaches and cricket administration on their own now and then. But nothing of the sort ever comes to light. Why? Because the matches are fixed as directed by the cricket bosses themselves (they being in league with the betting mafia)! No match could be like a movie directed by someone else without the involvement of whole cricket establishment including cricket journalists. Or could be that the cricket journalists are too moron a class to grasp anything. What we have been fed about fixing for decades by the media has been to condition our minds so that the thoroughly fixed cricket could continue to be marketed as a great sport, keeping billions hooked on to it, and millions losing big money in the range of hundreds of billions of dollars to the betting mafia controlling cricket all over the world. Since the world Media and Indian Establishment including Supreme Court of India have been facilitating the fraud actively and/or passively, it will not be wrong to conclude that the cricket betting mafia not only controls ICC and the whole Cricket world, but also those controlling Media and running or controlling national governments. Otherwise also we know that various cricket league teams across the world including IPL teams are owned by big corporate, renowned businessmen, and celebrities.

As reported by Zee News, according to a survey conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the year 2018, the number of cricket fans in the world is 100 crores and 90 percent, 90 crores, of them are Indians. The survey covered fans aged from 16 to 69 years, and their average age was 34 years. To most of these fans, other than who also indulge in cricket betting, cricket means only matches India play or IPL. But international cricket is much more than that, expanding fast. Almost every month some or other league similar to IPL is taking place in the world, apart from international matches in all formats among various other countries. Now many European countries are also starting to play Cricket and jumping on the bandwagon. The fraudulent cricket stated by Chawla is much beyond imagination of ordinary cricket fans and covers the entire cricket across the world.

Matches being fixed like movies directed by someone else means that players in the ground never do anything of their freewill, they only act as per some script and someone’s dictates. They are only like actors in a theater who carry out a given role for that day, that match. This also explains why we suddenly find some great players playing far below their potential repeatedly or on particular occasions; be it bowling, batting, or fielding. Shahid Afridi failing repeatedly with his batting after having become such a big name, Aaron Finch’s batting in ongoing Big Bash League, fairy-tale like batting collapse of India in their 2nd innings of the first Test match of the recently concluded series to be all out for 36 runs, and inexplicable self-defeating bowling by same seasoned Australian bowlers on final day of Brisbane Test (19/1/2021) to handover an historic win to a depleted Indian team, are a few of the telling examples that readily come to mind this moment.

Cricket matches being like movies means that it is not only result of a match that is pre-decided, but outcome of each and every ball is scripted beforehand. That is not without reason. Many fancy bets are continuously being placed and won or lost along with the bets on result of a match. The widely popular, predominant, and involving very big sums of money among these are the bets on session or brackets – these bets relating to how many runs will be scored or not scored in an innings as a whole and also in various parts of the innings involving a given set of overs. Outcome of each ball in a match may decide fate of some fancy bet or change the odds for on-going various bets including those on session/brackets or the result of the match. Runs scored or not scored of each and every ball is very important for session/bracket betting. The changing odds influence continuous betting by punters and affect the final result of win or loss for them. So the outcome of each ball has to be scripted for trapping and looting the millions of bettors across the globe 24×7. Let us try to think a bit otherwise also. Can ‘whole’ not be function of its parts? Can it be scripted and fixed that a team will score 12 runs in the last over of a limited overs match to win, without it also having been scripted for the match to come to a stage where 12 runs will be required of the last over to win! Why to tax our brains? More down to earth, don’t we come across inexplicable plays by highly talented renowned cricketers, whether in bowling, batting, or fielding, many times in a match, match after match, when we are forced to wonder whether they were playing to win or to lose? Just for example, why on earth will a set dashing batsman only tap the ‘free-hit’ ball in a limited overs match, or will bowlers start bowling wide balls in end overs while defending a total? One can see with open eyes these and a lot of otherwise inexplicable cricket being played 24×7, but hardly ever being commented upon so by the commentators.

I say above only in an attempt to make people understand prima-facie what is what. All this lies explained in much more details in the PIL WP (C) 1163/2017 in Supreme Court of India and various references therein, in my documented interaction with BCCI subsequent to PIL, and also in the number of books leading to the PIL. Almost all possible questions that could arise in reaction to it or otherwise have been answered. Everything is well chronicled, and now an indisputable public record of cricket being a massive fraud with the blessings or protection of Supreme Court of India and Indian Government along with others is available through a recent book ‘We the Oodles’ (with various documents, references and links provided in the book). That still no one is bothered is a very sad commentary about present day world and the so called intellectuals. If the contents of the book were not sufficient, everything mentioned there in is further reinforced through the follow up and silence of the media and the authorities still on the too explosive contents of this book. All that is also chronicled through various published posts on this very platform subsequent to publication of that book. Nothing is talked about in the air or left to imagination.

It should not be much difficult for one to understand the mind-boggling and maddening implications of such a massive public fraud continuing unfettered openly with the active or passive support of Media, Judiciary, and the Establishment, that too when terror-funding and bogey of India-Pakistan enmity also become too pronounced through it. All the implications also are a matter of record in the form of the book ‘We the Oodles’ with an encyclopedia of evidence available. And yet not a soul is bothered! And they continue to talk about every other wrong or right or the pettiest matters under the sun! How extra-ordinary and unbelievable! All the intellectuals, hardly anyone excluded, discussing about myriad things, hundreds of political and social issues, displaying their knowledge and intellect, are all in fact too stupid, being controlled by a massive mafia and most of them are not even aware! Or those aware ignore the same; probably that is being even more stupid. The bureaucracy governing us is in total dark! It is all too obvious. We all talk and discuss various things all the time without understanding or knowing about the overall scenario in the least.

One comes across a lot of talk about match-fixing by cricket journalists and experts in the media now and then. Such discourse continued for weeks in 2013 when the infamous Sreesanth case came to fore. These people giving expert views about fixing related issues without knowing ABC of cricket betting have been like someone knowing only how to relish good food trying to give expert tips on cooking also, or like someone just seeing moon from earth and trying to tell what all is there on it. And the masses gain their knowledge from such jokers! One comes across many intellectuals also expressing their strong opinion about fixing, what can be or what can’t be, without knowing all what transpires in cricket betting and how inexplicable cricket is played in the field match after match to facilitate the betting mafia make a kill! Or without applying minimum common-sense to all that happens in name of competitive cricket in front of their very eyes. Alas! Such people simply close their minds to what Chawla said and take pride in being continued to be made utter fools! They don’t feel concerned why Media has been brushing this and all other explosive revelations about institutionalized fixing of cricket under the carpet. The disclaimer issued by Chawla’s advocate on his reported statements soon after came very handy for the media and suited the mafia controlled world very well. But alas! No one can wish away the revelations attributed to Chawla also lying indisputably established years ago and now chronicled through the book ‘We the Oodles’. And the fact that no journalist ever bothered to investigate and throw light on how such an explosive statement by Chawla found way in police records if he had never said so, itself tells the whole tale to any discerning mind.

What Chawla said also means that so much continuous talk about various aspects of cricket and about cricket players by commentators, experts, and cricket journalists in journals, newspapers, on TV, and on internet, and by public in social media, in discussions among cricket fans on cricket websites or otherwise, has all been total bunkum, rubbish, and an exercise in fooling self or billions of fellow beings as the case may be; because in recent years, for at least more than a decade, the cricket being talked about was never competitively played, was scripted by someone else all along!

With the above background, let us come to the crux of this post. The Cricket matches being like movies directed by someone else is easier said than done. But we know for sure now that it is so; as sure as we are of existence of the sun and the moon. The question then arises, how is it accomplished? It is something that has to be readily known to the cricket players, managers, coaches et al; but the viewing public remains ignorant. If we can free our mind from the camouflage created by the cricket journalists, cricketers, celebrities and cricket experts over decades, specifically to keep hundreds of millions fooled, it is too easy to see how bowlers, batsmen, and fielders combine in the field to achieve desired outcome of each ball. For example, when sixes and fours are required to be the outcome, the bowler will bowl balls that the batsman on strike can dispatch to the boundary at will, fielders also helping at times. Remember Rahul Tewatia hitting the international bowler Cottrell for 5 sixes in an over in last IPL – 2020 to win the match for his team from an impossible looking situation? Other way round, if wickets are to fall, bowlers will bowl wonderful deliveries and/or batsmen will play atrocious shots. Remember the Indian batting collapse in the 2nd innings of the first Test against Australia at Adelaide on the 19th December, 2020? The brilliant and awful or comic fielding performances also are thrown in to make the show look real/natural and also to thrill the public, to make them mutter oohs and ahs. There is no dearth of people who say or would say, ‘Why should we bother whether cricket matches are fixed or not? We enjoy the show, we enjoy the thrills, and we enjoy celebrating when our team wins.’ They have no qualms about being fooled. They must also ask themselves a question. Is not such a thought akin to enjoying rapes or big robberies and bragging about that? Since unmistakably, on the other side of the movie like directed cricket matches are millions of addicted cricket bettors (similar to drug addicts or even worse) who lose fortunes, become bankrupt, and many also commit suicide in extreme desperation.

To achieve the scripted outcome of each ball, the players have to be very competent. They must being well trained for their roles beforehand. They are also taught a lot of acting, since we see them displaying right emotions on getting out etc. For any player it is much more difficult to play scripted cricket rather than naturally, especially mentally or psychologically. Just imagine how tough it would have been on the Australian players to face the ignominious defeat at Brisbane in their own country on the 19th January, 2021 willfully! But probably it is nothing more than a day in the office for them and they are trained and paid too well to take it that way. We can understand and visualize these things with slight application of mind on our own.

But we don’t know answer to the million dollar question! How players are conveyed the desired outcome of a ball beforehand? My guess is as good as anybody else’s. But I have wondered all these years what players are looking towards outside the ground very often (they are shown so during telecast), either individually or standing in groups; no, I am not talking of replays on big screen or third umpire or the dug out here. Are they looking for directions through some sign language? Probable, but definite answers will emerge only when players or cricket officials were questioned by the authorities anytime for the modus-operandi of this massive continuing crime. I have pondered over/deliberated upon this aspect also in my first book on the subject ‘Inside the boundary Line’ years ago. Mugging up of the whole ball by ball script beforehand is a difficult proposition and also is fraught with the danger of players misusing their knowledge by placing bets through their acquaintances.

I also wonder how come this very interesting puzzle/question/mystery does not interest the thousands of intellectuals who otherwise enjoy breaking their heads for the pettiest of the matters concerning or not concerning them, or while reading or viewing suspense stories. Why don’t the hundreds of investigative journalists, detectives, and law-enforcers in India and outside feel interested in unraveling the mystery? Yes, knowing or unraveling the modus-operandi of the open continuing gargantuan real fraud and crime would be very interesting and rewarding indeed for us all!

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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