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How a Paradise was Turned Into a War Zone

A place known for its beauty has now been converted into a war zone, where people are suffering from n number of issues.

A place which is called the living paradise for its beauty has now been converted into a war zone where each month a loss of life has been reported, either say a militant or a civilian. However, the situation has got worse after the special status which is article 370 is abrogated. Article 370 provides autonomy and its ability to form laws for the state’s permanent residents. At the moment this article was snapped the region felt cheated as this Article was a promise the Indian state made to the people of Kashmir when they acceded to India. It is as if someone had taken their rights and their powers overnight.

A lot of people think that the decision is morally justified and strong willed. However, there are people on the other hand in whose opinion this decision had made India as a country less credible in terms of a democracy. When we talk about democracy we talk about different opinions of people and their choice of government however India has come to a point where democracy and freedom of speech have been restricted.

A bill passes overnight and comes into force the next morning, and then suddenly communication gets blackened. The internet services snapped and government imposes a weak long curfew without having a thought that it can rub salt to the existing injury for the people living in the valley. The sudden shut down of the communication created a chaos and innumerable troubles. The abrogation of article 370 has been condemned across the globe. The UN had also shown their concern over the article abrogation, despite keeping all the facts in mind that the students are facing troubles in studies, civilians facing problems in day to day activities due to the communication shutdown the government is not bothered to regain the services.

4th pillar of the democracy has been throttled whenever a journalist digs out some story they are harassed and forced by administration to reveal the source which if done can jeopardize the integrity of a journalist and at the same time risk their lives. It’s not only the case the time article was abrogated and communication blacked out journalist had to travel to as far as Delhi to file their stories and later on when restrictive communication has been started and journalist are made to sign bonds with administration that nothing should go unnoticed. It reminds me of Naipul who wrote a book on emergency titled as “Wounded Civilization” wherein a detailed description has been given how press was throttled at the whims of Indiraji I don’t find any difference now and then.


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