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Hathras Horror

The horror of a woman being gang-raped, the brutality of her body being cremated without the prior knowledge of her family, are all subdued.

The Hathras Gangrape case is the most brutal manifestation of the disgustful low, to where humanity has stooped. Another horrendous incident pointing towards to atrocities against women, against Dalits, and against Dalit women.

Some of us are so sunken in privilege that we chose to remain unaware, others argue how the woman’s being Dalit has got no role play in the case. The case does not get the attention and rage due to it, and if it gets the attention it only as a tool for degenerate politics, the family does not get justice and a woman could not even get the right to live a dignified life on account of being a human.

It’s time now to either quietly watch ourselves drowning deeper and deeper into marshes of doom, or to acknowledge that there are brutalities against women, brutalities against Dalits and brutalities against Dalit women in the society that we live in and fight against the same.

Each one of us must understand that just because I don’t think that the condition of  any of these groups is not that bad, does not give me the right to invalidate their sufferings. I am not in their shoes, and even if I feel that I am other material, social and economic conditions are not the same for me as they are for them.

Collectivized, Channelized and Organized rage has changed histories, don’t let this rage pass by. And yes being engrieved by such instances is not ‘negativity’ rather shunning them, ignoring them in name of dreamy positivity is inhumane to an extent to describe which the term ‘negative’ won’t suffice.

All those who witness the crime and still chose silence have blood on their hands, all those who run away from the wailings of such victims to live in their rosy dreams of ‘All-is-well’ have blood on their hands. And those who are at peace thinking ‘We are safe, they will never come for us’ have blood on their hands.

Have strength, courage, and valor, not blood on your hands, condemn Hathras Rape. Do not nullify the misery of any Dalit, any woman, anyone who complains. Be kind and humane. No culprit shall get away, and there shan’t be more victims to such horrors.

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