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Has Rape Become a Common Crime ?

It was just weeks ago when the whole nation witnessed a heinous, brutal, spine chilling crime which took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district, where a 19 year old woman was brutally raped by four upper caste men. The victim not only suffered the pain and agony of rape but was also tortured  resulting in severe injuries, a heinous crime  which should have been enough to shake the conscience  of the nation. It was not only that these four butchers traumatized her but they in order to conceal their crime  broke her spinal cord and slit her tongue.

Even before the outrage over the Dalit woman gang rape-murder case the nation observed yet another protest after a six-year-old was allegedly raped by her relative and died during treatment at a hospital in Delhi.  The six year old belonged to Hathras but was living with her maternal aunt after her mother died last year. Muniraj G who is the senior superintendent of police said, “The minor was held captive at a relative’s house in Iglas area of Aligarh district and was rescued on September 17. On a complaint by a social organisation police raided the house, which belonged to a relative of the victim, found the girl and admitted her to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College hospital where she was being treated till four days ago.”

The victim lost the battle of her life at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on Sunday approximately 15 days after battling for her life. An FIR was registered by police on September 21st on the complaint of the girl’s father, a resident of a village in Hathras district, that he suspected the girl was raped in captivity. Police then arrested the 15 year old relative who then confessed to his crime.

This is not for the first time when women living in the nation have come across to such harrowing incidents. According to 2019 NCRB (Nation Crime Record Bureau) data on an average, 88 rapes take place every day in India.  However, the conviction rate is as low as 27.8%.  Also the NCRB data reveals the rate of crime against women have increased from 58.8 in 2018 to 62.4 in 2019.

A country with a conviction rate of 27.8% for as heinous crime as rape wherein a victim is left with scars not over the body but over the soul , certainly  emboldens the vultures to look for more prey.

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