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Ground Issues Ignored by our Government and Status of Judiciary

When we discuss about the ground issues ignored by our government we literally mean basic issues like eradication of poverty, health and education, tourism development, employment, food and housing and various other sectors etc. Now the question here arises is that are these ground issues being tackled by the government properly or these are mere like issues described in election portfolios of the concerned political parties, this will be discussed later on. As we all know that all sectors contribute a lot to the Indian Economy hence require lots of attention and concern. As far as the issue of employment is concerned during the election campaign of Bihar, it was disclosed by the candidate of RJD Sh. Tejaswi Yadav that if he comes to power he would provide 10 lakh jobs, one can assume that the election was fought on ground issues, on the contrary the BJP Leader Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman the Finance Minister of India cross-fired by providing 19 lakh jobs and there was war of word going around. Now when Bihar has got its new Government let us hope that this thing becomes possible. The ruling BJP party which came to power in 2014 on the basis of jobs creation and other social concerning issues has failed to prove its worth at the grassroot level.

The policies like demonetization and poor implementation of Goods and Service Tax, 2017 has added a lots of fuel to its failure. The reason is job loss and shutting down of small and medium scale enterprise business. The reports of various institutions of the world project reduced growth of demonetization which was later followed by GST. The policy of demonetization caused such a heavy expense for the government that the government was forced to sell the big government undertaking in the hands of private players in order to grab the government revenue. Many banks drowned like Laxmi Vilas Bank being the latest example, PNB would have drowned had government shares was not there.

There is an advise for the leader of opposition to attract the minds of the leaders in power to work on the currency devaluation of Indian National Rupee in the market, like for example weakening of Rupee against Dollar Pound and Euro, etc so that it becomes feasible for the Indians living abroad to trade and easier to survive, rather than discussing the vague communal issues. Last but not the least, the Indian Media is the enemy of Indian democracy because it has become the servant of the government in power and not at all critical like the media of United States of America (USA), the governmentalized media is not only cancerous for the people but also for the Indian Economy since it detracts the tourists to come who generate lots of income which contributes for the Economy.

Lastly, I would like to throw lights on Judicial System that is the status of Judiciary which was supposed to maintain equal justice has begun to do injustice and spread message that the justice would be for those who are near the government, the courts of our country have come under million of doubts and several question whether they are fair or not? Example can be witnessed in the case of anchor Arnab Goswami who was granted immediate interim bail despite bein charged with grave and heinous offence and various other journalist like Prashant Kanojia, S kappan and Veteran Journalist Varvara Rao who is being ill treated the court remain blind in those matters. Is this equal justice and constitutional? Just think….Ending with the case of Stand Up Comedian Kunal Kamra who just gave a tweet on judicial system the reputed lawyers gone against him, what is this? When the reputed lawyers act against the judiciary unconstitutionally it can never be a proper justive, it is mere mockery of the Indian Constitution and death of democracy.

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