Genocide is on; You may be next

Probably the conformist intellectuals over the centuries have done the greatest harm to mankind by continuously justifying a lot of non-sense around……

Yes, death is inevitable for anyone born, but there is a vast difference between dying of natural reasons or as a result of governance failure or because a few in the world have willed and planned so for you!!

As I mentioned in my last article , I am still recovering, am far from recovered, having succumbed to Corona about 45 days back, which I rightly or wrongly consider to be the result of having gone for vaccination under family and peer pressure, in a moment of weakness. I was taking even more precautions after vaccination than I had been taking before. Could be I got infected in the vaccination center, could be I got infected as an after effect of vaccination, or could be due to any other reason. No one can tell. But yes, vaccination didn’t serve its purpose for me since I had to undergo the ordeal of fighting Covid-19, having developed symptoms after a fortnight of getting the first dose. And believe me, it is an ordeal alright. I also infected my wife, something inevitable, though she also had received the first dose of vaccine about a month back. I was not infected for more than a year, but got infected soon after vaccination. Many, in fact millions, well brainwashed, will take no time in retorting, ‘you are alive and writing this because you were vaccinated.’ I shall just laugh to remind and ask them how many died in India and how many got cured at home with timely and proper medication before vaccination started. Was vaccination the key or timely and correct medication or immunity of the patients or blood group (as some studies suggest) or some unknown factors (only thing known about Covid-19 with surety is that a lot, even basics, is still unknown)? They would also do well to find out how many had to take steroids, how many became hospital cases and how many died even after part or full vaccination in India. What was their percentage among vaccinated vis-à-vis corresponding percentages among non-vaccinated over same period of time? But hardly anyone is interested in logical data; everyone has own hardened beliefs, right or wrong! The authorities, instead of coming out with relevant hard and credible facts to instill confidence in the logical minds, are misusing all the propaganda machinery at their command to brainwash the masses. Very strangely, suddenly one finds millions and millions of well educated and intellectuals tutored like parrots, totally devoid of any reasoning. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is today a brand ambassador for vaccination, without knowing much about vaccines. No one has been able to answer the above, but their minds remain blocked with what they have been tutored and are being tutored round the clock!

I do recognize that it is just incidental and grace of God that I have survived to write this. That as of now I am among the 99% (surviving Corona in India), and not the 1% (as per suspect official figures). I am already 63 plus and many in my age group have perished suffering from Covid or post Covid, before vaccination or after vaccination. How longer shall I survive or how handicapped my remaining life would be, what damage has been caused by the vaccine I took and/or the subsequent infection, only time will tell. Many, especially those who have not faced the dirty Corona, may say that I was being melodramatic, but I know it is not so. Those through the ire of Corona, and still facing after effects, will understand that. Any writing now onwards could well be my last writing. So I shall not mince words and shall try to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of what is happening around us today. I shall try to be as objective and truthful as I always have been or as I have always tried to be, though some minimum subjectivity can’t be done away with, since it is not a mathematical equation I am and shall be talking about.

Irrespective of what hard and correct data would tell, which is almost an impossibility to obtain in India with it having abundantly been made clear in some sections of the media that how number of deaths is continuously being under reported officially to a large extent (any awake citizen of India knows that); the stark reality is that the govts, political leaders, and many renowned doctors and doctors in charge of Covid management in India have been publicly telling lies shamelessly and with a straight face that one won’t become a serious case after vaccination though one can get infected. Not only thousands have become very serious cases after vaccination, but hundreds or thousands have died also, in total contradiction to the claims that were made publicly. There are no ifs and buts about this statement. The public, especially the intelligentsia, still remains brainwashed!! They have learnt to remain blind and are well trained and conditioned to stay foolhardy, as anyone having gone through my earlier articles would readily know. I had wrongly thought that that would change now at least in the face of death coming to their door or next door. But alas! Foolhardiness, in believing what one is tutored rather than what one can so obviously see, and petty thinking remain as deeply ingrained in even highly educated men and women at the highest strata of the society as ever. Even death and all around misery have failed to make any dent whatsoever. I am saying this based on what I see from the talks and discussions in the social media and the media. It is all same as it used to be pre Covid or pre Genocide.

Today as I write this, even when thousands or tens of thousands continue to suffer probably the biggest suffering of their life and many continue to perish even after vaccination; all talk and all discussions, debates, everywhere in India, are about availability of vaccines, how quickly to vaccinate the whole population, but no one or hardly anyone is talking of efficacy of hurriedly developed vaccines which should be the first and foremost concern for anyone exercising even the slightest commonsense! Even granting that vaccines were developed with great hard work with the best of intentions, and may protect the vaccinated from Corona to at least some extent, should not the sufferings of thousands after vaccination be a cause of concern and worry for the authorities now, especially since necessary studies couldn’t be done in hurriedly developed vaccines approved only for emergency use? It is a hard fact that the thousands whose immunity was better off than Corona for last one year, suddenly got infected after vaccination. Many of them still believe that they survived Corona since they had been vaccinated, because they have been brainwashed so. When hundreds in a position of authority tell a lie or reinforce an ill-founded belief repeatedly, that is taken as golden truth by the masses! The minds are so thoroughly conditioned that they fail to see the obvious and the rogues  of the world win hands down! Just like Cricket! Isn’t it amazing that it’s not occurring to anyone why should people in thousands or tens of thousands be infected (one would be wise enough to take any selective published data by ICMR with a pinch of salt) quiet soon after vaccination? Something like millions of viewers can’t comprehend the obvious even when they see Kieron Pollard tapping the last ball of a T-20 match for a single when his team required a boundary to win the match. Was that supposed to be the purpose of vaccines developed after great diligence? It is true that a vast majority has not got infected soon after vaccination, but why should a large number have had to suffer after going for much propagated vaccines? One not getting infected after vaccine in no way tells that he/she didn’t get infected because of vaccine, there could be myriad other reasons, but thousands getting infected after vaccines does raise questions about efficacy of vaccines. No? 

I felt shocked when I saw on 31/5/2021 that some selective suspect data of no consequence by ICMR was being used by media stalwarts on TV channels to hoodwink the billion plus gullible Indians in believing that vaccines had proven to be an effective prevention against Covid-19. I HEREBY STICK MY NECK OUT AND CHALLENGE ANY AUTHORITY TO LOGICALLY ARGUE OUT WITH ME AND I SHALL SHOW THAT THIS DATA BEING PARADED BY ICMR and MEDIA PROVES NOTHING IN FAVOUR OF VACCINATION. The data, only if correct, that could show the efficacy or otherwise of vaccination, is not being even touched upon by the ICMR and its agent Media. Those in thousands or tens of thousands suffering after vaccination are human beings of flesh and blood, many of whom have died and are dying as well! They are not rats. No one is responsible for large scale sufferings and deaths thus resulting? Doesn’t it call for a detailed proper review? Should everyone continue to blow the trumpet of vaccination unmindful of what was happening all around after vaccination? No wonder that ICMR continues to come out with selective data (neither can it be believed for correctness of data!) now and then in support of its determined vaccination campaign, ignoring or brushing off the adverse facts as if those suffering after vaccination were not human beings!! Continuing to be quiet on number of patients needing steroids to hospitalization even after vaccination! And quiet it is about number of black fungus patients and number of deaths after vaccination. Surely there are a sizeable number of such cases that can’t ever be dismissed as stray cases. The claims of the authorities goading the masses for vaccination telling them that one won’t have serious Covid-19 after vaccination lie so clearly exposed, and yet the intelligentsia is all too eager to toe the official line! Because even when they are palpably wrong in what they told earlier, the authorities become wise and come out with any real or fictitious explanation. There are two doses of vaccine with a time gap; this is how it was designed by the knowledgeable, and this gives the authorities ample opportunities to put the onus on the helpless people who go for vaccination and yet have to undergo the ordeal of fighting Corona. Anyone asking genuine questions is too quickly dubbed and dismissed as one with a Negative mindset! The large majority remaining unaffected by Corona yet, vaccination or no vaccination, stays happy! This is how it is.

The human stupidity remains deep rooted!! This stupidity arises as a result of conceit and hypocrisy continuing to be our main governing forces; and our inherent tendency to be governed by mob mentality.   ( ).

Before I dwell further on vaccination, though this write up will have adequately justified the title when it ends in two parts, let me mention why what is happening regarding Corona shouldn’t be surprising to me, though greatly disappointing. It will be a repetition for those who have gone through my earlier articles or books. It has some fantastic similarities with Cricket:

  • Insurmountable amount of camouflage is created through cheats, fake, pampered and paid experts (in case of Corona, some may be doing knowingly, some in foolish ignorance), and sold out or moron Media such that people can’t get out of it to see even the obvious.
  • The Establishment and the Media continue to act hand in glove with each other to hoodwink and fool the unsuspecting masses.
  • Just like Media talks in the same breath about matches being fixed and teams being competitive at the same time, it talks in the same breath how Govt figures were all false on Corona infections and deaths and asks people to follow the dictates of the same false authorities. It tells how the authorities had been bungling on every front regarding Corona for last more than a year – how it spreads, how to prevent it, and its cure – and yet people must follow these authorities! The doctors coming on shows have all been going wrong, no one knows much, how Corona spreads gets changed every now and then; the game-changer medicines and therapies continue cropping up and get discarded too often; the theories are formed and changed about the disease like one changes shirts; yet they and the intellectuals on social media continue to preach and advise things other than talking of the necessary basics! Something akin to the cricket experts, super hero cricketers, cricket journalists, millions of super intellectuals, and others continuing talking everything about cricket but not the key basic point that cricket was all fake, scripted and fixed; even after same was exposed publicly a decade ago!!!
  • The millions of great intellectuals never bothered about a massive open fraud – indicative of a thoroughly rotten society (simply because the massive fraud continues openly even today); same hardened conceited insensitive fools are not bothered even today though same rottenness, much magnified, has reached their own doors or next doors in the form of falling dead bodies and consequent and otherwise untold miseries to a substantial part of the surviving majority! Genocide is on and still the white collared intellectuals are all busy looking the other way, spending time in talking about petty things of no consequence, pursuing own agenda, unmindful of the impending death!!

And there will be many more. The above will be clearer as one reads on.

People didn’t bother about open monumental fraud in the name of Cricket saying, ‘how does it affect us; let us enjoy the thrills of the game whether scripted or not!’ They considered me a fool highlighting the rot with a missionary zeal single handed at the cost of everything (the book ‘We the Oodles’ by me finalized and published during the pandemic last year brings out all about it and is proving to be too prophetic, unfortunately). While the world continued to sleep and sleep for decades, especially last decade, everyone looking after self alone; the same rot got silently magnified manifold (it was bound to) and has taken the shape of genocide today!

A damning indictment of the system as a whole, how it remains indifferent to – and even generously encourages – a fraud of gargantuan proportions. The mindboggling extent to which Atul Kumar has gone, in his attempt to convince the Board, the Media, the Government, the Police, the Judiciary, of the deep rooted corruption that is really happening in the name of a once noble game, simply reveals how deeply he has researched the entire issue and how completely he is convinced about the fraud. That even the Apex Court of the land – generally highly sensitive to criticism – has chosen to ignore his persistent approaches and scathing censure only confirms there is much more to all this than meets the eye.

The book, perhaps, could have been better written and presented, but that’s beside the point. You ignore the explosive contents at your peril.’ – This is how one of the reviews of the book ‘We the Oodles’ on reads. The world chose to ignore and is facing the peril. Even Courts have given the name of genocide to scores of deaths having taken place in hospitals due to shortage of Oxygen (one of my relatives also has so perished). As we shall see, the Genocide goes much beyond those scores or hundreds of deaths in India. It encompasses lakhs of deaths already in India alone, and millions in the world. It is another matter that rotten to the core judicial system in India is probably foremost responsible for the failed governance and systems that are today manifesting themselves in the form of Genocide in India. This has been amply brought out on the strength of unquestionable documents through my earlier public writings and books, especially through the book We the Oodles. 

The book said this somewhere: ‘What the world has been refusing to heed to and learn till now, the Nature or Time is making it learn slowly but surely through the dreaded COVID-19. And if man is still too haughty to listen, as he appears to be, Nature will come out with sterner lessons. Let us not worry about that.’ I do feel sadly amazed that man is too haughty to listen even when genocide is taking place all around him! But for most of those well and kicking, nothing amiss is happening. For them everything is rosy and positive. People dying and getting ruined is a routine thing, even though suddenly number is in millions or tens of millions!! What is genocide? Let some sensitive fools brood over lakhs or millions of dead and ruined!! Such an attitude (staying positive irrespective of anything happening) probably has its own utility in times of too much desperation! But does that mean one should not bother at all why death had come to every other door? Our PM appears to be of such a view when he not talks but boasts of victory over dead bodies of lakhs of his countrymen, women and children. . That may be ok for a PM because dead are no more part of the vote bank, talk of victory will please those surviving – the future vote bank; but is it ok to think so even for those whose very own have died or are dying? People appear to feel it is ok; they are happy believing what they have been tutored, not willing to use their brains at all! What if their own have died? They are surviving and are the victors along with their beloved PM! Somehow everything appears very surreal. As if it is no more a human world I am surviving in!!! Too callous and stupid a world consisting of majority of well meaning nice individuals!! Those dying, in millions around the world, are sons/daughters/parents of someone; and yet people don’t want to bother about what is happening in reality. That why genocide is taking place? Who all are responsible? How to stop it? How extraordinary!!

Blind, blind, blind, blind, blind! How much blind the humanity can be? Once we have made it a habit to be blind for a decade, or for decades, or for centuries, we have become confirmed and hardened blind! We get so much influenced by the rogue authorities and media, by continuous propaganda they have at their command, by the motivated camouflage created around us, that we forget all logic, reasoning, our ability of zero based thinking and fail to see the obvious! Probably the conformist intellectuals over the centuries have done the greatest harm to mankind by continuously justifying a lot of non-sense around.

The humanity is not only hardened to be blind to the obvious; but even more depressingly it is also hardened to accept the systemic failures all along and crib when it finds those failures unpalatable and hurting self or when cribbing serves some self interest, and again go back accepting same failures or continuing to accept the same side by side. Probably NDTV India will be a very good example to underline this point. It is probably the biggest critic today of present Indian Government and does effectively bring out and laments many systemic failures taking place all around; and yet I find it itself has been one of the most vocal facilitators and promoters of the biggest exposed and yet on-going proven and known frauds on Earth through Cricket. This popular Indian Hindi News Channel probably thus personifies hypocrisy, duplicity and double standards the maximum! It has no qualms in supporting a monumental fraud since that suits it even if that manifests a thoroughly rotten human world, but laments 24 x7 the petty or big wrong doings which emanate from the same rotten world!!

What about the millions of intellectuals and learned inhabiting the Earth and India? They are in all walks of life, be it government, or be it legal fraternity, media, politics, professions, business, teaching, preaching, literature, or other fields. They point fingers at this or that for the failings around, for system failures when they get hit. But let me tell them, even if my close relatives or close friends are among them, that they are the biggest culprits themselves. They are the real CRIMINALS in spirit, if not literally. They are the ones most responsible for the genocide taking place, at least in India – as a result of failed systems and failed governance, if nothing else. Because it is a result of their continuous acceptance of a rotten society that has resulted in the rot to deepen and spread so much that today it is manifesting itself in the form of a genocide – death coming to almost every other door. Even for those surviving, quality of lifis probably the worst ever. Grief and fear stalk almost everyone in the world today. 

One among them was not keeping any stone unturned for last ten long years in highlighting and establishing the existence of an ongoing monumental fraud involving half the might of the world including hundreds of celebrities, all powerful politicians, the top judicial platforms, whole of Media, Corporate leaders etc., at great risk and cost to himself and his family. Today that monumental fraud is continuing too openly and unabashedly. But what do these Johnnies – the intellectuals of the world, almost none excluded, do? They continue to feign total blindness, feel no concern, and don’t bother themselves at all. At top of that, they continue cribbing about every petty wrong, continue talking and flaunting their knowledge about almost everything on earth, and continue preaching wisdom 24 x 7, something like NDTV India. To say Shame to them will be like rewarding them, so unfathomable is their sin!

Or is it no sin? Is it that they are just victims of their learning and conditioning over a life time? Just like the children taught of and trained for Terrorism since a tender age. In that case, they should try to realize their undoing now, try to unlearn the wrong lessons, applying mind to what I have been saying and am saying now before it is too late and they become the next sacrificial goat! Before they are beyond any help!

Despite my telling repeatedly so, also in the Writ and many subsequent communications to the Supreme Court of India, that what I was worried about was not cricket so much as the all around rot that was so evidently implied and indicated; they all chose not to bother as if it was some personal issue of mine, as if by listening to me they would do me a great favour and service! I could understand too well that the deep rooted and widespread all around degradation didn’t augur well for the humanity. I could never imagine that the manifestation of the rot will be so dreadful so soon! But none bothered for a decade and none bothers today even when being at the receiving end of genocide killing one’s very own! Such is human nature!! It shall have to be overcome if we wish to survive and survive well.        

Coming back to vaccination, a video I came across has kept me puzzled – . It is a 10 years old video in which Bill Gates is seen talking about new vaccines and health care as a means of controlling population, not controlling deaths! Does not appear to be slip of tongue; though could have some genuine innocuous explanation, not known to me yet. I tried to ask my more knowledgeable friends also about it, but no one could help. This becomes more significant since many conspiracy theories (those are just conspiracy theories as of now, though some appear quite plausible) floating around do connect Bill Gates to global spread of Corona Virus and by now the notorious Wuhan Lab. Here I give only two links of last year, but conveniently forgotten till these have started appearing again of late. and . There are many more. After a year, suddenly by now the world famous, Dr Fauci of USA, also has taken a U-turn after earlier having given a clean chit to Wuhan Lab. Has it to do something with change of Guard at the very top in USA? There is too much more than meets the eyes, certainly.

There are of late many scientific voices of repute against pandemic (a few of the links I have come across and appear meaningful to me are given in the next para). They have different logics and reasoning, but probably in essence they are one in saying that vaccination during a pandemic is more counter-productive than being productive. And at top of it, we are banking on the hurriedly developed vaccines approved only for Emergency use. With such vaccines and despite many relevant questions by top scientists of the world hanging in the air, we are too keen to vaccinate the whole world in a jiffy with these vaccines! Isn’t that too crazy? .

These appear to have some credibility, though there may be many more like that, some totally fake also. Also there must be many counter to these, some based on some studies, some otherwise. But the crux of the matter remains that everything is not as rosy about worldwide vaccination against Corona virus as it is made out to be by the propaganda machinery available at the command of the world authorities. For those, and a vast majority would be of them, who would immediately retort how could the world authorities be all wrong, I shall humbly remind them of International Cricket, by now a very open monumental fraud, being promoted and sponsored by international authorities like ICC, the global Media, governments and Cricket Boards of various Cricket playing countries including a number of first world countries and India, hundreds of international celebrities, and others – all combined. And even Supreme Court of India shamelessly brushed this matter under the carpet, thus protecting the Monumental Fraud. This is a matter of indisputable records and documents. Only incurable idiots will believe that such a dispensation will be working for their overall interest!

I am no authority on vaccination and I don’t say what is what in this regard as I don’t know. But I have commonsense as all of us are endowed with (whether we use it or not is another matter) and can see the falsehood when it is being propagated. By God’s grace, I don’t get distracted by any amount of camouflage that is created to befool the masses. My ability (something rare as I have found or seen) for zero based thinking is still intact! My commonsense makes me mention following points and ask the following questions, in addition to whatever I have pointed out earlier; not only with regard to vaccination, but also with regard to Corona Virus:

  • Is it not a fact that the sudden lethal 2nd wave in India came not much after mass vaccination started? Something that corroborates Prof. Luc Montagnier? Have not deaths in India from Covid-19 multiplied after the vaccination started, though it was expected to be other way round? Is not percentage of deaths in 2nd wave much higher even as per government data? Even as per official data the total deaths in India have doubled till writing of this since 10th April, 2021. That means in less than 2 months when vaccination had been in full swing for about a month, the death toll in India doubled over what it had been in last one year before vaccination. It is hard real data, not anyone’s belief!
  • Is it not bullshit when people assign lowering of guard by public in India as a main reason for the 2nd wave since same lowering of guard was continuing for months before sudden spurt of 2nd wave in April, 2021 in India?
  • Is it not a fact that today we can see a lot about inefficacy of vaccines, but there is no relevant credible data to show efficacy of vaccines yet in India, apart from hollow talk by authorities and others and useless selective data being paraded by ICMR?
  • Unfortunate death of Dr K K Aggarwal after two doses of vaccine is well known. probably tells a lot about why it happened so and unfortunately he was proved wrong.
  • Other question that arises is he had some issues because of which he should have not gone for vaccination. There are many of us who may be having some issues because of which vaccine may be harmful, but in India mass vaccination is going on without any consideration for what issues the recipient may be having. Even Dr Aggarwal can be heard telling in this video that necessary cautions and precautions are required before vaccination, but is that being done in India?
  • Dr Aggarwal also says that the people more vulnerable to Covid-19 require vaccine, not everybody. But is not what is being done in India something different, a madness to vaccinate each and everyone without considering anything?
  • Are antibodies supposed to be formed after vaccination or not? In his talk, somewhere Dr K K Aggarwal implies that antibodies are supposed to be formed as a result of vaccination. Who will tell the correct position in this regard as to whether and when the antibodies are supposed to be formed? What is the basis for approval and propagation of vaccines even if this minimum is not known to the authorities? Why no data coming out about formation of antibodies after vaccine, though many have been complaining, even some doctors, about non formation of antibodies?
  • Is it not a fact that last year some top authority in India had publicly said that vaccination needs be done/ will be done selectively only as much as necessary to create the required herd immunity, all need not / will not be vaccinated? What happened to that?
  • Is it not strange that the scientists/ doctors the world over are not sure even till date how Corona virus spreads? Have they not been changing their stance too often thus confusing the masses rather than educating them? Only very recently it was told that aerosols of the virus can travel up to 10 meters, though for months public was being advised to maintain a distance of 6 ft only to prevent infection, probably still the official guidelines say that only. Why such nonsense? Does it not mean that for more than a year the authorities have been misguiding the poor public regarding Covid-19 than guiding it?
  • The key question is why the authorities and the propaganda machinery at their command including the pliable and moron Media have been resorting to a lot of FALSEHOOD to impress upon or rather hound everyone to go for vaccination? What the authorities are doing trying to vaccinate everyone may be in the larger interest in the longer run, and I fervently hope it is so for the well being of my near and dears. But why not do things truthfully? Why not come out with the pros and cons and the hard credible data? Why to mislead the masses rather than let them take well-informed decisions?
  • Even if it is in the larger interest, presently it is indeed resulting in uncalled for sufferings and deaths to the thousands. Is that justified? Were people warned that they could still die from Covid-19 or black fungus after vaccination? Answer is a big NO. On the contrary, every mouthpiece of the authorities was unequivocally proclaiming that one would not become serious patient of Covid-19 after vaccination! Now who is to take responsibility for deaths of thousands ill informed by the govt, the authorities, and the media? We make a lot of noise if one is killed by someone. Here hundreds of thousands have been killed as a result of misguidance, bad governance, and negligence by the authorities! The dead can’t speak anymore, and those surviving are too busy in own survival or too dumb-founded as to grasp what is happening!
  • It can be understood that one may get infected after first dose of vaccine before antibodies are formed. But why should one get infected, become serious, and even die after 2nd dose of vaccine since by then antibodies should have been formed from first dose to protect the vaccinated? This is confirmed by the fact that Govt of India is now considering administering only single dose of Covishield. Even Prof Andrew J Pollard, Director, Oxford Vaccine Group has come on record saying that if supplies are tight, giving one dose to the maximum number of people could be a good idea (TOI/Kolkata dated 8/6/2021). This unambiguously means that one dose of vaccine should be sufficient to protect one from Corona .
  • Over a year and a half, WHO and Indian authorities have been changing advices and guidelines as if everything was a joke. Many medicines were launched giving much hope but graph of deaths from Covid-19 has continued to rise. After crores being administered by medicines in India and elsewhere in the world, WHO declared the same unsafe. and then Govt of India also dropped many drugs. . Is it a matter of life and death for the crores and crores of human beings or some joke has been going on?
  • When so many medicines launched to cure Covid-19 with much fanfare after due research and diligence couldn’t stand the test of time, what is the guarantee that the hurriedly developed vaccines don’t have some lacunae for the masses? Can anyone be sure today that these vaccines, even if these succeed to ward off Corona for some or many, will not have any adverse effect in the longer run on at least some or many of the hundreds of millions being vaccinated?
  • As I am in the process of finalizing this draft (over a period of 20 days or more, in my pre-Covid days it would have taken me only 3-4 days with better drafting), PM Modi addressed the nation on 7/6/2021. His address very much implied as if he was not at all aware that thousands had become serious Covid patients or had even died after single or double dose of vaccination. He was talking as if vaccination was the end, not a means, as if no one could ever be infected with Corona after vaccination! That when the doctors and scientists were increasingly getting worried about inefficacy of vaccines against new variants. .    And he was pointing fingers at people for spreading rumours! Here I am talking of a powerful world leader, a PM of 130 crore plus Indians. Why should he talk so irresponsibly and tell palpable public lies? This is the state of affairs; how could one believe such a PM and the authorities at his command? Even otherwise, even fools should have become wise from the very fact that this very PM and his whole Government since resuming office in 2014 have purposefully, continuously, and consistently been deaf and blind to a monumental public fraud, through which even funding of terrorism killing innocents from the Forces and the public has been taking place!! (The chapter ‘Zero Governance’ in the book We the Oodles refers). But probably there is a vast majority that is something much more than a fool is!!!
  • Probably the contents of  written by me about 2 months back become more and more relevant by each passing day!
  • If the process of vaccination was well researched and based on some sound science; how and why should the authorities be changing the time gap between two doses of vaccine or the norms to vaccinate those infected every now and then?
  • If one were to see objectively, hasn’t the lockdown process in India over last one year been too farcical? As if to aid the spread of the virus? Very often being the case of closing the stable door after the horses had bolted?
  • Hasn’t the approach to deal with Covid-19 in India been of that to fight the fire after it became uncontrollable rather than trying to prevent it in the first place? And then beating of drums by the government in telling how well it had fought the fire irrespective of the damage caused?
  • Have not the misinformation regarding and false cures for Covid-19 spread too freely over social Media during a year and a half done a lot of harm? What did the government do to control that? Is it not that lack of clarity and continuous confusion created by the authorities by changing guidelines and advices too frequently gave longer rope to the rumour mongers?                              

         May be some or many more. Many of us may be happy today that we have survived the 2nd wave that is on wane as I write this. But were not we so happy after the first wave? And suddenly found ourselves entangled in a deadly second wave! Did we have the slightest inkling in March end what holocaust was going to engulf India soon? About 2 lakhs as per official data (and many more as knowledgeable tell, ) who suddenly perished in last 2 months never had the slightest inkling what was in store for them. We are not talking of a 100 or a thousand, but of lakhs of men and women of flesh and blood who were alive and kicking amongst us just a couple of months back! Many among them were people of high position, rich, well known, or even celebrities. We just don’t know what is in store for us tomorrow! One thing is though certain as our beloved PM tells us and his admirers echo! India will win the war against Covid! Doesn’t matter how many perish in the interim, and how many survive in the end! Covid can’t finish off the human race or all the Indians! The fire will get extinguished or extinguish of its own at some point of time for the survivors to celebrate victory! OUTRAGEOUS and DISGUSTING!

Yes, death is inevitable for anyone born, but there is a vast difference between dying of natural reasons or as a result of governance failure or because a few in the world have willed and planned so for you!!


                                                                                                              —   To be continued

(The 2nd and final part will among other things dwell upon how a genocide is going on, how the world leaders can’t escape responsibility even if they are not directly involved, how Indian government and Media just can’t escape the responsibility for close to a million deaths of Indians, even by some conservative estimates, how human nature will ensure the success of Genocide even if it is all planned and even if many times more deaths were to take place. It will very unequivocally tell you that you must wake up before it is too late! Choice will rest with you!) 

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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