Genocide is on; You may be next (part 2)

….Similarly can a shepherded world pursuing vaccination with all its ignorance and/or folly ever stop to rush for vaccines and/or stop following Covid appropriate norms? The world pursues the exposed fake sports with all the more vigour; so does it pursue vaccination. Man’s ego doesn’t let him accept his folly and correct himself!… 

This article is in continuation of my earlier write-up, which should better be gone through first.  

Before you read on, please reflect on how much value you give to your own life, life of your near and dears, those around you, and human life in general. What is more important? Is it our political affiliations, beliefs, religion and religious fanaticism, wealth and status, debates on government working or policies, or ego, or is life per se more important? Is life not the common and most important denominator, and everything else emanates only from life? One has to be alive first – to have feelings, to love, to enjoy, being able to think, to write, to do good, to cut jokes, to preach, to fight, to be wise etc. etc. Only those alive can create or enjoy arts, literature, music etc. Even to enjoy and celebrate the fraudulent sports, one has to be alive first, haha!

Another big question also must be addressed before one reads on. Why should anyone go through this piece from someone entirely unknown to the world? That necessitates a little bragging, seemingly so, from me. Here I reintroduce myself as one who all alone called the bluff of the ICC (International Cricket Council) and the rest of the world a decade ago by exposing and indisputably establishing what a massive and unfathomable fraud international cricket was and how hundreds of celebrities related with it were super cheaters. How we are subjected to total falsehood and fraud 24 x 7 by the same Media, journalists, and the editors who pose to be the conscience keepers of the society all the time! The fraud is so deep and vast, involving almost all the cricket journalists (at least at present) and all the commentators as well, a large part and too many people of the civilized world, that it dwarfs any headline that newspapers or news channels have carried during last decade (including the recent ones on Pegasus) except probably the massacre from Corona. 

No one doing anything about an exposed all encompassing fraud for a week is something unthinkable for the civilized world. Here already 500 weeks have passed so, and 5000 more weeks or probably eternity will pass without anyone doing anything. Because the Government of India including its famed PM and famous and infamous many law enforcing agencies and the whole Police Force have acted total blind, deaf, and dumb for last many years knowing everything (through my efforts). The world at large doesn’t know yet either about the fraud or me because of the simple reason that all the forces that matter, media being the foremost, are part and parcel of that fraud. A few hundred who know lack comprehension to comprehend the import of the reality and react. Along the years I was utterly vindicated (as detailed in the book ‘We the Oodles’ published a year ago and through continuing stunning silence of the world even after that book). I am neither a cricketer nor belong to the cricket world, yet I called that stupendous bluff of the mighty world just by using commonsense and ability to see through any amount of camouflage created. Self belief and the guts to call a spade a spade against all the odds were other necessary prerequisites. Same all attributes come into play in writing this piece.

Probably there is nothing more challenging in the human world than to bring out a truth that belies hardened popular beliefs and/or assiduously cultivated mob mentality by the rogues and the stupid controlling the world. Nicolaus Copernicus and Giordano Bruno found out so in the 16th century. Being nowhere near those great men, I have realized so living my life, more so during the last decade. I got ridiculed by most of those around me or in my contact, for years while bringing out the truth about Cricket, though some did have an open mind and intelligence to believe me. Nothing to blame the majority; how could they comprehend or even imagine that the Tendulkars, Dhonis, Kohlis, Michael Clarkes, Williamsons, Morgans, or the Kallises of the world all cheated them and that the thorough gentlemen looking Bhogles and Vikrant Guptas were all such hardened crooks who continue to sell an out and out exposed scandal as a competitive sport to the masses? Even to date. Probably I got even more ridiculed in my attempt to raise genuine pertinent questions about Covid-19 and too much hyped vaccination drive, continuing, even though lying fully exposed as in first week of August, 2021; just like the Fraud of Cricket continues unbridled. Again, how hundreds of millions of Hindus in India considering PM Modi and his government as their saviours couldever imagine that the carnage in India through Covid-19 killing lakhs of them, their near and dears, just couldn’t be possible without complicity of the same man? (One may understand it better after going through this write-up)

There may not be any recognition for me in the world (smile) that takes pride in recognizing rogues and cheats as its leaders, heroes and super heroes, along with true achievers in myriad fields as well; but it gives me a sense of personal satisfaction that I did my best to caution the world, propounding ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ and otherwise throughout my life. Only fresh Zero based thinking can put the world to a path of curing its follies of ages in various regards. To add to my satisfaction, I continued to be vindicated time and again. Just like it is too open now that Cricket is nothing but a perpetual Scam, it is too evident now (except for die-hard blinds) that  Covid-19 has not been a pandemic but a ‘Scamdemic’ as named by some. Hundreds of perfect gentlemen worldwide like our own Harsha Bhogle continue to perpetuate the scam of cricket, duly backed and protected by the Establishment. The same is the case with Covid-19, the scamdemic, Harsha Bhogles replaced by Dr Randeep Gulerias of ICMR. Though in the later case, benefit of doubt can be given to many for being involved out of ignorance or sheer stupidity (arising from lack of application of commonsense). 

Let us look at it this way. Let us say there are three entities. The authorities of the world and the global Media including Indian authorities and Media on one hand; myself who called out bluff of that all powerful entity a decade ago and stands thoroughly vindicated through the developments in 10 long years against all odds (to understand that one has to go through the records documented in the book ‘We the Oodles’ meticulously with application of an open mind) (there is no more significant test than test of Time); and the third entity is the public, the masses including millions of highly qualified, talented, educated, and intelligent beings. As things stand, the way this third entity has evolved, has been brought up, they still get influenced and governed by the first entity even while being massacred by it; even though the first entity remains exposed as CHEAT and perpetrator of a fraud – too massive and vast to be described by any words – and shamelessly and arrogantly continues to be so. It is like the robbed, knowingly or unknowingly, continuing to be subservient to their robbers – incurably. It is the same Falsehood of the first entity, and the foolhardiness (though this is a rude word but don’t know if there can be another appropriate word) of the third entity in ignoring and/or continuing to accept that Falsehood that is resulting in the present worldwide Genocide. That is the Crux. I am sure, one will realize it more and more as one proceeds.

I got so much resistance in bringing out truth this time that I was stonewalled even by VOM, the platform on which I shall be (or propose to be) posting this write-up and which had published all my previous much more forceful and explosive (so to say) posts. They just didn’t publish my last post even though it was too precious for the public to know what was going on and didn’t contain a single false word (every word said there in stands further vindicated now). Over and above, the post was from someone who himself had been at the receiving end. Don’t know whether they got scared of the Establishment or some change of guard took place for them or there was any other reason!

While there are many similarities between the fraudulent Cricket and the Genocide I am talking of now, two significant differences come to mind. The latter is too far more severe and criminal than a fraudulent sport despite its other massive profound implications. One may go through this viral video of speech by a member of Indian Parliament, Mr Manoj Jha, in the Upper House that brings out the tragedy quite objectively and effectively though only partially, that too only in one part of the world – The video also very briefly brings out the human failure behind the tragedy. Two, while I was alone in persistently calling the bluff of Cricket; there are many voices worldwide, many from individuals with considerable credibility well established over their life time, even from Nobel Laureates, exposing various aspects of the ongoing Genocide. But still the genocide; yes, something caused deliberately by men or continuing to happen as a result of failure of men can’t be termed a natural catastrophe; and all the falsehood underlying it continue, just as the massive international fraud through Cricket has been continuing!! Probably because even though there are many voices of reason, they still are comparatively in extreme minority and get easily steamrolled by the brute power of the authorities and the Media at large on one hand and under the weight of the collective stupidity and mob-mentality of the world on the other hand. The Genocide emanated and continues because the world remained blind to and allowed continuation of an exposed elephantine fraud for a decade now. 

Had the world acted or reacted in time, the present Genocide could and would have not taken place. That is because, the same entity that has been allowed to continue scot free with a gargantuan public fraud for years, is now behind the current Genocide, some knowingly, some unknowingly. I recently came across a quote by late HR Khanna, the renowned ex-judge of Supreme Court of India, ‘Imbecility of men, history teaches us, always invites the impudence of power.’ Probably nothing explains the present Genocide better than this.

How is it not a natural pandemic but Genocide: 

Of late, the world opinion is heavily loaded in believing that the Corona Virus that has been wreaking havoc in the world is not natural and was made in a lab. A very senior Indian Cabinet Minister said so categorically more than a year ago. ( ,

I am not aware if it was ever denied afterwards by him or Govt of India. So as it stands, it remains official position of India, a significant country of the world, for more than a year now that the Virus is not natural. If a man made virus is unleashed on the world or gets unleashed on the world accidentally, and the world keeps it all hushed up, telling everyone that a natural pandemic was ravaging it and continuing to deal with it so, then does it not become a case of Genocide through a virus? Today many top scientists are saying that it is necessary to know the origin of the virus to be effectively able to combat it ( Is it not strange that the world is trying to wake up to this crucial question today after having allowed the world to be ravaged by the killer virus for a year and a half? After having allowed millions to perish and many times more to become miserable? After allowing the virus to outsmart the acquired human scientific and medical expertise of decades and centuries through more deadly mutations resulting in much higher deaths in India and elsewhere? Was sufferings and deaths of hundreds of millions of Indians such a casual thing, that a Union Minister makes a very grave public remark and everyone including the ‘very responsible’ Indian Media forgets it altogether? Forgetting the basic necessary questions and indulging in all other talk when people continued to meet sudden death in large numbers all around? Stranger is that even believing otherwise, the same world is trying to combat the virus as if everything happening was natural! 

Another very pertinent question, in fact the most pertinent question, is not even being asked today, lying forgotten. Even though in answer to this, answers to all the other necessary questions lied. This question was asked even by President Trump of USA about a year ago and then conveniently forgotten by everyone. How come the virus didn’t spread in China, the country of origin, yet it spread to the rest of the world? One murder, loss of life of one human being unceremoniously, becomes a serious matter/issue, and rightly so, life being considered a very precious thing. Here millions of lives worldwide have been lost, and lives in big numbers continue to be lost abruptly, and what do we do? We continue to talk about everything petty, bicker about myriad issues, are in a rage to vaccinate everyone with hurriedly developed vaccines not knowing answers to even the basic queries about these, forgetting to address united the necessary key questions! Does all this not tantamount to Genocide resulting from man’s doing?

I have said a lot about vaccines and vaccination in the last write-up. Almost everything said therein lied further vindicated within a week of that by whatever came out publicly regarding vaccines and Corona, by the emerging facts and the more and more concerns being raised. One may like to go through this: The most worrying issue was raised by the French Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier about mass vaccination giving rise to more potent and lethal variants of the virus. It was probably better explained earlier by the renowned Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, the Belgian virus expert ( as brought out very recently by noted Indian lawyer and activist Mr Prashant Bhushan in his tweet Mr Bhushan has been leading a public campaign against mass vaccination, bringing out various aspects related to it through his continuous tweets on the subject. Of late same concern as by world renowned scientists was also voiced by a group of public health experts, including doctors from AIIMS and members from the national taskforce on Covid-19 in India saying that mass, indiscriminate and incomplete vaccination could trigger emergence of mutant strains, in a letter to PM Modi ( And already there are concerns about emergence of even more troublesome strains like delta plus after a lethal second wave in India. refers. It is not only Prof Jameel, but many other reputed and knowledgeable professors/scientists including Dr Ranadhir Chakraborty have raised similar concerns. 

If vaccines become ineffective against future strains as is being feared and is quite likely, it may be a big catastrophe rendering too much publicized whole mass vaccination exercise infructuous. But the govt. stand in India still (as on 26/6/2021) remains that the vaccines are effective against all strains, its effectiveness against delta plus variant being checked ( Even though the facts belie this claim, as the ground reality and this report, though based on a small sample size, suggest:,of%20the%2027%20hospitalised%20individuals. Interestingly, the contents of the report appear to be in total contradiction to what the title conveys. In all probability, there is some blunder in projecting the percentage of infections among fully vaccinated, but hospitalization of 10% among those infected is hardly a reassuring figure. In India, no one knows the factual data at large, and the masses go by the selective data, whether true or false, given by the govt now and then to pat its own back and further its agenda,. The well being of the masses is hardly a concern of the govt, though it does and will always pretend otherwise as all the govts do. This video from the internationally renowned Indian poet Mr Surendra Sharma is a big eye-opener for anyone in public or the Govt. who chooses to open eyes – He points out some very deep fallacies going on and followed by people under mob-mentality. In this he categorically tells the world that 10 people from his family, from one family even if he meant extended family, perished from Covid even after two doses of vaccine. This video alone appears to belie all the claims being made and statistics furnished by the Indian government and the authorities about vaccines telling the public that one will not be serious after vaccination even if one gets infected. 

Cases coming to fore as from are brushed aside as ‘breakthrough cases’, no one knowing how many hundreds or thousands of such cases are there. Giving a name to such cases appears to suffice for the stupid world. Not to go far; the Secretary of the society I live in, a very versatile man, in his sixties, perished very suddenly from Covid after having had the two doses of vaccine. One fine morning he felt feverish and by late evening he was on ventilator. It happened after my last write-up. Any thought about him leaves me shocked and dazed, so sudden was his disappearance from mother Earth! The public, millions of intellectuals included, never acted when they had the choice of taking on the same government and authorities head on when they were proved and shown to be false and big cheats (through my book We the Oodles and earlier articles on VOM). Time and Tide wait for None. The people let the rakshasa (demon) grow and are paying a hefty price today even through death of their near and dears, mostly still unaware and ignorant of what has been hitting them! Mr.  Geert Vanden Bossche has warned that vaccines are also likely to compromise the vaccinated’s general/overall inherent immunity. This fear also has been shared by many other renowned scientists/ doctors of this field in the world from time to time. I feel to have been such a victim.

Vaccination against Covid-19 today is a very vast subject, fast evolving continuously, quite debatable and controversial. Even though the authorities have not been losing much time debunking the logics and claims being forwarded by the renowned scientists with great credibility against the mass vaccination drive underway, a lot remains in the dark as tens of pertinent questions remain unanswered. Too conspicuous contradictions, and continuous flip-flopping by all the authorities in the world including WHO, prevail. Under the circumstances, is not the craze and rage the worldwide to vaccinate everyone with ‘one size fit for all’ policy a sheer madness? There hardly is any scientific or historical justification for that.

Please see this video carefully: In this video while countering Mr Biswaroop Chaudhry on vaccines, apparently rightly so, the virologist, probably in unmindful honesty, tells that the vaccines can’t be harmful since years and years of testing is done before these come into operation. And here everyone is being pushed and going mad to get vaccinated by vaccines developed in a few months? Over and above everything else, it is being made mandatory for one to be vaccinated for many entry points and purposes including international travel! I am sure, enough has been brought out above (including in my last write-up to bring home the point that there were too many pertinent questions that needed to be answered satisfactorily before pushing the billions worldwide to vaccination against Covid-19. Such questions are being raised more and more by many each day! Not only this, with each passing day, to our chagrin, more and more facts are emerging to show how mass vaccination has been harmful for some, even though it might be helping many others, at least temporarily. 

People suffering and dying even after vaccination is something factual, undeniable; people not becoming serious hospital cases because of vaccination is only speculation, even though probable, and will remain so in the face of no way to know how immune system of same individual would have reacted to Covid-19 infection if he/she were unvaccinated. The fact of many people dying of Covid-19 even after getting fully vaccinated, and many more suffering immensely is not any speculation. Please ponder over it. Here we are not talking about side effects of vaccines reported the world over which is altogether another issue. People not becoming serious could be due to myriad other reasons. I repeat, even before vaccines, most of infected were not becoming serious hospital cases in India. It is also undeniable that the very sudden deadlier second wave in India occurred well after the vaccination had started. Also this wave created fear in and made more and more people rush to get vaccinated forgetting any logical reasoning, driven by mob mentality. One should peruse in this regard. Everything said in this may not be sacrosanct, yet it is well written, supported, and raises many relevant questions. Probably nothing sums up the fallacy of global propaganda for mass vaccination and the fact of the virus becoming more troublesome post vaccination better than this short video:

One should also peruse this video: If this is not fake and its contents are not false, something that appears very unlikely, then many claims by Mr Biswaroop for last year and a half indicating that Corona pandemic was a motivated creation and that it was being mismanaged stand vindicated. If there are serious irregularities with this video, those behind it should be tried and put behind bars for false propaganda and misleading the public. But can both Mr Biswaroop and the rest of the world putting on masks to ward off Corona be correct? Is it not something baffling?

Apart from there being a big question mark on the use of masks, the facts make one wonder whether vaccination was ever a solution for Corona Virus? Was it not a blunder ab initio to even think of developing vaccines hurriedly and vaccinate the whole world when the much publicized pandemic was ravaging? Couldn’t the virus be managed much better through honest simple basic precautions, preventions, and treatments? does suggest so. Has it not been sheer folly to try to search for solutions to fight a manmade virus as if it were a natural virus? Won’t finding the origin of the virus have helped a lot in finding some real meaningful solutions? Won’t we not have been groping in the dark even after vaccinating one third of the world? All this required collective honest efforts from the suffering world. But what we have been witnessing is nothing but continuous falsehood and blame game among the sufferers. Today irrespective of claims being made by various authorities, the fact remains that despite large scale vaccination already done in the world, there is no respite either from the disease or the deaths. 

The world is increasingly becoming apprehensive of subsequent waves ( The people are increasingly becoming infected in countries like UK and Israel as I write this – the countries which were being considered as role models for success of vaccination by the world a few days ago. A recent study supporting such a scenario – – adds to the fears. Though there also are studies telling that protection from vaccines will be life-long through memory in the body cells, but the harsh reality is this:  Contradictory talks and studies every other day has been the order of the day for a highly developed, full of millions of super intellectuals, suffering and yet boastful world for last one and a half years. Probably this sums that up to some extent: A confirmation of failure of too much hyped vaccination drive throughout the world also comes through none other than CDC, USA: On the heels of this, a more sinister warning came from UK scientists: Another US expert had this to say: There have been many news items over last few months telling how for various reasons the vaccinated were contributing to spread of the disease.

While one just can’t know what to believe and what not to, one can certainly see and realize that no one knows much with surety. All said and done, the stark reality today is that the too much hyped vaccination drive throughout the world, followed by the masses with mob mentality, has sadly failed to control the pandemic or fear of it. On the contrary, the same has aggravated the global ordeal. It can be summed up that even if the vaccines mitigated the threats from a roaming Monster to the ones vaccinated, the mass vaccination did help or rather resulted in bigger Monsters’ rise. Everything is in the dark. Till date, no one knows for sure what causes Covid-19 and how it spreads. How and why it affects different bodies differently? To some extent the classic story of ‘the blind men and the elephant’ applies. It is a story of a group of blind men who have never come across an elephant before and who learn and conceptualize what the elephant is like by touching it. … They then describe the elephant based on their limited experience and their descriptions of the elephant are different from each other. Every now and then, new stories show how people are getting seriously affected with different ailments even months after Covid.

The big question marks on universally followed Covid appropriate norms and vaccination remain. Yet not willing to accept its rank folly, the world continues with these without bothering a bit about the adverse cons to the vast humanity. It must pursue its actions even after failure of the same is too evident, the human conceit and Law of Collective Stupidity demanding so. Man is such a slave of his ego that he always serves it even at the cost of harming himself to any extent. I have seen it to be prevalent among almost all around me or in my contact. In the present scenario, the cost for man has been his own life or life of his relatives and friends.

The world continues with totally fake Cricket and continues to celebrate it, since acceptance of decades long fraud and its discontinuation will make a very big, ever expanding, Cricket world, all others supporting it, and the millions of intellectual Cricket fans look too stupid and leave them all RED FACED for their continuing folly for decades and blindness and deafness for a decade now. How impossible it is for India or any other country, the thousands of white collared journalists, to accept and let the public know that the much touted and trumpeted historical wins for various teams were all as fake as any of their losses in last few decades; and that it continues so!! Similarly can a shepherded world pursuing vaccination with all its ignorance and/or folly ever stop to rush for vaccines and/or stop following Covid appropriate norms? The world pursues the fake sports with all the more vigour; so does it pursue vaccination. Man’s ego doesn’t let him accept his folly and correct himself! Why to blame the ordinary mortals, when even the learned Judges of Supreme Court of India are so ignorant or dense as to pass such orders:

Craze for vaccination continues even though today no one knows the long-term adverse effects of these vaccines, if any. That is over and above hundreds or thousands of vaccinated people even dying from Covid-19. The insistence on getting vaccinated as the panacea continues!! The world at large continues to remain dumb to the harsh reality that the emergence of the deadlier and/or more contagious variants has been and/or will be a result of vaccination, in all probability, as had been warned by many experts on the subject in the world. The same is now being more widely accepted, as I continue with my write-up; the same taking a lot more time because of my illness and continuous developments in the world on the subject.

There already is talk about developing more vaccines and/or giving booster doses for new variants –– an unending process? Some scientists feel dead sure that variants are bound to emerge for which the already given vaccines will be ineffective.  The billions of human beings to continue to live in constant fear – and,%2C%E2%80%9D%20said%20microbiologist%20Sharon%20Peacock? If all this were not enough, a more scary picture is being projected, warning us of deadlier variants in the near future –

It is all too cozy for the authorities; they can do any amount of bungling knowingly or unknowingly, resulting in deaths of and miseries to millions, and yet for any wave – natural or manmade – they can blame the public for not following the ‘impossible to follow’ ever changing guidelines including those of remaining unsocial for months or seeming eternity! And the imbecile gullible that the masses are, they quickly fall in the trap laid by the authorities and the Media hand-in-glove, and continue to blame selves or the others while continuing to become victims, continuing to fall in the trap. They behave like the goats waiting to be butchered, helpless!!

Even when grave questions about vaccines abound and the failure of the vaccines in controlling the pandemic is too conspicuous and evident, the majority continues to believe that vaccines are needed to protect from hospitalization and death. They continue to believe so having been conditioned to believe so. Even when inefficacy of vaccines in controlling the pandemic, and the vaccines resulting in more concerning variants and more infection of people indirectly as feared by experts earlier, have become a foregone conclusion; the narrative continues to be – vaccinate and vaccinate. Despite and Most of the people, many intellectuals included, are failing to see the obvious – the pandemic becoming deadlier in some parts of the world including India after vaccination. 

At the start of the pandemic, the world talked of herd immunity to defeat the pandemic. Mass vaccination was done to achieve that. Today with one third of the world already vaccinated, that herd immunity is nowhere in sight. But don’t worry. Whenever the pandemic will end, as it is bound to end one day, sooner or later, vaccination or no vaccination, all those behind Genocide today or in control otherwise will pat their backs that they had done so through their efforts and vaccination, the world at large buying whatever they tell, just like continuing to buy an out and out fixed and scripted sport as something highly competitive and a matter of great prestige for teams and nations. It will be somewhat like one controlling a herd of goats or sheep making the surviving ones feel indebted to one’s benevolence, having sold many others to a butcher. The propensity of the masses to be fooled, to be blind to the obvious and see what they are made to see, being oblivious to the camouflage created to prevent them from seeing the evident, comes to the fore as ever.

While the world including China is veering around the idea that the Sars-Cov-2 virus (popularly known as Corona virus) got created in lab (now point of contention is whether in a Chinese lab or in an American lab), majority in the world outside China believing it to be in Wuhan lab; the opinions or speculations differ whether it got leaked accidentally or it was deliberate. One may like to pursue the following links in this regard:  (Chinese accusing US lab for the virus leak)

These are no wagging tongues and many more such links are available; most of above is quite credible talk. Many of these are old talks suddenly finding traction again after all was forgotten and India also got ravaged along with the rest of the world. But most of the public won’t know of this or won’t apply mind to it. The public worldwide, including the intelligentsia, remains influenced by the authorities, the media, and their propaganda; howsoever rogues they stand proved.

In a news item recently on WION TV by Susan Tehrani, it was reported that Dr Fauci even apologized to the 9 Indian scientists whose finding that 4 insertions in the spike glyco-proteins of the virus were not found naturally, was debunked last year by him. They had claimed that these unnatural insertions made Sars-Cov-2 more virulent and lethal. and    refer.

If killing millions across the world through a man made virus is not Genocide, nothing is genocide. It may be argued that an accidental leak should not qualify as deliberate genocide, but then one has to see how it was dealt with. Was it dealt with truthfully or not? If one dispassionately and objectively reflects on the developments in the world for last year and a half, it will be apparent that Falsehood and false propaganda have been ruling the roost, adding to the miseries of the hapless public like you and me. I have said a lot about it previously and I may be saying more. But probably nothing vindicates this more than the very recent development of the Republican lawmakers in USA introducing a bill in Congress to fire Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease pundit, after accusing him of misleading the public about the virus and flip-flopping on measures to contain it. ( The recent book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. either doesn’t help in building any confidence in the man who has been a leading force behind the management of the pandemic. Could it be possible for the world to be victim of Falsehood without the world leaders including Indian leadership being involved? While the introduction of the bill could be politically motivated, there is no denying the flip-flops that have been taking place not only in the USA but also in many other countries. 

The contradiction of an Indian Union Minister saying something publicly and rest of the country and the world continuing to feign total ignorance has been too conspicuous and glaring! But nothing becomes conspicuous to those who have decided to close their eyes. Are the world leaders such big fools who couldn’t and can’t see through the conspiracy that even ordinary people like me and many others could see for more than a year?  They have all the wisdom of the knowledgeable at their command. Despite all the pretentions and claims of doing great work in combating Covid-19 by the leaders including Indian PM Modi, the virus with its variants has been becoming more and more lethal, already killing close to 2 million people in India alone as per some estimates ( raises more questions and is very scary if true. Even the official count of about 400 thousands in India and 10 times more in the world is no small number; the count is ever increasing and we remain scared of the 3rd wave being talked about a lot and the possible subsequent waves. refers. Not to mention of other lethal diseases mushrooming side by side. Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

I would once again like to impress upon: don’t be mistaken; anyone, you or me, could be among that considerable number, it is our good luck (or is it bad luck?) only that we survive; many of our near and dears and the powerful, men and women of stature or standing, have perished! And we don’t know who all and how many are going to perish in the foreseeable future! But we shall continue, as we have been doing, to blame ourselves or each other, mired in too much camouflage created all around, or blaming the Providence as we have been taught; while those overseeing the Genocide with all the power at their command aided by a far too stupid world continue to have a hearty laugh in their bedrooms! As mentioned earlier, those surviving continue to live in constant fear, grief stricken, many with compromised health after having survived Covid-19.

Genocide doesn’t only kill people. It ruins many more, those surviving ones; health-wise, financially, emotionally, psychologically, and in other ways. At least it is resulting so from Genocide through Covid-19 and its mismanagement. The adverse repercussions are too far and wide, much beyond millions of deaths worldwide. One may like to peruse and I continue to suffer from Long Covid as brought out  in the former article, that too after I went for vaccination.

The flip-flopping on measures to contain the virus has not been limited to USA or Dr. Fauci. It is a matter of record and everyone knows how WHO, the international organization created by us to look after us, has continuously misled the world on Corona Virus. The flip-flopping has been no less pronounced in India for over a year now, also in management of lockdowns and vaccination. It has kept the masses totally confused throughout and thus at the receiving end. Let us see some recent examples. In space of 2 days, these 3 news items appeared in the country’s leading newspaper:,, and So much contradiction, flip-flopping, and confusion about gap between 2 doses of vaccine! As if vaccination was a matter of joke and not a matter of life and death for the hundreds of millions as being claimed by the same authorities 24 x 7? What the hell has been happening? Dr Guleria in India is like DrFauci in USA. He says something in the morning, and something else in the evening! Why to open mouth and cause scare when you don’t know and are in a very responsible position? This tweet by Mr Prashant Bhushan and the video mentioned there in ( further contradict Dr Guleria: We all know that very frequent flip-flopping that has taken place in India by the authorities on Covid-19 and its management in last one year has been so enormous that volumes can be written about it.

It happens in India as a routine, since it is a country where the people, especially the large intelligentsia, are always ready to accept any non-sense. The authorities know very well that the intelligentsia will just continue to indulge in one-upmanship (as we see daily in our prime time news channel debates), being a slave of their conditioned minds and king size egos, branding anyone who tries to bring out and impress upon the larger Truth as Negative. Conceit and hypocrisy rule them, not any longing for Truth! They are so foolishly divided on various lines that they don’t even remotely understand what collective wisdom means, even though some may talk of it! The authorities also know how easy it is to pit such people against each other any time they want, in the name of religion, caste, political affiliations, or in many other ways; the pliable Presstitutes controlled by the Corporate world being at their beck and call all the time.

The present scenario in the human world is probably well illustrated by this example recounted to me recently by a senior person. ‘At the gate of Garden reach (in Kolkata), there was a mutton shop on pavement. There used to be ten bakras (goats) tied outside, each enjoying grass and playing with their young ones. Some bakra also seeing a bakri would jump and ride it also. The butcher would occasionally come with a big knife dipping with blood to pick the next bakra. Suddenly there would be commotion among the bakras, each crying and trying to hide, forgetting the grass and bakri. Once a bakra was chosen, untied and taken away, very soon rest of the bakras went back to their grass and bakris. Not realizing/oblivious that the next turn may be of one of them, they should be putting all efforts to run away from the rope.

Present situation is like that.’

It is like this in many ways as we shall see throughout this write-up. Those at the helm of the Genocide the world is reeling under are like the butcher now, having tasted success and having seen that the masses, especially the intelligentsia, are going to act exactly like those bakras, come whatever may! 

What is the motive behind the genocide going on so unabashedly? Primarily all the frauds are for money. It is trillions of dollars or close to it every year or every couple of years for Cricket, would be much more for Football, much less for some other sports. Undoubtedly, it is money power that is running the self damaging and farcical Vaccines for Covid-19 Campaign the world over, many Heads of State having fallen prey to it for greed of money, greed of power, or out of sheer stupidity. Nothing but mob mentality and Law of Collective Stupidity govern the masses as always!

A lot has been said about RT-PCR test for Corona, the backbone of the publicized pandemic, also having been full of frauds and a tool for earning money for some. Finally appears to confirm even that. So the ongoing Genocide is by money and for money, but is that the bottom line? Or is the bottom line something far more sinister, to control/ reduce world population? The powers controlling and running it know the best. In all probability, one won’t cause death of millions and millions across the globe just for money.

Hitler must have had his justification and logic for killing some six million Jews across Europe; those bombarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atom bombs must have had their logic and justification. This holocaust , probably the biggest ever, is going on and the people, too deeply involved in their day to day survival, are not even aware of what is happening! No one knows how, where (after taking how many heads) and when it will stop!! Those causing the holocausts have their motivation, they have to have. Should we just be happy in blaming them or do we need to think much beyond? What gave them or gives them the power to do that? Is it not our collective stupidity (the stupidity manifests itself through different traits from time to time like sheer foolishness, cowardice, greed, not to see beyond our self interest etc.) and Falsehood as the foundation of our evolution? One needs to think over and ponder; today it has been a matter of life and death for us and our near and dears, is continuing to be so and may be even more serious soon. It is no longer a social issue or a matter of some fraud, small or monumental, that doesn’t directly concern us. We can’t say why should I bother as we said when the monumental fraud in and through Cricket was proven and laid bare before our eyes a decade ago. Yes, we may continue to be blind, as we are habitual for years, but now it will be at the cost of our own and near and dears’ lives and well-being further.

 (The next and concluding part will briefly dwell on:  Who all are Responsible for the ongoing Genocide, Why Genocide is likely to Continue,  and Why must we wake up and Act, and.)

                                                                                                                                     –  continued – 

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