Genocide is on; You may be next (3rd and concluding part)

Why must we wake up and Act:  Answer is simple; to survive, to be able to live. Some or many would say, ‘But what can we do?’ Answer to that again is simple. Just Wake Up somehow, at least now, from the induced sleep. Better late than never. Start grilling the Media and the authorities, asking them the right questions, forgetting the petty and inconsequential talks on facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. for some time. That alone will stop the criminals/ butchers in their tracks and make them set the goats free. To live has to be our first priority, if call of duty is not demanding us to sacrifice our life! We must understand and realize fast that it has been too foolhardy on our part to continue to be shepherded by the same Media and authorities all along who have been pursuing with a thoroughly exposed massive public fraud so shamelessly!! And let us not lose sight that those perishing in the Genocide are our own, our near and dears, even if we ourselves survive somehow! Probably goats don’t feel that much pain when other goats are butchered, but we the humans do when those close to us vanish!

This is in continuation of 

Who all are Responsible for the ongoing Genocide?

I hope reading further will make things more evident to the readers.

When there is a crime, someone has to be responsible. We believe murder to be a crime. Here we are talking of unnatural and untimely death caused to millions across the world. And untold miseries to many times more. That is the severity of the crime. Who all are responsible? Let us try to see in ascending order of the quantum of responsibility. Relatively the least responsible are mentioned first. Of course, there will be many others responsible, especially those who gained and are gaining financially from the ongoing Genocide; but I shall not be discussing about them here.

  • Heads of States, including PM Modi and Indian Government: As mentioned somewhere above, many Heads of State are responsible; some being complicit, some being ignorant. Heads of more significant countries couldn’t be ignorant of what was happening in the world around them. Why should they have been maintaining silence on origin of the virus, the crucial issue in the whole thing, when their countrymen were dying like insects? I shall go into some details of the complicity of PM Modi and his government in India. Since I don’t know much detail about other countries, people there may judge for themselves about complicity of their leaders.

The government of India has been consistently pursuing falsehood since the advent of the pandemic/ scamdemic in the country. One couldn’t be too sure about it in the beginning, but can see it clearly now. Despite its various pretentions and claims otherwise; we in India largely know how people at large have been inconvenienced and have lost lives due to continuous flip-flop mismanagement or illogical actions by the present Government, whether in imposing lockdowns, issuing guidelines for dealing with or treating the disease, or in issuing guidelines or rules for vaccination. No one well meaning would tell public lies repeatedly or mislead the masses or oscillate like pendulums in matters of life and death of a billion plus people. But PM Modi and Indian authorities have been too conspicuous in doing exactly so. Starting from false claim about the time since when India stopped international flights at the start of the pandemic in India. further refers. The Indian Government along with its crony, the Media, has been doing its best to continuously create unfounded fear in the minds of the public; fear that has been harming people more, than cautioning them. When the dreadful 2nd wave struck India, the government, the Media, and we – the herd, driven by those shepherds and our herd-mentality – blamed the violation of ‘Covid appropriate norms’ for it. We remained and remain unmindful of the fact that those norms remained violated for months before, vastly so in election meetings and gatherings during elections in some states of India. Same remain violated since. So timing of second wave couldn’t have to do anything with violation of ‘Covid appropriate norms’. Reasons have to be something else. No one knows whether the wave was natural or manmade. We do know it was too sudden, out of blue, and did make a reluctant till then Indian public rush for vaccines, out of mortal fear. 

The speech by MP Manoj Jha in Rajya Sabha refers to that dreadful period of about 2 months, mainly April and May, 2021 when people were dying throughout India like falling leaves, especially in cities and villages of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. It was real holocaust, no one, young or old, knew whether he was going to survive it or not. Hundreds of patients died in hospitals when supply of Oxygen to them was cut off and many more might have died unable to reach hospitals and not having access to Oxygen support due to shortage of Oxygen in many states of the country. There were long queues outside cremation grounds. The responsible citizens of India, those having ear to ground, in private conversation estimate actual figures of deaths due to Corona to be 5 to 10 times more than the official figures. And never forget or underestimate the miseries beyond deaths, to many times more people, eventually leading to suicides by (mainly on account of resulting financial hardships) or deaths of some of them.

These were the times when there was palpable public anger against PM Modi that found voice through some very explosive poems and write-ups. I came across a few of these poems:, and Among these, the last one, the poem by the Gujarati poetess Parul Khakkar became quite hot on social media and was translated in many languages including Hindi and English. I reproduce here Hindi and English translations of the same for ready perusal:

एक साथ सब मुर्दे बोले ‘सब कुछ चंगाचंगा

साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा

ख़त्म हुए शमशान तुम्हारे, ख़त्म काष्ठ की बोरी

थके हमारे कंधे सारे, आँखें रह गई कोरी

दर-दर जाकर यमदूत खेले

मौत का नाच बेढंगा

साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा।

नित लगातार जलती चिताएँ

राहत माँगे पलभर

नित लगातार टूटे चूड़ियाँ

कुटती छाति घर घर

देख लपटों को फ़िडल बजाते वाह रे ‘बिल्लारंगा

साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा।

साहेब तुम्हारे दिव्य वस्त्र, दैदीप्य तुम्हारी ज्योति

काश असलियत लोग समझते, हो तुम पत्थर,

ना मोती हो हिम्मत तो आके बोलो

‘मेरा साहेब नंगा’

साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा।

~पारुल खक्कर

Ganges, the Carrier of CorpsesTranslated by Salil Tripathi

Don’t worry, be happy, in one voice speak the corpsesO King, in your Ram-Rajya, we see bodies flow in the GangesO King, the woods are ashes,No spots remain at crematoria,O King, there are no carers,Nor any pall-bearers,No mourners leftAnd we are bereftWith our wordless dirges of dysphoriaLibitina enters every home where she dances and then prances,O King, in your Ram-Rajya, our bodies flow in the GangesO King, the melting chimney quivers, the virus has us shakenO King, our bangles shatter, our heaving chest lies brokenThe city burns as he fiddles, Billa-Ranga thrust their lances,O King, in your Ram-Rajya, I see bodies flow in the GangesO King, your attire sparkles as you shine and glow and blazeO King, this entire city has at last seen your real faceShow your guts, no ifs and buts,Come out and shout and say it loud,“The naked King is lame and weak”Show me you are no longer meek,Flames rise high and reach the sky, the furious city rages;O King, in your Ram-Rajya, do you see bodies flow in the Ganges?

This article also brings out that anger. It may not be correct to brush aside these expressions as politically motivated, as those aligned to the PM and his political party did and would do.

But as public memory is short, and there is a large populace in India that knows only to applaud Modi ji, irrespective of what he does, probably that anger has become history so soon. Deep rooted political and religious affiliations govern the masses rather than rationality and objective evaluations. They become embroiled in day to day survival forgetting or ignoring larger issues. But all that doesn’t and can not absolve PM Modi of India of the heinous crime of overseeing helpless agonizing death of millions of the fellow citizens (as I have brought out earlier, even by the most conservative estimates the number should exceed a million), and all sorts of miseries to many times more.

Prime Minister of India becomes a responsible chief executive first, and is a political leader afterwards. To tell lies publicly becomes criminal on his part. That is because his lies mislead and misguide hundreds of millions of Indians who listen to him and trust him; not having any other wherewithal to know the truth. Therefore when he exhorts the Indians to go for vaccination in the name of science (, he makes himself liable for criminal prosecution. There is no science behind the vaccination drive under way as has been amply brought out above. On the contrary, science is against it. What is driving vaccination across the globe with vaccines approved only for emergency use is propaganda, and an unfounded belief. Did he warn the people that they could get seriously ill or could even die even after vaccination? Did he tell them that vaccination was very likely to give rise to more troublesome variants, as in fact has been the case? Even though, he very well knew this through as mentioned earlier? Does he not become responsible for death of anyone or miseries to anyone from Covid post vaccination after such an exhortation by him? Is he not playing in the hands of unscrupulous forces controlling the global genocide knowingly? Where or what has been his resistance to such forces? What follow up action did he take when his own Minister publicly claimed a year ago that the virus causing the pandemic was made in a lab? Will not behavior and things, including its spread, related to a virus made in a lab be quite different from a natural virus? Why does India continue to predict a third wave despite having vaccinated a one third of its population?

It is true that no other political leader either has done anything of substance to counter the ongoing Genocide, but responsibility of what is happening lies with the Government of the day, not with any political leader.

Prime Minister Modi is looked upon as a great savior of Hinduism and Hindus in India today. It is a matter of great debate whether that is a reality or such an idea has assiduously been incepted in the minds of the majority of population over past few years. But same majority is quite unable to see a very shocking reality (living life in a state of dream?) that same PM has to be behind the recent deaths of millions of their brothers and sisters, mostly Hindus, far outnumbering the Hindus massacred during the partition of India about 75 years ago. Same will apply to resultant miseries. And to keep people fooled and divided on communal lines, comes another announcement, wrapped in deceptive words, from same PM and his government: Will it not revive the feeling of anguish and hatred among communities every year rather than letting them forget the acrimony?

It is not his first sin, though it is a sin too sinister – to coolly oversee deaths of millions of his countrymen and miseries to many more – not doing anything to mitigate, but to contribute more to the crisis through his falsehood throughout. He is a habitual sinner alright, having erred and sinned big and shamelessly in the past as well. That has been detailed in the chapter ‘Zero Governance’ in my book ‘We the Oodles.’ He might have many historical political or other achievements to his credit, but those can’t absolve him of his sins, especially when those far outweigh the achievements. The government under him invariably becomes as responsible.

Yes, I know that what I say are very strong words or statements, challengeable by many, but I say so with utmost sense of responsibility, similar to when I told the world a decade ago that the world cricket was thoroughly and institutionally fixed! I also hope that many of the spontaneous challengers, if with an open mind, devoid of prejudices and pre-conditioning, will start seeing the truth when they start applying their mind to all what is being brought to the table now. And what I am talking about is not a trivial matter; it is a matter of life and death to us all, our near and dears. If I keep quiet and don’t share with the world, despite being able to see and understand what is happening (God’s doing), I would probably be committing a bigger sin than the ones being committed by those overseeing the Genocide.

  • Supreme Court of India: This heading will raise many eyebrows. How can Supreme Court of India be connected with the genocide through Corona virus? Those few who would have gone through and grasped the contents of the book ‘We the Oodles’ or my earlier articles on this platform VOM may have an inkling of what I am going to say. As we have seen, the Genocide is going on because the world has been pursuing Falsehood, rather than Truth and collective good. The book ‘We the Oodles’ brings out in full details how the Supreme Court of India failed to curb the prevailing Falsehood when it was given the golden opportunity to do so and when it was duty bound to do so.  It was in a much stronger position to act than any other agency because of its Constitutional status and because it was not a party to the fraud. It could see to it that the deep and vast Falsehood got exposed for good and that far reaching corrections set in. But an institution all Indians, especially educated ones, look up to for final verdicts, and which poses as a great conscience keeper for the country on any matter, chose to lose all its credibility than to act to curb the prevailing Falsehood. It is prevalence of same Falsehood that has culminated in the present Genocide.

Isn’t it laughable and depressing when the same Supreme Court preaches to have faith in the system –   

It is not only a bench of the Court or the Registrar’s office that is to blame, but Supreme Court as a whole with all its sitting judges at a point of time to whom I had addressed the open letter documented in the book. The Supreme Court judges enjoying a privileged existence by grace of God chose to act as men and women of no consequence, of a meaningless existence, in the overall scheme of things!!

Not only Supreme Court of India, but the Indian legal fraternity as a whole is to blame, since it willfully or in ignorance, collectively turned a blind eye to what was going on and to the disgrace that Supreme Court of India had brought to itself. Alas! Sitting and retired Supreme Court judges and many young and old advocates also lost their lives in the genocide that followed and is going on.

  • Media: Volumes can be written about culpability of Media in the ongoing Genocide, but I shall be very brief now as already this write-up has become too long. There is a chapter ‘Exposing the Exposed’ in the book ‘We the Oodles’ that brings out how Media has been the greatest propagator of Falsehood in the human world. It is same Media, the confirmed rogue, that has been aiding and shielding the Genocide the most. Totally exposed, it shamelessly continues with its narrative of perpetuating Falsehood. Even today it tells us 24 x 7 how competitive cricket was taking place and India was achieving historical wins. It still harps on various nuances of competitive cricket day and night, though cricket being thoroughly fixed and fake is too open a reality! The people, especially the educated, still take all their inputs from such Media, and dwell on agenda that Media creates for them and wants them to pursue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Just think of it; it is Media that has been doing everything possible to create fear in the mind of the masses for last one and a half years. Fear makes man act unwisely. It is through Media that necessary camouflage has been created to make people continue counting availability of vaccine doses and injecting of the same, forgetting altogether the basic questions. It is main stream Media that has been bringing to us all the erroneous theories, scores of those, on Corona virus propagated during last year and a half, taking care that anything of real substance doesn’t catch our attention. It is Media that has been pursuing with a failed narrative of night curfews, new drugs now and then and vaccines etc.; and brainwashing people such that they don’t ask the basic necessary questions detailed earlier. They don’t ask how is it that despite so many infections and vaccines the much talked of herd immunity is nowhere in sight, and even today, in August end, an Indian government panel is talking of possibility of 6 lakh or 0.6 million cases of Covid-19 per day in very near future in the country? Side by side, the state governments are talking of opening schools around same time. Haha. There is no one in the Media grilling the authorities and the Government for the blatant failure resulting in continuing deaths and miseries to the masses. On the contrary, the onus is being put on the masses for not getting vaccinated, even though vaccination has palpably failed to prevent infections. The Media hardly ever asks the key questions; even if they ask they do it just in the passing, never meaning to pursue any meaningful narrative.

The Genocide and its continuation couldn’t be possible without the active willful involvement of the Indian and global Media; just like Fake Cricket. Alas! Many journalists also have perished in the Genocide, just like people from the legal fraternity. The culpability of the Media is too evident and is the most. It makes people forget the real world of Falsehood and induces them to a dream (something like in the famous movie Inception) where they think whatever the rogue Media wants them to. The highly educated, the intelligent and the super intelligent, all get induced to a dream, totally unaware of being in such a state, where they think and talk of morality, right and wrong; the real world around them continuing to reek of blatant immorality. The real world continues to aid Terrorism and Genocides, people induced to sleep by Media unable to see it happening!!

  • We the Goats: Let us go back to that story of goats at Garden Reach, Kolkata. Those were goats, devoid of power of comprehension gifted to us, the humans. We are the intelligent beings, equipped to counter the designs of the butchers. But alas! We have chosen to behave like those goats, mainly blinded by our conceit, our conditioning. That is the tragedy – The super intelligent humans acting like goats, having brought themselves to a stage of being at total mercy of the butchers. Even though being made aware of the proven roguishness of the Establishment and the Media, both acting hand in glove, we chose to act deaf and blind, allowed ourselves to believe whatever these rogues wanted us to believe, didn’t resist when induced to a state of dreams by the Media. We didn’t act when we could and we must have acted. The proven big time frauds and total Falsehood continued unfettered all around us, but we continued indulging in petty pursuits, petty bickering, unmindful of the monster slowly but surely engulfing us and our near and dears! We don’t have any intention of acting even now. We are resigned to third waves or subsequent waves, at the mercy of the butchers, enjoying and playing in the meantime. We are busy, feeling happy with our acquired half baked wisdom, our conditioning over a life time!

Falsehood is accepted by humans as a way of life. Ok. But rank stupidity? That also appears to be accepted. Ok, but what pains is that we are so hardened with such acceptance that when such acceptance is threatening our own well being or survival, even then we are not bothered the slightest! Like those goats, we are happy eating our grass and enjoying company of bakris (she goats), unmindful of the approaching butcher!! Too deeply mired in our conceit and habituated of Falsehood, we ignore the difference between natural death and being butchered, and allow ourselves to become too easy a prey to the butchers!

More than the butchers, we are responsible for our plight since none else but we ourselves have made goats out of us!!

Why Genocide is likely to Continue: The repeated prophecy of the third wave and subsequent waves and deadlier variants and diseases does indicate that the worst is is still in store for us. But are we bothered? No. We have so soon forgotten the scenes depicted in Parul Khakkar’s poem and Manoj Jha’s speech, and are busy engaged in myriad issues life throws up, mostly petty. It is always like that. Those who survive become busy in day to day survival and affairs. Genocides go on occurring now and then. The butchers continue to tempt the surviving goats with greener grass. Today we are in the midst of a continuing Genocide, but are least inclined to combine our strength and break the rope tying us. Because we have been induced to a state of dream, rendered helpless to act. The petrol prices, the IT portal, the farmers’ agitation, the communal hatred, Olympic medals, division by castes, elections, great acts by the government, utterings of politicians – hundreds of such things – bother us in our dream like state, controlled by the Media, not the further waves of impending Genocide – impending death or death like miseries to us that we had experienced only a few months ago!!

Why must we wake up and Act:  Answer is simple; to survive, to be able to live. Some or many would say, ‘But what can we do?’ Answer to that again is simple. Just Wake Up somehow, at least now, from the induced sleep. Better late than never. Start grilling the Media and the authorities, asking them the right questions, forgetting the petty and inconsequential talks on facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. for some time. That alone will stop the criminals/ butchers in their tracks and make them set the goats free. To live has to be our first priority, if call of duty is not demanding us to sacrifice our life! We must understand and realize fast that it has been too foolhardy on our part to continue to be shepherded by the same Media and authorities all along who have been pursuing with a thoroughly exposed massive public fraud so shamelessly!! And let us not lose sight that those perishing in the Genocide are our own, our near and dears, even if we ourselves survive somehow! Probably goats don’t feel that much pain when other goats are butchered, but we the humans do when those close to us vanish!

Postscript: It is with some difficulty that I have been able to complete this write-up. Post Covid, my health continues to be precarious. I had said enough in my book ‘We the Oodles’. Sending copies of it to all those indisputably implicated in it should have resulted in necessary actions and reactions to take the humanity forward, should have halted the Genocide underway. But nothing happened. The world has continued to sleep, has continued to be in a dreamlike state, playful as those goats, oblivious of the harsh realities, oblivious of the marauding butchers, oblivious of the Genocide! Helpless, I have continued to write further. But probably time has come I should accept my failure in waking the world up from a permanent state of dream, should resign to my fate as another goat, and call it a day! How long can and should one continue crying in the wilderness??


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