Generation in the Post Covid-19 Era

Covid-19 has been affected all regardless of any so-called parameter (i.e., social, economic and racial, etc.). The younger generation (from early childhood to adolescent) under the school, college and university education,  is affected the most. This generation is the marker of the future of this world because all progresses depend on them to lead in a new shape and phase. All of the parameters of our future development and prosperity are in the hands of the younger generation. Therefore, proper training and development (qualitatively and quantitatively) are a prime requirement to ensure our bright and healthy future.

Education is the only influential effort. School is the second home to a child, and education makes a man perfect. It combats all future challenges. Education institutions at  different hierarchical levels have their  impact on students of different ages. Social, mental, and political development are being influenced and promoted towards positivity. But unfortunately,  for and half-years or more, these are almost locked. And how long would it be continued that only God knows?

Examination is the system of assessment of learning at different stages. But how would assessment without examination be appropriate for their future of study, research and work? At present, no alternative assessment is right. It only discriminates against the learners. Our policy in the Covid-19 situation may be enough to save lives. But is it not a cause of lifeless life? Are we (the senior)  doing the right thing considering our future? Will the young not question us about our acts in the future? It is not beyond a policy to make John a dull boy. We see that in India, everything (even election campaign, election and other political activities) goes no in this situation. But the only obstacle is there to resume the educational institution.

What have we learned from the experts? The Covid-19 -1st and 2nd wave are unable to harm up to the age of 18 (roughly). Only the 3rd wave may seriously hit this section and which may come later in the month of August 2021. Then why did our government not take initiative to conduct at least secondary and higher secondary examination restricting all protocols, including vaccination, to the teaching and non-teaching staff when the election workers vaccinated before the event of the election during that period?  Is it not hypocrisy?

 These secondary and higher secondary examinations are very crucial to young children for the rest of their lives. But our government plays a tactical role to make them a parasite,  because they will not ask for employment and other civic amenities for their self-dependent future. But they would be political slaves in the future for their survival with basic needs.

May only politics and political gains be enough to lead a nation? May a nation exist without making the future? There is a need for appropriate and effective planning and policy for the most future talents. It is right that one of the most important aspects is to strategically save the lives of the common from any pandemic. At the same time, there should be healthy planning for the future talents when a pandemic is long-lasting and dangerous for the society.

We see everywhere in India, there is a politics of revenge. Only the political leaders in the rule are doing well in all aspects to the people of this country. Even corruption among leaders is trying to be labeled as good work. Those who work for the good of  people  might be mistaken. It is a minor incident. In West Bengal, it has been observed that the state government is doing politics in pandemic restrictions. Where are those intellectuals, educationists, activists and other sensitive section of the society who might be battled against discrimination among the young generation? They should come forward with their advice on how to save the future talents.

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