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I, Mamta Jakhad, am a farmer’s daughter. As soon as I heard about the farmers’ protest movement, I wanted to be part of it. On reaching here with my two daughters and husband, I felt a surge of pride for the spirit displayed at the protest and the people’s anger towards Modi. One hardly ever gets to see the feelings that are evident here: the love, the brotherhood, of being part of a single big family. The socialist India that we have always dreamed about — I can see it here. Every child present at the protest wants the dictatorial Modi government to come to its senses, and to not impose the black laws on the people– the farmers and the agricultural labourers — otherwise the government will have to face the consequences. The people here are determined that however long it takes, they will get the laws repealed. Some people have told their family members back home that they will return only after the laws have been scrapped. The people are ready to fight this dictatorial government from all sides.

One cannot but praise the langar [community food kitchen] being run by our Panjabi and Rajasthani friends. This is the first time in my life that I’m witnessing a protest like this and the India that I had only read about in textbooks. The unity in our diversity, our plurality, of which also I had only read about, is clearly visible here. I’ve never seen this kind of solidarity. There are people distributing winter clothing and essential items to those who need them. One sees such humanity only in a kisan andolan, the way people are cooking together, and serving food to each other with love — it is only our annadatta, the provider of our food, who knows the value of land and of each foodgrain, who can do this. Everywhere, people are lining up to protest against the dictatorial Modi government — this protest is one of the largest seen in the country! And my daughters and I are proud to be part of such a historical moment


The author of this article is Mamta Jakhad. This article was published in the third edition of Trolley Times.

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