From Home to Singhu Border – A Day

As you leave for Delhi from Chandigarh, you get to behold a view of the farmers movement at least once every ten kilometers. Every vehicle with a farmers’ flag or banner on it is stopped and is served tea, pinni, biscuits, bread etc. This sequence doesn’t stop in Karnal, Gharaunda, and Panipat either. It does, however, get sparse in Samalkha and Ganaur but picks up momentum beyond that. You can observe the spell of farmers movement just as you enter Rai. Tractors, trolleys and cars nestled on the road can make you question the possibility in astonishment. You have to crawl at a slow pace in your vehicle through here. As you go a little further and enter Kundali, you too get doused with the incense of the resistance because you have to park your vehicle at the first place you can find and walk on from there.

One has to cover the distance of 2-3 kilometers to reach the main stage. As you walk on this path, you get to see the various colours of this struggle. A langar is organized every 100 meters. Young volunteers have taken the responsibility of cleanliness. Washing machines have been set up for convenience. Various stalls have been set up for sugarcane juice, kinnow juice, veg biryani, gajak etc. Peanuts get distributed at numerous places on the path. You can eat as much as you want if you have the capacity.

Some places have people making posters, some have people shouting slogans while on others you can find them singing songs. Haryanvi turbans are in sight too. Hukka also makes its presence clear. The funny thing is that only the future knows what this movement will lead to, but when I talked to some little children who live near G.T. Road, they smilingly said that they’re enjoying it. I inquired about the reason and source of their enjoyment. They said, “We’ve never before eaten this much variety of food.” I felt good knowing that someone is being helped through this movement. Not everything can be seen from the drone view.

Elders are given massages; medical checkups have been organised on multiple spots. Sarv Karamchari Sangh has made a place for workers behind the main stage, a dispensary has been added too. Here, workers from various sectors raise their voice in support of the farmers. Jai Bhagwan Dahiya and Dinesh Chikara are standing firmly here. The main stage is here, the youngsters have excellently handled the security of entrance and the area surrounding it. Whole day speeches are made. When I was looking around here, the farmers from Uttrakhand were announcing that they wholly support this resistance. You will meet some vendors selling dholaks and other musical instruments.

 I talked to several people. They all said the same thing that this obstinance and vanity doesn’t suit the government. The agricultural laws should be repealed. Taking in all the arrangements it is clear that provisions for six months have been managed. Even after 24 days no one shows even a glimmer of lour. You can notice media roaming around here but wonder why godi media is nowhere to be found!


The author of this article is Krishan Kumar Nirman. This article was published in the third edition of Trolley Times.

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