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Fraternity Movement HCU Organized an Online Protest Against the Persecution of Muslim Leaders

On 11th July, the fraternity movement of university of Hyderabad organized an online protest meet against the unending persecution of Muslim leaders and Anti CAA protesters. The online protest, that was conducted through zoom app, was streaming live on their facebook page.

They had invited 3 speakers for their online protest meet. Wardah Beg, law student at AMU and Anti CAA Activist, Faseeh Ahmad, Research scholar and student leader at University of Hyderabad and Heba Ahmad, research scholar and student leader at JNU.

The first speaker was Wardah Beg. She thanked for the opportunity for finally being able to speak on the issue, which was till now just done in the form of twitter storms and WhatsApp forwards. Talking about the recent arrest of AMU student Sharjeel Usmani, she pointed how the state and the police are trying to criminalize Muslim students. She highlighted the importance of talking about who these students really are and how they became such a threat to the state that they had to use illegal methods and abduct him from his home.

Sharing about the nature of Sharjeel Usmani, she said that he was very vocal about anything that was unjust. He kept activism alive in the campus. He is the kind of a person who has always been very concerned about his community. Vocalizing about his unjust arrest, she said that 4-5 people, who claimed they were from the UP police crime branch but had no uniform on or any identity card to prove the same, picked him up from his home along with his books and laptop. Enraged about the violation of rights of a person, she also mentions that it was wrong on the part of magistrate to sign his arrest in the first place.

Muslim youth leaders like Sharjeel Usmani are so fiercely unapologetic that many try to disassociate themselves with them. She also mentioned that he was a target of the state because he is a Muslim who is articulate. He is a Muslim who thinks. Talking about the situation in UP, she says that UP is a completely lawless sate right now and they are outrightly carrying out their agenda.

Second speaker for the protest was Faseeh Ahmad. He highlighted how the political atmosphere has changed significantly. Nowadays any Muslim can be picked up from their homes without any reason. He emphasized the importance of Muslims during the anti CAA protests and how everybody joined in when Muslims came forward to fight for the rights of the citizens. He also focused on how after the Tablighi jamaat case, Muslims were targeted and lynched.

Third speaker of the meet, Heba Ahmad pointed that this online protest is just a continuation of the protests that was done on the ground. She mentioned that the protests organized for Najeeb Ahmad was the first time that people were talking about the targeting of Muslims, which was obviously not liked by many. The student protesters were accused of doing identity politics. She however, disagrees. According to Heba Ahmad, with these protests, the politics that Muslims are doing right now is the politics of opposition. It’s their way of establishing that they will not succumb to the elites of the country.

She also emphasized the significance of immense participation of Muslims as an opposition and how they are pushing back against the tyranny. She insists that we have to keep documenting the facts and keep up the resistance.

The online protest ended with moderator Khurram Siddiqui taking up the questions from the participants and then thanking all the speakers and participants for being a part of the protest.

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