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Founding of Ram Temple Needs Communal Amity -Sikh Vichar Manch

Chandigarh, 3 August (2020)

Sikh intellectuals today expressed their resentment over the repeated attempts of the Hindutava leaders using the occasion of the Ram Temple ceremony to claim that the ‘Sikhs are a part of the Hinduism’. Almost five and half centuries ago Guru Nanak refused the sacred thread. Let your men of legendary learning internalize the impact of that act on the faith of a Sikh.

“We are friends of all, enemies of none. That is an essential part of spirituality for us. We belong to a sovereign independent dispensation. We urge all concerned to immediately stop interpreting our religion to us and leave it to our own theologians, they said.

The building of the Ram temple in Ayodhya was primarily a matter between the Muslims and the Hindus of India. The Muslims are resigned to their fate. There is no room for others to intervene or comment except that the Muslims must be speedily afforded generous compensation with grace as they have eventually made a great sacrifice in the interest of peace and amity.

Nevertheless, the Mandir-Masjid controversy will go down in history as one of the most sordid affairs in modern Indian history. It is particularly telling that the judge writing the final judgment omitted to claim its authorship. This is the first judgment in burqa. The right-minded citizens of the country will for long live with a disturbed conscience on contemplating that the judgment is admittedly not based on facts, law or history but on sentiment. We all hope that this will be the last one of the controversies of this kind that will tax the sense of fairness of the citizens of India.

While the moment of introspection lasts – the Sikhs would like to assert that some of the Sikh holy places demolished since 1947 will also be restored to them as graciously as the Muslims have conceded the site of the Babari Masjid to the Hindus. Let this be a part of the celebration of the unique historical moment. We too are as keen to reconstruct our shrines at the original sites of Mangu Math, Gian Godri and others.

We Sikhs also hope that the politicization of religion will end with this episode. The multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-national character of this land cannot endure destructive shocks of this nature forever. As for us, we celebrate the kaleidoscopic variety of cultures that the Creator has blessed the world with. We want to live amicably with them all without seeking a change of a comma or a full stop in their rituals, doctrines and practices and without undermining their history.

We ardently hope and fervently pray for a more peaceful and rational India free of communal strife after August 5. Let this be the legacy of this occasion.

The statement jointly signed by: Gurtej Singh IAS, Sukhdev Singh Journalist, Jaspal Singh Sidhu Journalist, Gurbachan Singh, editor Des Punjab, Bhinder Singh (GM Industry), Dr. Kuldip Singh Surgeon Patiala, Rajinder Singh (Khalsa Panchayat) , Ajaypal Singh Brar (author ), Prof Manjit Singh and Gurpreet Singh , president Global Sikh Council.

Issued by Khushhal Singh, general secretary Kendri Singh Sabha  9316107093

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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