For God's sake, is someone listening

Would my ever-on-the-prowl diehard critics advise me if, as they always say, I am seeing too much red in everything pertaining to how Kashmir is being vandalised, vulgarised and villainised in a thousand ways by those who just cant do better:

1. Those travelling from Jammu to Kashmir are not subjected to the mandatory quarantine even as the 14 day quanratine is being strictly followed in case of those traveling from Kashmir to Jammu. Please understand the irony.

2. A 30,000/- odd brick kiln labourers from Bihar, UP and other parts of India have been “flown in” to Kashmir without the requirement for them even to wear the mandatory masks. And to what end? Not necessarily for the purpose of working in brick kilns as reported in the media, because the construction work has literally come to a nought everywhere, not excluding in Kashmir. So what have they been brought here for? The answer is a no-brainer. Hark back to how this lockdown in Kashmir is being used to insidiously pursue its policies of disempowerment of Kashmir in various ways, including this devious plan of engineering a demographic imbalance through this new draconian Domicile Law granting the domicile status to tens of thousands of non-Kashmiris including, most likely, this fresh batch of Bihari labourers.

3. As already highlighted in an earlier post, the current lockdown in Kashmir having been enforced, ostensibly to prevent the virus from spreading to larger sections of the population, is a joke, a cruel joke that’s. How upon earth would you expect the lockdown to achieve the desired ends if the tourists from other states would have a free run in moving around the tourist destinations, markets etc. without attracting the provisions underlying the violations of lockdown restrictions? And finally,

4. Look at this monstrosity, this abject poverty of wisdom of these new age rulers involving the permission for Anarnath Yatra which should ideally have been banned in the light of Covid assuming such alarming dimensions.

Alongside the obvious lack of commonsense and of a touch with the ground reality, such tactics reek of deep seated rancour, vengeance, vanity, wile, ill-will and an all consuming hunger for overkill by those who are presiding over this massive devastation of Kashmir.

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Written by Amin Sofi


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