Fools Rush Where Angels Fear To Tread

The question involving the purpose of life is surely the most complex, difficult, mysterious and perplexing, yet the most natural and in my humble view, surprisingly reasonably amenable to comprehension!  My own modest, limited and “open to critique” assessment of this extremely pesky issue that resonates with my own (individual) weltanschauung of things, is based on the fundamental axiom that there is a design in the creation of life, the universe around us and all that resides there. I concede that my view is shaped less by a deep study of things which I dont pretend to have undertaken, but mainly on my limited understanding, experience, observation and reflection on things. Which is that more than other countless possibilities, the idea involving the purpose of life entails – or ought to entail – worshipping the Creator no doubt, but subject to worship being BASED ON ILM (Knowledge) and striving to seek it in the scriptures, as much in the vastness of the world we are living in.

That would necessitate devoting oneself to the sincere and serious acquisition, creation and dissemination of knowledge to make sense of the cosmos by exploring the issues arising in the bewildering variety of human intellectual endeavours ranging from science, mathematics, medicine, humanities, philosophy, history, psychology, literature and what have you. Equally importantly, all this would add up to create a happy and beautiful world only if such an endeavour was tempered by humanism – love for the humanity – empathy, understanding and such epistemic virtues which are embedded in the morality of the highest order.

I’m alive to the possibility that the cynics may dismiss my take on this as an oversimplification of what is roundly seen as an intractable issue. But that doesn’t concern me.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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Written by M A Sofi


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