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The last few years, India has been witnessing many ‘anti-people’ policies of the government. It is rigid to implement these policies. It demands that these policies are inclusively and exclusively for the development and comfortable living of the common. These are envisioned for ‘Making New India’ and for ‘Atmanirvar India’. In fact, the political party in the rule is cleverly imposing a tactic to allure opposition to a fragmented focus. From Modi 1.0, the common masses have been facing the agony in their daily lives.  The demonetization was its beginning, which pushed the people into a dangerous condition. When people of India were in trouble, it introduced the GST. This method of a reformation or an introduction to a new policy is a continued process of the government. Is it a democratic government for democratic people? Or is it a bourgeois democracy?

Later on, we see that Modi 2.0 has taken one after the other steps starting from the abolition of the article 370 to CAA/NRC, to the Coronavirus pandemic, to the reconstruction of the Rama temple, to the privatization of public sectors/public sector undertakings to the latest Farm Laws. The government publicizes that all these is the landmarks in the national development. The opposition and all intellectuals are becoming vagabonds, because the government ignores them. And the government thinks that they are doing politics to propagate against the government. They are also stigmatized as the anti-government and the anti-BJP.

The government is rigid every time. It diverts one issue to another after dismissing each movement. Therefore, every issue is unresolved, and the government intends to implement all. Consequently, the movement is fruitless. For an instance, when the country was agitating against the abolition of the article 370, it enacted CAA/NRC. The last issue was turned into an unresolved agitation (especially Saheen Bagh movement was lowering the face value of the government to the world.). By that time, the government held ‘Namaste Trump’ and welcomed the pandemic where the government was a failure to protect the countrymen. It pushed the countrymen into the greatest crisis.

Surprisingly, when the opposition and countrymen raised their voice in the government’s inaction, it stepped into the path of a privatization of public sectors. Then, it immediately enacts the Farm Laws without any consultation with the opponents. Now everybody’s focus is on the Farm Laws. The Supreme Court verdict is not enough to resolve the issue. In the meantime, all the countrymen have forgotten many other ‘anti-people’ policies of the government. The end of every movement is doubtful and foggy.

Thus, the single point agenda is relieving the government from the earlier one. This government is playing foul every time with the common. The political party in the rule is trying to trap to end the opponent voice against the ‘anti-people’ agenda. There are enough causes to step down the government through the nationwide agitation and movement altogether against its policies. During the time of farmers’ movement days, we forget about the spread of the Coronavirus and its effect on our daily lives, as if there was no incident of the pandemic.  Tactically, the government uses to amalgamate several people’s hindrances by introducing one by one evil steps.

Every time, the government uses to make foolish to the opposition, the intellectuals, and the activists, while the movement against the ‘anti-people’ policy is unresolved through the introduction of a new one. Even after the continued agitation and movement, the arrested intellectuals or activists like Mr. Varavara Rao( Even his serious health condition is not a matter to the court) have to face jail custody. This authoritative ruler should be rooted out. It has no power to lead a democratic government. Every section of people should reject this government and should organise a nationwide agitation against this government and all harmful issues.


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