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Feudalism of Intellect

All the successful revolutionary thoughts in history have been the brain child of individuals and not society.

Quarib Quamar

All the successful revolutionary thoughts in history have been the brain child of individuals and not society. Though society plays an important role in nursing the thoughts, the nursery is the individual’s mind. Revolutionary thoughts take birth, grow and mature even in a leaderless society. In the absence of a leader they originate in individuals, confused about the direction they travel and evolve with her and die a silent death, unless adopted by someone over the course of their life. Revolutionary thoughts in fact take birth in isolated minds irrespective of leadership and their dominant thoughts. Such thoughts may not be welcome but their acceptance or lack of it doesn’t impact their significance in building up a foundational base for narrative building.

However, it is also a reality that despite the sound foundation the isolated individual’s thoughts might lay, they are always at the mercy of benefactors. The novelty, the wisdom and the foresight, all that might be hailed as the key qualities of any such thought stand diminished when judged on the scale of face value of the person who has come up with the thought. For the society besides many other factors your influence, your reputation, your lineage, your class, your inheritance, your caste, your religion and your bank balance determine exactly how much your face value stands on the weighing scale. Your face value consecutively is the barometer that determines exactly how much weight needs to be given to your thoughts and ideas. This is feudalism of intellect. But here it’s also important to note that feudalism doesn’t thrive on its own.

For feudalism to survive it needs collaborators. The collaborators of intellectual feudalism need not be bad at heart. They are the product of the society that has been conditioned into thinking and behaving in a certain way. It’s also quite possible that those who have turned collaborators today might have been the torch bearers of revolutionary thoughts once upon a time in the past. Perhaps becoming a collaborator of the populist narrative is the natural culmination of all individual revolutionary thoughts. Perhaps this is the reason the people past prime go silent as life grinds them in their progress towards old age. But the question is should we cull individual thoughts in the womb when it has not yet seen the light of the day. Or should we give it a chance with a belief that alternative facts are no bullshit and alternative thoughts no loose talk.

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