Farmers Protest Timeline

24 November 2020:

To quell the farmers’ agitation, on November 26-27 the Haryana government deployed police in six districts and set up barricades at inter-state borders, announcing the sealing of inter-state border crossings from November 25 to 27.

25 November 2020:

Farmers started marching towards Delhi. The procession of around 2 lakh workers including more than 25,000 women marched in more than 4,000 rooftop trolleys, 1,600 buses and other vehicles.

26 November 2020:

Police attacked the farmers at the Shambhu border with water cannons and tear gas to stop them from advancing. The farmers proceeded by removing the police barricades and heavy vehicles parked in the road.

27 November 2020:

Delhi Police used water cannons, tear gas shells and lathicharge to stop the farmers, injuring several and leaving one farmer martyred. The Union Home Ministry asked the farmers to gather and protest at Nirankari Bhawan, Burari but the farmers’ organizations refused.

28 November 2020:

The farmers vowed to stick to the Shambhu border as they were not allowed to hold a protest at Ramlila Maidan or Jantar Mantar. Cases were registered against the farmers and attempt to murder clause was also carried out.

29 November 2020:

The farmers rejected the central government’s call for conditional talks. Declaring the ground of Burari as open jail, they announced closure of five major roads in Delhi. The farmers decided to persevere till the demands were met.

30 November 2020:

The farmers refused to discuss the anti-farmer laws and said that our demand is to repeal these laws. A meeting with the government is expected in the next few days. Farmers celebrated Guru Nanak’s birthday at Shambhu Border.

1 December 2020:

The meeting between the central government and the farmers’ organizations did not yield any result. The government also offered to form a special committee for the farmers which was turned down by the farmers’ organizations. The next meeting will be on December 3.

2 December 2020:

Farmers’ organizations demanded a special session of Parliament to repeal of the laws. They also warned to block other routes in Delhi if the demands were not met. Two farmers involved in the agitation died.

3 December 2020:

The fourth round of meeting between the Union Government and the farmers’ organizations was also ineffective. During the seven-hour meeting, the farmers’ leaders rejected the government’s offered lunch and tea. The next meeting will be on December 5.

4 December 2020:

(AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

Refusing any negotiations, the farmers’ organizations called for “Bharat Bandh” on December 8 and announced closure of all roads leading to Delhi if the laws are not withdrawn.

5 December 2020:

The fifth round of meeting between the Union Government and the farmers’ organizations was also fruitless. After hearing the indirect answers of the ministers, the farmers remained silent (Maun) and asked for an answer as yes or no. The next meeting is scheduled for December 9. Even today the farmers ate the food brought by them.

6 December 2020:

During the “Bharat Bandh” on December 8, Farmers’ organizations exempted weddings, ambulances and emergency services and said the Bandh would be peaceful. Boxer Vijender Singh announced the return of Khel Ratna award.

7 December 2020:

Farmer leaders appealed to Indians not to forcibly close roads and shops on December 8. They instructed the farmers not to get involved in any quarrel. Writer Surjit Patar returned his Padma Shri.

8 December 2020:

Across the country, the Bharat Bandh turned out successful today. Peace prevailed throughout except for the lathicharge by the police on Congress and BJP workers in Jaipur and those who were going to besiege the BJP office in Chandigarh.

9 December 2020:

Rejecting the written assurance of the Union government to retain the MSP, the farmers’ organizations demanded to repeal of the three laws and if the government would not comply with them, the struggle would escalate. On December 14, they issued a new invitation to “Let’s go to Delhi”- Delhi Chalo.

10 December 2020:

The Union Government urged the farmers’ organizations to reconsider the proposals. Farmers’ organizations threatened to block the railway lines.

11 December 2020:

The farmers’ leaders clarified that they would not accept any offer from the government other than repealing the three agriculture laws. They further announced – “Delhi-Jaipur road to be blocked”.

12 December 2020:

On December 14, the representatives of 32 farmers’ organizations will sit on a one-day hunger strike. They said that they are ready to hold talks with the central government but the demand to repeal the laws is still there.

13 December 2020:

The farmers blocked the Delhi-Jaipur highway and made a plan for protest in front of the district headquarters. They rejected media reports claiming withdrawal of agricultural laws.

14 December 2020:

Representatives of farmers’ organizations went on a hunger strike from 4 am to 5 pm with the intention of spreading the message of democracy. Farmer leaders urged the youth to stick to farming issues and not to talk about other issues.

15 December 2020:

Government tried to divide farmers with SYL issue but unity remains as before. Farmer leaders announced complete closure of Chilla border.

16 December 2020:

The Supreme Court urged to resolve the peasant movement as soon as possible as it has become a national issue. Baba Ram Singh Nanaksar from Singhra committed suicide as a form of protest on the protest site.

17 December 2020:

The apex court said that the peasant movement would soon become a “national issue” and called for a speedy solution through dialogue in view of the government’s failed efforts before. Farmers’ organizations rejected the suggestion of forming a new committee.


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