Falsehood pays, but only in the short run

Falsehood has a strange, but natural habit of tumbling out of the closet and of being seen as such sooner than later, howsoever hard you may wish and try to pack it under fancy wrappings and present it as otherwise. The “nation” has been endlessly fed on the lies being spread by the gang of those and their acolytes who had conspired to stage the Aug 5th, 2019 betrayal against Kashmiris in brazen violation of the constitutional propriety. This was being done even as lies after lies were being propagated that the revocation of article 370 was supposed to, and had actually brought in, unprecedented progress and prosperity to Kashmir where “militancy had been completely rooted out” and that “Kashmiris had wedded themselves to the idea of India” – the India that they have been working hard to shape especially since they came to capture power post 2014. All it has taken to explode these lies, this myth of mainstreaming Kashmiri youth, and to burst the bubble of normalcy having returned to Kashmir was this sudden surge of emotion that was witnessed the other day when the entire valley had erupted in a torrent of ecstacy during the T20 match between India and Pakistan. Cynics may dismiss such contretemps as a flash in the pan moment but they do beckon to a reality that is bitter, harsh and unpalatable to those who have an invincible faith in the use of violence and force to settle disputes, both within and without.

The saddest part of the saga, though is that rather than having used this occasion to wake up, smell the coffee and do some soul searching, they have done something completely insane and outrageous: lodge an FIR and slap such draconian laws as UAPA, PSA etc. against those who are accused of having indulged in celebrating the victory of the hostile country against India. What else would explain such a heavy handed handling of the issue than a deliberate attempt to ensure a further drift of  Srinagar from Delhi and thus to stoke fires that would burn all the bridges that may still seem to exist for a two-way traffic to resume in future between the two capitals.

By this perverted logic which is peculiar to the cabal of present day rulers in Delhi, they should immediately take up the case with the UK government  asking them to proceed against British Indians for supporting India during a sporting contest between India and UK. And why should India allow other nations to lag far behind UK in their campaign for “India first”? Why not take up such and similar other cases against the US, Australia, New Zealand and many other nations for similar offences by their citizens of Indian origin! That question remains and shall continue to remain answered for as long as they are in the saddle. Because, falsehood has no legs to stand upon.

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Written by M A Sofi


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