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Hashiya: How Facebook Promotes Racism

VOM brings you a new series ‘Hashiye’ that discusses issues of Margin.

After the brutal murder of George Floyd, a lot many people across USA rose against the persistent brutality and injustice being faced by the Black Americans. In almost all cases police seemed to enjoy full amnesty over its racist actions including the murders of colored people. When the protest spread across America, Facebook saw a tremendous increase in the hate speeches against Blacks. Even in many cases in the past, Facebook has consistently turned a blind eye against the hateful propaganda being spread on its platform. Unilever has joined many organizations to boycott advertisements on the Facebook.

Equality Labs is a South Asian American Human Rights organization which has recently released a detailed report. It discusses in detail how the Indian Right wing consistently spreads hate speech against Dalits and minorities on Facebook without any action against them.The report has provided evidence and raised alarm on Facebook India’s lackadaisical response to violations of its community standards in its report “Facebook India: Towards the tipping point in violence, caste and religious hate speech. Watch the report here:

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