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Exclusive: UAE Princess Hend Bint Faisal Al-Qasimi in Talks With VOM

“Business continues but don’t think that the Muslims from near and far will not notice the selective brutality against Muslims or the boycott of Muslims.”

Voice of Margin brings to you an exclusive interview with Princess Hend Bint Faisal Al-Qasimi

With the increasing cases of coronavirus, Islamophobia has taken a new height in India. Twitter in India is out of control with constant attempts to defame and dehumanize the Muslim community. Everyday new conspiracy theories are being spread around the social media using old and fake videos to show how Muslims are trying to spread the corona virus. Princess Hend Bint Faisal Al-Qasimi was among some of the prominent voices that called out the account handles that were trying to spread hate. She fiercely confronted many accounts with despiteful and Islamophobic tweets. Many of those accounts belonged to the Indians who were working in gulf countries.

In an online interview conducted by the founder of Voice of Margin, Princess Hend Bint Faisal Al-Qasimi answered some of the very significant questions.

Q). In your tweets, you have mentioned about the laws against hate speech in UAE. How do you think those laws have worked in favor of maintaining peace and harmony in the country? And how is UAE going to handle this spread of hate among the Indians living there?

A). The UAE works blindly in their justice system, where anyone that spews hate is fined. It is a law. Since 2015, I think. I posted that on my twitter to show that it applies on locals and non-locals as well. This has proved successful in maintaining the peace in the land

Q). On many occasions you have talked about your love for India and its vibrant culture. So, when you come across these people who have so much hate in them for a particular community, how does that make you feel about the country you had such high praise for?

A). I love India because I was raised by them and with them as child, and 30% of my country is Indians. I am not familiar with all these hate mongering in India and shocked that it has now reached the UAE. It will never be allowed, and God save India from people that have nothing Indian in their DNA. I am not angry or hateful towards them, I am sad, and I wish I could do more. I pray for peace in India and India has seen much worse, but I hope that with time it will pass and dust this hate from its gown.

Q). Do you think that this in any way is going to affect the relationship between India and UAE?

A). The relationship between the UAE and India is a golden one, welded with the strength of iron. Our common interests are centuries, if not millenniums old. Business continues but don’t think that the Muslims from near and far will not notice the selective brutality against Muslims or the boycott of Muslims. This is shocking news and echoes the not so distant past of the Nazi Hitler era where we have seen how they would boycott the Jews until it led to detention and concentration camps.

Q). What do you think of the Indian government’s response to this whole issue?

A). The PM Modi of Indian government tweeted a peaceful note to unite Indians. Although I still see a boycott of Muslims and physical and televised abuses on Indian channels, some from prominent political leaders as well. Some expect the Muslims and Christians erasure by 2021 or 2024. When I questioned it, they said, it would simply be a repatriation from Islam and Christianity to any other sect of Hinduism. So much for free practice of religion in a secular country.

Q). Islamophobics in India had found a new pawn in the face of Tablighi Jamaat. They were targeted in a manner as if they were the only source of Corona virus even though many other religious gatherings were held during the same time. When something like this happens, what kind of an impression do you think it gives to the rest of the world about the mistreatment of Muslims in India?

A). The Muslim scholars that refused quarantine were wrong. Crowding causes the exasperated increase of the virus spread. The ignorant and inexperienced know this now. Muslim doctors and nurses were refused within their own community but today I expect them very grateful for the opportunity and luxury for having a medic visit them to save their life. The virus caused panic and chaos. With regards of the congregations, there were many others that had even more members and guests as well.


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