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Etymology of ‘Islamophobia’ in the Light of the Holocaust and the Genocide of Muslims

The case of the perpetuated violence of all kinds against Muslims in India and across the globe is not out of fear of Islam rather it’s the deeply impregnated hatred against Muslims, deliberately sponsored and propagated by the state for their ulterior motives serving their nefarious agenda.

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Words are free. It’s what and how we use them that may cost us. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity which have the ability to alter the psychology, mindset and emotions with which we look at and perceive things.

Whenever deliberately planned genocide of a religious community across the globe would be discussed within intellectual quarters, ‘the Holocaust’ shall always find itself on the top of the list. But not even once shall we come across the reason being called out as ‘Judaismophobia’, the fear of Jews rather it’s ‘Anti-Semitism’, the hatred against Jews which is precisely the correct term; but absolutely contrary to the reason for the genocide of the Muslims in India. Hence, the correct term for the genocide of Muslims should be ‘Anti-Muslimism’ and not ‘Islamophobia’.

Islamophobia by definition means the fear, hatred of, or prejudice against the Islamic religion or the Muslims generally, especially when seen as geopolitical force or the source of terrorism. While the term ‘Phobia’ refers to an anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. The case of the perpetuated violence of all kinds against Muslims in India and across the globe is not out of fear of Islam rather it’s the deeply impregnated hatred against Muslims, deliberately sponsored and propagated by the state for their ulterior motives serving their nefarious agenda.

It’s absolutely not the fear of Islam but the hatred against Muslims which is responsible for the genocide or the sudden spike in mob lynching of Muslims in India. So the word ‘Islamophobia’ is etymologically flawed and bogus and does not represent the true picture of the reason for the violence against Muslims. While Anti-Semitism defines precisely clear the hatred deliberately spread by the state against the Jews that resulted in state sponsored massacre. Do we really think that the usage of this bogus term ‘Islamophobia’ is merely a coincidence or shortage of vocabulary? It’s not; rather it’s a deliberate effort of the state hiding their sponsored bloodbath behind the term; making Islam the scapegoat. It actually serves the dual purpose, firstly, demeaning Islam as a religion and its teachings and secondly, putting the blame of the crime upon the murdered.

The reasons that contributed to Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews and the fundamental reasons behind the Holocaust could be many but the strong belief of racial superiority of pure-blooded Germans being the master race was one of them.  Is it not exactly similar to the Hindu Brahminical supremacy over Muslims? The right-wing Hindus in India completely resonate themselves with the Nazi due to many reasons one of them being the belief of sharing the same Aryan race. It is the Hindu Brahminical teachings of hierarchy and supremacy that always perceived Muslims as Malech (impure) and of inferior race. Owing to which Brahmins never accepted the validity of Muslim rulership in India, moreover developed sheer hatred and animosity against Muslims. The similar case of the foreign rulership was never a reason for hatred against the British for the majority Hindu Brahmins.

Immediately after the first war of Independence of 1857 which dethroned Muslims in India, the Hindu Brahmins started conspiring to avenge on Muslims for their 700 years of rulership. Muslims were denied equal rights and proportionate representation which led to the partition and the blame of it etched upon our foreheads, making us apologetic; the price of which we are paying till date.

It’s the purposely weaned fear of uprising of the Islamic caliphate which actually led to the coining of the term ‘Islamophobia’. Like, Hitler and his head of propaganda Joseph Goebbels pushed the irrational fear that the Jewish people were planning a ‘potential uprising’. In fact, it was mentioned in ‘The Wannasee Conference’, which was the meeting which consolidated ‘The Final Solution’. There is no denial to the fact that the atmosphere of fear of uprising of Islam and the Muslim rule created by the least minority of the radical read ‘strayed’ Muslims doesn’t exist, how reasonable the fear is another topic of debate.

As Article 14 of the Constitution of India provides for equality before the law or equal protection of the laws, in the same breath the quantum and domain of accountability should also be fixed. Honesty demands that if indeed one is hell-bent on picturing all Muslims with the same brush owing to some radical fanatic Muslim elements, then you should also paint all Hindus with the same hues, color, zeal & fervor with which some ‘strayed’ least minority of the radical Hindus lynch Muslims chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

Our Muslim leaders and Islamic scholars have failed miserably to explain to the world the correct Islam and allay the feared perception of ‘Zimmi’, non Muslims as second class citizens living in an Islamic state, concept of ‘Jizya’, a tax levied on non Muslims living in an Islamic state, death penalty to the apostates and many others. Some fear is purposely fed by the Indian state like rising Muslim population – a threat to Hindus and the secular fabric. These misconceptions galvanized the state preparing the bed for creating fear psychosis against Muslims. But the incidents to mention a few like Hashimpura massacre, Nelli massacre, Muzaffarnagar riots, Godhra riots, demolition of Babri Masjid, indiscriminate mob lynching of Muslims in the name of cow slaughter or any, Delhi pogrom suppressing the Muslim voices over CAA was not out of fear but clearly out of hatred; violence sponsored and backed by the state.

It’s high time when Muslims need to write their own history and destiny, coin terms which precisely and correctly define their plight. The community which survives on borrowed or thrown crumbs of intellect shall never find itself unfettered from slavery of all kinds.

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