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Election Agony

Indian democracy is multi-political parties based. Each and every political party has its own principles, agendas and manifestos to accelerate the progress and development of the country as well as countrymen.  But political party members hardly have any ethics. They can easily change their political affiliation if they do not get priority of advantage as per their expectation. Therefore, they have no royalty and loyalty to their respected party. It is nothing but a cheat with their followers who are ultimately a beneficial group ready to commit any kind of indulgence as directed by their leaders. This is the vital political pollution in democracy.  Election is the key process to elect government by the people. Voting right is a fundamental right of people in democracy. It is a decision-making process to favour a party which may provide a better government. That is meant that people choose the party which would meet the developmental target of people in right direction.

Further,  a government is an association of both ruling parties and its opponents. There should be disagreement and conflicts of programme and policy level so far as progress and development are concerned. Both sides have their platforms to make aware about merits and demerits. Apart from it, the media also play the major role to make the people aware about pros and cons of a government.  Needless to say, people have their own feelings, observation and opinions of good and bad of a government because of their daily struggle for a comfortable life.

During poll campaigns, every party has their own strategy to gain people’s support and there are certain steps of motivating the voters. And the voters have their own rights and liberties of voting to their preferable candidate. It is a very nice and peaceful as well fair and powerful process of casting votes.

But from very long ago, the political party has been cultivated an environment of the election agony during poll time. Political parties are dominating this democratic process. It forces to enjoy democracy through various processes of unfair practices. It usually says that it respects democratic people and their poll opinion. But it is nothing but a fake message in Indian democracy. It uses various techniques of vote looting and threats, violence and murders are very common during poll time. The very purpose of this culture of election agony is for huge vested interest of different political parties for holding power and authority.

If voting is a democratic right, then why should be needed CISF and state police and other security for protection of people from violence during the vote? Not only that the leaders have also taught their followers how to ignore the security or use them in favour.  Consequently,  the purpose is derided.   Is it not a shame? One would appoint security in his house for protection because his house might be looted by himself.

Why the people have no right to think democratically to vote democratically? Who are the thief – people or the political parties contesting the election? Will an agony give birth a peaceful environment that would be better for peace and prosperity? Why there is so much fear among the political parties? Will people/voters fail to judge correct one? Are the voters foolish? Who are making them foolish and violent?

When the political leaders irrespective of their parties are dishonest how they could facilitate the character building of a democratic nation? How would they lead progress and development of the nation when the country is very much submerged within the sea of immorality and injustice due to wrong leadership?  When these leaders would think about their ethical liability of character building of the nation? This is a great lack to India to lead fast. All races in India are in deeply ethical crisis for wrong application of democratic thoughts and rules.

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