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Education and Morality

It has been a great source of embarrassment and unease being witness to the Indian educated elite continuing to buy into the utterly false and misleading narrative as advanced by the Indian political establishment involving its plans, especially regarding Kashmir! I feel endlessly bothered, baffled and bewildered by the inexplicable unwillingness of these ‘conscience keepers’ to lend their weight to the voiceless victims of the State’s shenanigans. Whereas the abrogation of article 370 was hailed and promised as the harbinger of development and happiness in Kashmir, the pall of gloom and hopelessness as visible encountered in the valley is not only deep and all pervasive, the complete lack of avenues and resources for gainful employment of its educated youth has added a new, critical dimension to the already volatile situation on the ground.

The fact remains that it is not merely the lack of resources involving the logistics to provide support that is complicating matters for the people of Kashmir, but a conscious effort on the part of those presiding over the destiny of the nation who are working overtime to deprive and disempower the people of Kashmir in all ways imaginable. The handing over of almost the entire administrative machinery of Jammu and Kashmir to those from outside J&K – and who, by definition, are completely clueless about Kashmir, its people and the manifold problems:that this place has to contend with – is yet another ploy by the Centre to subjugate the people here to the whims and fancies of those who are being deputed here precisely with a view to unobtrusively run the writ of the Centre – and its Sangh-inspired agenda – in Kashmir. And “the icing on the cake” has been this deeply disconcerting thought of large sections of otherwise highly educated Indians coming across as completely ignorant of what is going on in Kashmir and even in parts of mainland India. This is mainly on account of how they seem to be looking at this long regime of insidious machinations by the current cabal of national leaders being for the ultimate good of Kashmiris and for the development of Kashmir into a land of peace, progress and prosperity.

The main take-away from this discussion is how a high level of education is to be seen as distinct from morality which owes little to education but certainly that much more to upbringing and schooling of individuals at home. That’s the sort of upbringing that engenders sensitivity and feelings of empathy and understanding – a feeling to understand the pain and suffering of those who are actually on the receiving end of these.

It’s pertinent to quote the following pithy quotation of David Hume:

“Reason alone cannot be a motive to the will, but rather is the “slave of the passions and that moral distinctions are not derived from reason”.

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Written by M A Sofi


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