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Digitizing the Learning Industry

With the entry of such a dangerous disease, the shifting was only natural. The difference between a classroom setup and a home-learning one is quite evident. The teachers are not there to overlook everything that needs to be done. But, then the resources available have also multiplied. The resources and hence the subjects have gone digital. While that may be a tough step for certain people, the resources at hand may have gone up sizeably. At least for those who are computer literate, such practices seem more friendly.

Given the mass digitisation that the world is going through, digital learning ought to become the new normal. The disadvantages exist of course. The majority of the population in a country like India cannot afford a laptop and learning via the laptop will be difficult. But, for the computer literate, this could be a great upliftment to the education that they currently receive.

In the grand scheme of things, as the world develops into a more technology oriented setup, the students will receive the opportunity to become more technological-friendly, which will aid them to be more world friendly in the near future. The Pandemic has seen a major shift in the education setup. It is not always a positive one, since it seems to be inaccessible to a large section of society.

The updation of the education industry has happened to keep up to date with the course plan set up in the beginning. The digitization will be a factor that has to be observed in the foreseeable future. Will it be a beneficial change or one that only increases the gap between the economically fortunate and those who aren’t?

Digitization has worked quite well with the already developed countries in the world, but its impact on a developing country, like India, is yet to be seen.

This pandemic has certainly brought about changes within the world, but now, it seems that it will have a considerable impact on the education system that we possess as well as the studying method.

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