Democratic Capital in Indian Democracy!

We know that every nation/country throughout the globe significantly depends on its capital as marker of its progress and development. These capitals are of various types- capitals – social, economic, and cultural capital, etc. Progress and development of a country are obviously determined on these capitals. And there is co- relation and integration among these capitals. Economic capital consists of the resources and assets as financial gains(money or land). Cultural capital is the sum of ‘information resources and assets that are socially valued, such as knowledge of art, literature, and music.’ Therefore, human capital is combination of economic and cultural capital including educational qualifications, training and work experience. Social capital consists of ‘resources, actual or potential, that accrue to a person or group from access to a network of relationships or membership in a group—who you know as distinct from what you know.’ It could be utilized for money making, holding of power and authority, influence, or for social mobility.  But political capital is significantly ‘a special form of social capital which refers to a person’s political networks, assets, and resources. Societies can accord different weights to the various types of capital.’

Therefore, in a democracy like India there may be a capital to be considered as democratic capital. But what is this capital? How does it determine Indian democracy? It may be full of confusion and debate. But it has immense significance and importance in Indian democracy which is fully determined by the party-politics.

This democratic capital consists of several factors. Obviously, voting rights of people/voters are the first and foremost capital because they have the absolute power to elect their very own democratic government. Functionally, their right to vote is limited up to the EVM because their elected government acts according to the will of the party and its leaders. The political parties and its leaders are used and abused it according to their own interests. The second content of this democratic capital is daily suffering of majority (poverty, unemployment and so forth) which is emotionally used in the election campaign to encash the votes. It has become a regular matter from the 1st poll. There is single strategy to reduce the suffering. Each time, every elected government plays it as a gimmick. Third content, the most important is to make people divided in terms of race/religion. This religious division dominates uselessly because of the party politics. It is a personal issue of each of the countrymen. Religious belief of people has been using as an agenda in each election. Fourthly, party politics of this democracy is playing a card of violence and immorality among people. It has been tactically created because the unethical politics has been given birth of different interest groups for ultimate political gains of power and authority. People of this country are in great threat and thrust because of improper and inappropriate policy of the government. But party politics are generally looking their own interest through their political game/battle.

 Therefore, how the interest of the common for better living would be protected and who would be worked for this are common question in democracy. Will this democratic capital be only for the betterment of the political leaders? How long they would be used for their gain?

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