Delusions of Grandeur

One thing is clear: the Saudi’s have lost the moral authority to claim leadership of the Muslim world. Not only because of its authoritarian monarchy which is undemocratic in spirit and lacks sanction from a purely islamic perspective, but more so in view of its thoroughly unethical and morally corrupt leadership to close ranks with the enemies of humanity who have been having a long history of carrying out such acts as terror attacks in the form of pin-point assassinations of those who are perceived to be their adversaries or of their devious politics.

On the same lines, the ‘imposition’ of the superpower status does not bestow upon the ‘beneficiary’ country the carte blanche to practice partisan politics and conduct  diplomacy in ways that reek of duplicity and hypocrisy. That has exactly been the case in the unipolar world of post 1990, with the US, now the sole superpower, waging wars around the world that have led to fifty million deaths at the hands of the US and its fawning allies in the West. Now, with the targeted assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist by Israel, a devious act which was tacitly given the go-ahead by the US, the ominous signs of a war in the region look imminent more than ever. Mainly because in the event of a retaliatory strike by Iran to avenge the murder of its famous scientist Fakhrezade, the U.S. have dropped enough hints to jump into the arena in support of Israel. 

Doesn’t that make a strong case for asserting that more than the Al-Qaida, the ISIS, the Taliban or those countries like North America, Venezuela, Cuba or the erstwhile Soviet Union which are routinely dubbed as rogue states by the U.S., it’s the U.S. which has quintessentially been the rogue state, the war monger if you like, without which and its chief ally in the middle east, the world would have been a far more peaceful place than it is now. Not to be left behind and following closely into the U.S. footsteps is their comrade-in-arms closer home who is rearing to go after those he fancies are minnows in the region. An obvious fallout of delusions of grandeur, after all!

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Written by M A Sofi


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