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Delhi’s Communal Rampage

Communal violence broke out soon after a bjp’s MLA started delivering hate speeches, the rampage took many innocent lives.

Photo source: Al Jazeera

Perennial Protest have been going around the country over the strategy to destroy the pluralistic culture and ethos of India in the name of new act known as CAA (Citizen Amendment Act). The protest erupted across the country and Jamia became the face. It all started when the students of Jamia Milia Islamia initiated a peaceful gathering against the CAA, however the protest got converted into a horrible nightmare for the students in no time. On the late evening of 15th December when the central government controlled Delhi police barged into the library of Jamia and started thrashing and abusing students in which a lot of them were injured critically that they had reached to hospital beds with wounds given to them as a gift of brutality from Delhi police and this proved a catalyst to further aggravate CAA protest across country. A peaceful protest enshrined as a fundamental right of ours became an eye sore for the government of India as every major university across country was going through these same clashes and a majority of students were reportedly injured along with which the college properties were damaged.

The major pivot of protest was considered to be Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh where a majority of Muslim women were sitting on the road in Delhi’s chilly winter nights of December, the protest was going peacefully till 24th of February 2020. When pro CAA and against CAA protesters started to engage themselves in a communal clash which eventually took the form of riot in the national capital. BJP’s leader “Kapil Mishra” stood out in public and started delivering his hate speeches as if he was spitting venom, in the presence of a high rank police officer which in the end resulted in this pogrom which started from 24th of February and on for weeks. Due to the massacre the conflicted areas that have seen a major amount of destruction was North –East Delhi’s Chandnagar, Gokulpuri, KhajuriKhass, Bhajanpura and Jaffrabad and according to the reports 53 people have lost their lives and a constable was shot dead.

The irony of the country right now is that well educated students whether it is Kanhaiya Kumar, Sharjeel Imaam or Shahla Rasheed are being accused by the government under the sedation law for speaking against citizen amendment act however on the other hand people like Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, Dilip Ghosh and Pravesh Singh are given a free hand for delivering hate speeches and are responsible for creating bane among the people of the country.

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal is trying to escape the whole situation by quoting that “the police are controlled by the central government” which is a no sign of relief for the people of Delhi. A day earlier while U.S president Donal Trump was on his India tour he mentioned that “India has a phenomenal future” however the irony of the scenario was that the national capital was set ablaze by goons and a lot of innocent people lost their lives. NSA Ajit Doval was at ground zero in Delhi assuring the people that bulk of troops are deployed in Delhi and it’s enough for the protection however Delhi still continues to burn.

In Ashok Nagar a mosque was set on fire by the right-wing goons and ‘bhagwa’ flag was hoisted over the minaret of the mosque simultaneously journalist from various reputed news channels were brutally attacked. Different other incidents have also been reported across from the north east Delhi. Seeing the scenario in city, shoot-at-sight order was announced by the Delhi Police SP in Yamuna Vihar area in Delhi. In the announcement, the SP said that a curfew has been imposed in four areas of North East district of Delhi and shoot orders have also been issued.


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