Delhi and Protest

Delhi is witnessing a new kind of movement today. Which, despite not being on its streets, remains a part of its life. The Delhi, which has seen some ‘decent’ movements, is unable to assess the movement of the common farmers today.

This farmer’s movement has left everyone thinking for whom this government has been chosen? For the farmers or Ambani?

Many people like us who have been a part of the student movements since 2014, fighting for the right of students to be able to study for less fees, have always wondered why did everyone agree when the Modi government labeled us as ‘Anti-Nationals’? But today, when the farmers at the protest are being called “Khalistani”, “500 mein Andolan karne wali”, “Pizza khaane wale”, it makes one wonder that a country that once used to consider these growers as Gods is now not even considering them as humans.

We can now identify people who pass such comments. At the time of every protest these followers of government and some media channels can be seen continuously spewing hate. It has become very easy to identify these people. They are the same people every time- Pragya Thakur, Zee News, Times Now, Kangana Ranaut, and many more who have chosen their own fathers like Modi.

Can’t the farmers who grow grains, not eat a pizza made with those grains? Perhaps if these farmers too were drinking their own urine like the farmers of Tamil Nadu, then the people of this civilized city would not have considered them as Khalistani.

But does it really happen? Because most of us do not even know the farmers of Tamil Nadu who were sitting on the streets of Delhi for months. Why have these farmers left the comfort of their homes to sit on the cold streets of Delhi? What is the problem with the new bill that the government has brought?

The first bill says that farmers will be free to sell their produce to anyone, without any third party in between?

It seems nice when we hear it but behind this point, the government is relieving themselves from any kind of responsibility. If their produce is not good and the expenditure is high, how are they going to run their homes without MSP? Adani and Ambani will change the price of the market on his own free will, keeping in mind their own benefit leaving the farmers to die. Jio Sim is the best example of this.

The second bill says that farmers can form contracts with anyone for coming years. So, will Ambani and Adani take care and responsibility of the farmers’ life if due to bad weather or irrigation, his crops are destroyed? Or will they just focus on extorting the money like the British. And it’s hard to name even a single person that has benefited from Ambani.

What is going to happen to the farmers whose produce is not well? And then even the government won’t do anything because they have no responsibility. That is why his bill has been introduced. And then when the people who now have a problem with the farmers eating pizza, will turn a blind eye when they resort to drinking poison because according to statistics, till now 2,96,438 farmers in the country have commited suicide but these people have never bothered to talk about it.

According to the third bill, the government has decided to remove potato, oil and pulses and onion from the list of essential commodities. After this, now any one can buy them, keep them in warehouses and then sell it at an arbitrary price. With this, along with the farmers, the poorest section of this country will starve to death. Those who are now are sitting comfortably thinking that they will buy their food from supermarkets, should wait for their turn. There is a saying that food can satisfy your hunger but nothing can satisfy your greed.

To fulfill the greed of Ambani, this government has already sold the education of this country for them to open the Jio University. Along with it, they sold the safety of the country, so the Ambani could get Rafael. Sold the airports and ports, so the Adani could get money. After selling Railways, they are now even planning to sell the land.

Recently, Ambani and Adani have registered 53 new companies in the agricluture sector. What more proof could we get of the government’s intentions.

This is not a movement of just farmers. It’s also a movement of all the students, women, muslims, intellectuals who have been labelled as Anti-Nationals and sent to jail. This Agitation will be the deciding factor if the next generation will consider Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqueullah Khan, Sukhdev and Raj guru as their ideals or the one’s who sold their country like Modi and Amit Shah.

This Agitation is not just to protect the farms but the soul of our country.

During this struggle, are we standing with those laborers, farmers on whose shoulders this country runs, or not, is going to decide our conscience.

The author of this article is Geeta Kumari. This article has been published in the Trolley Times- Vol 1

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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