What is Love?

To know the definition of love in our society and what actually everybody believes, I have talk to so many people about what is love, I have done some of my research by asking the same question with some people, and the following are the answer in a short summary manner as per my understanding:

Person 1: Love is Money

Person 2: Love, means you are talking about my Girl Friend, Yes its life, I am having more than 10-15 girlfriends and it’s an awesome feeling.

Person 3: I don’t want to see him with somebody else, I always get jealous whenever I see him with somebody else and this is pure love.

Person 4: Whatever we see in the movies and whatever we have read in books, it’s nonsense, Love does not exist, we need to think practically and we need to love our own self. Self-love is actually true love.

Person 5: I love my family and that is the reason I don’t want them to go outside, I will do all the things for my family and they also love me a lot and that is the reason my daughter and wife never say a single word in my any of the decision.

Person 6: I love all the girls, alcohol, and a luxurious life. I am doing all the things for my wife and kid; I am fulfilling all my responsibility as well. I love my wife and I love my girlfriends and my happiness as well.

Person 7: I really love him, and that is the reason I keep checking my husband’s activities, his phone everything and I don’t allow him to go anywhere without my permission.

Person 8: She really loves me and I also love her and that is the reason we are very comfortable with each other physically.

Person 9: I love my family and that is the reason, I make all the decisions for them, without even asking them about what they want and whether they are happy with that decision or not.

Person 10: I love my mother and my father, that is the reason you can see all the posts on social media with them.

Person 11: I love wholeheartedly one person and when my feeling gets over with that person then I break up with that person and always find another one, I am very loyal.

Person 12: Love is friendship, without friendship there is no love.

Person 13: If you love a person then you will forget your own personality and only live for that person.

Hence, so these are the answers which I have got from different people and I have provided a summary of the same.

Do you really think that whether “Love exists” and if Yes then What is actual love, Is really love means all about a girl and a boy?


No, Love is a feeling and with this feeling, you are doing things without any condition, and most of all, love starts with RESPECT, without respect, there is no love, even without respect there is no friendship, no relation.

Apart from this, love can happen with anyone– with your Mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your friend, your spouse, your teacher, your mentor, and In fact, HUMANITY is also a part of love.

If you love every life on HUMANITY GROUND, this is the Unconditional love.

Yes Love exists and it’s everywhere, but people do not understand what actually LOVE is?


And If these two things do not exist then everything is actually fake, today’s generation mostly leading a fake life of love and that is the reason, we find ourselves alone, apart from everyone around us, which leads us to depression. If a person loves you, they will never leave you alone.

If you want to feel true love, then start loving GOD and believe in God, and believe in a way that “maybe and maybe not” will not come in your mind and if it actually comes in your mind, then obviously you are not believing in GOD and the same thing happens with a person as well.


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