Criminal law and the death penalty

I am keenly interested in criminal law especially the connection between criminals and the society. If someone is branded a ‘criminal’ I like to question public opinion always as to whether he is really one. Particularly, words like evil, bad etc. get attached to criminals which are very subjective words and I am not really what those terms mean in an objective sense. I mean what is ‘bad’? Is he really ‘bad’?

In criminal process it’s very important to not jump to judgements as we normally do in our society and media and get influenced. We need to see each criminal as he or she is objectively with respect to the circumstances they faced etc. If you and I were in that position probably we might have done the same ‘crime’ as well, if not worse.

In light of this background I am very concerned and wary of the “Death penalty” and this is where my interest overlaps with your centre’s activities. I want to go deeper and find out these root causes of such crimes where we can go to the extent of hanging someone. I mean really do we really have the right to take a fellow person’s life? The litigation and public engagement areas excite me the most as I feel there is a need for discussion on this sensitive topic at all levels possible right from judiciary to grass root with an open mind as no law should be above human interests especially when human lives are in question.

I have a very fluid and dynamic mind which can think of all various perspectives,alternatives and possibilities which I feel would be an asset to do tasks required at your centre. I am a keen follower of jurisprudence, political and social thinkers and this will definitely come in handy while making arguments against the death penalty and convincing law makers logically and rationally rather than emotionally. New Delhi being the crime capital and hub of India is an ideal place for case study and I would love to do research like going to relevant places, meeting victims and offenders which could be seen vice versa from different perspective and that’s the beauty of this extremely subjective issue. I have interned for a law firm in the past dealing with criminal matters like Domestic violence, adultery, cheating etc. and also a children’s NGO where I have visited slums etc. so I am quite well versed with the downtrodden marginalised sections of society.

      You will be delighted to have me on board as I am a hyperactive person with a zeal and passion to work in this area and I promise to put my best and contribute as much as I can with my limited knowledge of crime,criminals and criminal law. To conclude I would like to cite on of my favorite books “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Doestovesky which puts all of us in a moral dilemma as to what is morally “right or wrong”. And that’s the whole point of this touchy subject we need to be confused it’s dangerous to jump to conclusions and hang people.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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