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Covid-19: Pandemic or Bio-Weapon?

Since Covid 19 was first heard of, and more so when it started spreading outside China, the foremost question agitating the world was, “Is the virus natural or made in a lab?” Such is the frailty of human mind that with the dreaded disease continuing to ravage the world and the question still remaining unanswered – not withstanding the Indian Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadkari publicly having declared in certain words months ago that the virus had been made in a lab – the question has almost disappeared from the public plate. Even though the question is more relevant than ever since the end of the disease or its cure is nowhere in sight.

As I write this, we are having all time high daily infections in the world around 3.5 lakhs per day, and hardly any decline in deaths that continue to be around 5000 per day due to the dreaded disease. Therefore answer to that basic question was and is necessary in order to find the correct solutions in order to save precious human lives. Surprisingly, the world appears to have lost all interest in trying to find answers to the basic questions and is back to all its petty indulgence, while men of flesh and blood continue to suffer by thousands and millions.

Absence of answers to questions gives rise to various conspiracy theories. Such a theory currently circulating on social media says that Covid 19 is a World bank project to continue till 2025. It may not be of much use to debate such theories, but definitely many pertinent questions persist that needed to be answered months ago, and need to be answered any day:

(a) China, the country where it all started, is an important member of WHO. Yet how China dealt with the virus and the affected patients remains largely unknown to the world. No country appears to be interested in finding it out from China or WHO, even though thousands of their citizens have been dying.

(b) There were a number of other countries as well where deaths had been nil or minimal. Why WHO and other suffering countries couldn’t learn from these countries?

(c) Why should WHO and leading countries of the world have not been seeking clear, logical, and convincing answers to some fundamental questions, the foremost being: ‘How come the virus didn’t spread in China, the country of origin, and yet it continues to spread in the rest of the world?’

(d) What magic did China, the world’s largest populated country accounting for about one-fifth of the world population, have to restrict deaths to below 5,000, whereas the number of deaths in the world has already crossed the million mark?

(e) How come even months after China and some other countries having been successful in combating the deadly virus, WHO and other seriously affected countries continued changing advices as to how the virus spread, what needed to be done to guard against it, etc., continuing to confuse the people in the world? For example, after declaring COVID-19 as pandemic for the world, WHO declared that it mainly spread through touching surfaces covered with droplets containing virus; and months afterwards, after virus having created havoc in Europe and other countries, the world was being told that the virus mainly spread through air—directly from the infected. How bizarre and inexplicable! Would the blatantly wrong advice for months by WHO not have helped in the initial spread of the virus in many countries, with nothing to stop the inevitable chain reaction thereafter?

(f) WHO is supposed to be an apolitical international organization set up under United Nations, to serve the interests of the whole world. But the developments on record clearly show that politics governed it and it acted as if under control of China.

(g) Time is the most potent weapon in the hands of the powerful and is very often used, or rather misused, as such. WHO sufficiently delayed announcing to the world that human to human transmission of the virus took place, despite Taiwan having alerted it much earlier in end December, 2019, about the same. This delay by WHO facilitated COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic – putting the humanity to peril. Probably that has been the worst misuse of power using time as a weapon in recent history.

(h) If the virus originated in wet markets of China as was at least initially believed, why the same wet markets are again up and running so soon even when the virus is still causing havoc in the world? Suffering of billions in the world is no concern of China? How and why is the world silent about it despite international treaties like International Health Regulation, 2005 (IHR 2005) being in place?

(i) Why are the worst-affected powerful countries like the USA and India not asking and trying to find answers to fundamental questions in order to save their citizens from untold miseries rather than putting the onus of protecting self from the deadly virus on the poor common man? This is the worst part. When even qualified and well aware doctors are not able to protect themselves from being infected, how unfair it is to put the onus of getting infected on poor common man? And so on.

If the virus was a biological weapon unleashed on the world, as was being popularly and officially believed by many countries, many world leaders having said so on record, why was this aspect not dealt with top priority it deserved by the world authorities and leaders? If Covid 19 were a bio weapon, could it be possible for China alone to unleash it on the rest of the world?

Most of us, being naïve, try to brush it off as doing of China alone. No one asks why India never questioned China or any other country on this even though a senior Indian Minister said that the virus was made in a lab? Is Indian government responsible only to respond to border skirmishes and has no responsibility if its billion plus people are affected so adversely by a bio weapon? And if it were not a bio-weapon, why Mr Nitin Gadkari was never questioned or taken up for such an irresponsible statement? What has Indian media been doing? Has it found all its accomplishment in making high decibel noise in TV channels and marketing frauds and crimes, or acting as per whims of their corporate or political bosses? Have all our editors lost all shame as rogues, rascals, and men of straw? Why did other world leaders not question or corner China?

President Trump questioned China many times but never pursued anything. This is how the masses are fooled. Just like media brings out news of match-fixing in cricket now and then but never pursues anything to any logical conclusion and just in next breath starts reporting on matches as competitive games. People feel comfortable in continuing to be fooled so.

WHO is not a group of a few individuals. It is a world body—what it does or doesn’t, the whole world, all the member countries are responsible. So, what is happening through WHO amounts to the world ensuring its own torture. Just as through ICC, the world or at least the member countries have been ensuring being subjected to a massive fraud for over a decade. While there is so much trade and tourism amongst countries, a number of international groups and organizations including the United Nations exist, there is no sight of much cooperation among countries in dealing with the common enemy. How strange and inexplicable?

Covid has never been a laughing matter. It continues to be a matter of life and death for all of us, apart from having driven us to a miserable existence in many ways. Tens of millions are already financially ruined. It is necessary for our own survival that we force our leaders to answer the basic questions. But shall we understand so or shall we continue to indulge in all petty talks and issues as usual and continue to perish? Here onus is on us, well and truly, not for preventing the infection.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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