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Corona and Vaccine

Now is the time, if ever was, for the intelligentsia to overcome its habitual idiocy, and confront the useful idiots, the Modis and the authorities, with the difficult but right questions on Corona, rather than taking things on face value and allowing itself to be fooled by them and the Media. I know it is not going to be easy to act beyond habit, but it has now become quite necessary for our very survival. All other issues may wait a little. Other idiocies, like communalism or communal riots, wars, celebrating frauds etc. can be pursued only if we survive first.

Is there no limit to people, especially the educated and the intelligent, getting fooled? Is there no limit to human idiocy? Is stupidity seamless and idiocy infinite? As the Corona crisis unfolds more and more, I feel more and more helpless at the continuance of the seamless stupidity, even though real danger has been knocking at every door across the globe for more than a year now.

Let us start with a recent write up by one Mr. Jordan Schachtel. I came across it by chance, courtesy a friend. I shall be referring to the term ‘useful idiots’ in this write-up a bit. While some of its contents may be debatable, probably key message in this remains undisputed – the reality of world having been psyched more than a year ago by a pack of lies and what he calls a disinformation campaign on purpose through well publicized images of people infected with corona virus falling suddenly dead. Without any ifs and buts, this one undisputed truth should be sufficient to prove the point and open the eyes of those who are otherwise very reluctant to do so, that Covid-19 has been much more than a calamity that has been unfolding and developing naturally. Though it is tendency of the highly intelligent, and they abound, not to see the obvious, not to think objectively, but go on believing what they are told by men and women of stature; the simple and basic truths continuing to be successfully camouflaged by the powerful rogues of the world. The main debatable point in this article remains whether Covid-19 is just like flu or something more lethal than it. The official data across the world since break out of the pandemic suggests that it is to be dreaded more than normal flu.

Now one may like to go through my earlier write-up , if not through much more detailed chapter ‘Nature’s Fury, Man’ Folly’ in my book ‘We the Oodles.’ The key issues raised therein have also been raised by Mr. Jordan Schachtel in his connected articles. There are some very pertinent basic questions which still remain unanswered and very conveniently forgotten by the world governments and authorities, while discussion has shifted to vaccination today. The world is acting like someone trying to solve complex arithmetical sums, without having learnt basic addition and subtraction. No wonder, it continues to grope in the dark collectively, at the mercy of Corona Virus, while the ‘useful idiots’ and the ‘habitual idiots’ continue to force their wisdom left and right on the helpless masses like us and show it off.

As I write this, in India, PM Modi, many political leaders, and the authorities through the thoroughly pliable and moron Media have been insisting upon the masses to go for vaccination in order to guard against Corona. The masses are being warned that they have to continue to guard against the Virus as before even after vaccination. That means I must get vaccinated and if still I get infected the onus will be on me. Heads they win, tails we lose. And in India, there are reports galore of doctors and paramedics getting infected well after completing the process of vaccination, the public at large not yet having been administered the second and final dose. Also, as more and more people are getting vaccinated in India, more and more numbers are getting infected almost breaking previous record each day.

Even when the madness is so palpable, there hardly is anyone to question it. On the contrary, the opposition leaders are asking Government to stop export and ensure vaccination of each and everyone, just to score politically. No doubt, the success of vaccines through trials, their emergency approval, mass production and modalities of administering, all necessarily are result of hard work, concerted efforts, and perseverance by thousands. Not a matter of joke. But for what purpose if by authorities’ own admission vaccine doesn’t guarantee protection from the virus? Who will ask it and who will answer it? Not only that. The procedure that has been detailed after a lot of research is to administer two doses of vaccine with a gap of 4 to 8 weeks. After first dose, the recipient is supposed to be more at risk of contracting the virus for about a fortnight at least. Why to come out with such a solution that on the face of it aggravates the problem?

At a time when efficacy of vaccines is much in question, the narrative has been shifted to shortage of vaccines in India, the sold out, moron and inconsequential opposition also becoming a party. Knowing how Media, their corporate bosses and the Government are always hand in glove, is this shift in narrative on purpose to divert the public attention from the real issue as usual? Secondly, the news of shortage is bound to make public hanker more and more for the vaccines, making it forget all about their inefficacy.

Once it has become well known that vaccination in India doesn’t prevent infection, what is being sold around is that vaccination will prevent the patient from becoming critical. Good if so. But readily there are two significant retorts to it. One, even without vaccination, a very small percentage of patients, less than 1 percent as per present official data, are serious/critical. Two, even a number of deaths have already been reported from among those vaccinated (may be mostly partly i.e. with single dose only). So there we are. In the midst of a much hyped vaccine drive and despite it, we are facing ever increasing threat from Corona virus, requiring us to be on our guard more than ever.

Also here we are: having come a long way over last one year, now administering vaccines against Covid-19, discussing pluses and minuses of vaccination and the practical problems arising out of it, remaining as ignorant about the disease itself as we were a year back. The most pertinent basic questions, which were once aired even by the President Trump, remain unanswered and forgotten. How come the Virus didn’t cause havoc in densely populated big Chinese cities as it is causing even today in the rest of the world including India? What has been the origin of the virus? Is it a natural phenomenon or a bio-weapon? The propagated falsehood that China controlled the spread of the virus through strict lockdown just couldn’t be feasible; if one were prepared to use one’s grey cells a little, instead of believing whatever one is told like a ‘habitual idiot.’ Jordan Schachtel has also said so categorically. I shall dwell on the term ‘habitual idiot’ in some detail since they are the core of the infinite idiocy we all should be worrying about and try to overcome by conscious efforts.

The farce in India doesn’t start with vaccination and end with it. The farce has been continuing with hopeless governance since start of Corona (restricting our discussion to Corona here). There has not been any vision, despite all the professionals and the best minds being available at the beck and call of the government. Issuing ever changing instructions of no consequence in an adhoc manner, continuously confusing and troubling the masses, has been taken as a fulfillment of the governance. As I write this, night curfew is being imposed in many cities to control Corona when it already appears to have gone out of control. Governments just want to appear to be doing something, least bothered about the results, the effectiveness of their actions, or well being of the teeming millions.

No one knows how, why, and from where the more threatening second wave of Covid-19 infections has suddenly emerged in India. The causes being attributed for it by the ‘useful idiots’ were there for months even when the infection was on the wane. The new mutants were already there and people had lowered all the guard for last many months when the number of infections steadily came down from 100 thousand to less than 10 thousand daily. Is it just a chance that this second surge in Covid-19 infections has coincided with vaccination drive for the public? This question gains more relevance, given our undisputed knowledge of how the forces governing and controlling us have been colluding to fool us and subject us to a mammoth open public fraud not for years, but for decades, despite lying exposed. Their shamelessness has been too scaring, though we have not been bothering.

About a week or so back, a mathematical model predicted that the second wave in India may peak in mid April, 2021 and may steeply decline by May end.  ( ). Vaccination is of no consequence in this model. Why vaccination then? Nor, one can be assured of any long term protection or benefits from vaccination; by best estimates going around, it will give protection for 6 months or so; nothing officially being told in this regard yet even after the vaccination drive being in full swing. On the contrary, no one knows or can know with any surety whether the vaccines being administered will not have any long term adverse effect.

In the entire din, how conveniently we all have forgotten the public claim many months ago by a senior Indian Cabinet Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, that Corona Virus was manufactured in Lab? To what absurdities we can fall as a society? If it was so, what follow up action was taken by the world? If it was not so, what action was taken against a senior Minister for a false and irresponsible public statement?

What do we have in India today? A Government and political dispensation that is least bothered about well being of one billion plus population and whose sole concern is self service and salesmanship. Politics has come to mean ‘to fool and pitch people against each other in various ways to get their votes.’ A thoroughly rogue Media acting as an agent of the powerful few. A judicial system of no consequence. And a moron and corrupt bureaucracy as ever. These are our four pillars of Democracy today; made up of human beings like you and me. Of people having wisdom gained over the ages, having all the boons of Nature, and endowed with all the good emotions. The fact of rottenness of our adopted systems lies established beyond any doubt through my books and earlier posts/articles. With at least a partially collapsed system, if not fully yet, we have now been destined to guard against the dreaded Covid-19.

As per official data available, close to 3 million in the world, including about 0.17 million in India, have already died on account of this disease. It may not be known as to how many are still suffering from its after effects. They were men and women of flesh and blood like you and me. Any of us could be a part of those statistics. It is only incidental that we are still surviving and kicking, there is nothing great about us though inherent conceit in us would make most of us believe otherwise. Yet most of us don’t feel the pinch. We remain deeply entrenched in our habitual idiocy. It now appears that idiocy has become an insurmountable habit with most of us, even when a catastrophe in the form of Covid-19 has been rocking the human civilization for more than a year now.

Over a period of time we all form habits. Like, habit of reading morning newspaper, habit of having a cup of tea first thing in the morning etc. etc. Under some mortal fear, we certainly overcome these habits. From fear of contracting corona virus through newspapers, many of us stopped getting newspapers last year. If a doctor tells us that for some medical reasons we should stop taking morning cup of tea, most of us would abide by. But even in the face of a big catastrophe, we are unable to overcome our habitual idiocy. Idiocy arising from habit of not using own common sense but believing what we are told or have been told and sold for decades by the vested interests. Idiocy of continuing to accept things as a way of life even though seeing and knowing how harmful these were for our existence and well being. Like harmful food/eating habits thrust on us by the vested interests. I have invariably to fall back upon Cricket to bring home the point. Nothing exemplifies habitual idiocy of man better than the continuance of the thoroughly fraudulent and fake International Cricket as a competitive sport. Cricket tells us loud and clear how idiotic or rogue all manmade institutions are and how idiotic man is. Even as I write this, the fraud is in full bloom in India, propagated by Gavaskars and Tendulkars, in the form of the much publicized IPL – 2021. Even though it lies publicly exposed for almost a decade now. It is so because man has chosen to continue with the habit of being an idiot.

Cricket being a very massive fraud with mind-boggling serious implications still didn’t mean any direct threat to our lives. But Corona means and thus is a much bigger menace. Moreover, it affects almost whole of the world, many times more than Cricket. But still the habit of idiocy hardened by us over our life time is not letting us deal with the catastrophe squarely and the rogue powers of the world are having their way. Even in the face of death or physical suffering at our own, and our nears’ and dears’ doors, we are not prepared to or able to use our common-sense and discard our habitual idiocy that remains strengthened by our inherent conceit and hypocrisy. Probably we are helpless as a result of our conditioning over our life time to believe the authorities. That dissuades us from examining the basics and asking the right questions. I have almost been a lone voice in the world for almost a decade against fraudulent Cricket (though many insiders have confirmed since then what I exposed years ago) but there have been and are many voices in the world against what many believe to be a very big international scam through Corona. A top Indian industrialist Anil Ambani’s son, Jai Anmol, has called it scamdemic ( ). Truth is one; different people can arrive at it or sense it in different ways. Like different people seeing same reflection in a mirror from different angles (this analogy is courtesy ‘The Mystery of the Blue Train’ by the super genius Agatha Christie).

Now is the time, if ever was, for the intelligentsia to overcome its habitual idiocy, and confront the useful idiots, the Modis and the authorities, with the difficult but right questions on Corona, rather than taking things on face value and allowing itself to be fooled by them and the Media. I know it is not going to be easy to act beyond habit, but it has now become quite necessary for our very survival. All other issues may wait a little. Other idiocies, like communalism or communal riots, wars, celebrating frauds etc. can be pursued only if we survive first.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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