Congress-An IDEOLOGY

Congress-An Ideology


“Congress to nation means progress

Being liberal it keeps the mass to impress

With good know-how reduce the national stress

Being ethical, it gave liberty to the press.”


“Thoughts of this ideology have culminated into development 

The works since independence have been witnessed as an establishment

The country in all sectors from space, technology has got achievement 

To country it has given health and education in the form investment.”


“People live in good time 

Using citizens’ right is not a crime 

The word justice never remains out of sight

There is always a space for fundamental right.”


“The government is for all

Truly democratic government what we call 

We should give this thought a lot of respect

So that it comes for the democracy’s protect.”


‘’Congress ultimately is thought for by and of the deprived

Whose efforts many needy in the recent past survived

The word congress is revolutionary derived

This is all about it what can be described.’’

“This ideology gave us freedom 

From the best of our freedom fighters’ wisdom

The democracy can prosper and rejoice

If people choose congress as their choice.’’


(From the pen of a revolutionary Poet) 

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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