Common Question in every Female Mind?

There is one thing which every girl is thinking about i.e. why 90 percent of the boys always see a girl as a female, why they always see them as a toy, why male dominating society still not giving us the equal opportunity, why most of the men see girls as a sex object, why they can’t able to see us as a person, why a man can’t able to see girl character, personality, and her soul. Why most men and in fact our society thinks that “Men” are superior and females are only here to take care of the men, to make them happy. Why we can’t able to think about our happiness first, why we always have to compromise, Why we can’t able to make our own identity, why everybody wants that we should be called as someone daughter, sister or wife, why they are not allowing us to work hard and why they are not supporting us so that we can able to fulfill our dreams and make them proud and in that way why we can’t able to have our own identity. Why marriage is necessary for girls, why age has already decided to marry for girls, why in the name of the pressure of the society, and in the name of fake honor and respect, family forced girls to marry. Why society and parents always teach their girls to be in marriage, whether your husband is good or bad, why after marriage, everybody expecting that we will do all the household chores even if we are sick, why parents and the society not forcing their son to do household chores as it’s a basic livelihood skill which everybody should know, why family not teaching their son to respect the females, Why you all can’t able to see our sufferings. Why you can’t able to treat a girl as a human.

India is an independent country now, and these days we are talking about gender equality but this has only become a topic for you all to speak, but in actuality, today also, you can see in your own house whether we are getting any equal status or opportunity or we are still suffering.

And we always keep questioning with ourselves, Why, Why, Why?????    

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