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Celebration of the 125th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was a patriot in a true sense. He was self-less, and he dedicated himself for the cause of his nation (undivided India) and his countrymen. He was the symbol of secular and sovereign identity of a nation, and he strengthened the unity in diversity of India through his every step for the freedom of India. He showed the path how to bind all together irrespective of different identities of people in a single garland of a united nation. He was never connivance any division of people.

His love for country was true love. His mission was very much clear for an independent India, where social justice and equity would be the prime focus. His making nation was for every one’s independence. In his ‘Taruner Swapna’, he shared his plan and policy for everyone in independent India. He dreamt for a nation where everyone would be self-dependent, not to be dependent on the government aid. In his democracy, there was no place of authoritarianism. His democracy was for a transparent government, good governance and corruption free. But India’s independent democratic government has hardly followed his single agenda as he dreamt for.

This year, the Government of India has been observing Netaji’s 125th birth anniversary. We observe that it is for a cultural politics by different political parties. Different political parties, especially in West Bengal in the eve of the forthcoming assembly election have been observing it with the different slogan. Unfortunately, a government is not free from a political party in the rule. Anyway, there is an emotional attachment with Netaji throughout the nation. The central government led by the BJP is observing this day as ‘Parakram Divas’, TMC led state government of West Bengal is as ‘Desha Nayak Divas’ and Left Front observes as ‘Deshaprem Divas’, while once CPM hated him as ‘Tojor Kukur’ (Tojo’s pet). All these hypocrisies are for the purpose of the forthcoming assembly election. Each and every political party has been targeted it as an emotional trick to pick the support of the people. Therefore, Netaji’s birthday has been considered as a tool of an election campaign.

Surprisingly, Netaji’s death controversy is till a controversy and conspiracy. After three commissioning, there is no clear picture of this message. Only Justice Manoj Mukherjee Commission dismissed his everlasting death controversy. But the central government ignored it and even it has no effort to end the truth of this conspiracy.

Earlier Mr. Modi in 2018 on the eve of 75th Years of Netaji S.C.Bose’s Azad Hind Government hoisted the tricolour flag at Red Fort, and he laid the foundation stone of a museum dedicated to the Azad Hind Fauj. The purpose of it was the emotional campaign for the 17th Parliamentary Election 2019. Even after that event, Modi was silent on this issue.

Is Bose and his struggle for India’s freedom the matter of cultural politics? One great leader like him did not like such lower standard of politics for power and authority.

Netaji’s vision for free India was not for corporate battering and making the difference between rich and poor. Every political party should follow his technique of national development. It would be the great offering to him as a true dedicated worker. Last of all, how Mr. Modi claims, ‘Netaji would have been proud of today’s India’ where people are in hungry, no employment, privatisation of public sectors and so forth.


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