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CBSE Result 2020: Poor Grades? Don’t Worry

The Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank announced that the results of over 18.89 lakh students who registered to appear for the class 10 board exams have been declared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). A total of 91.46 percentage of students have passed the examination. There is an increase of 0.36 percentage in comparison to last year’s 91.10 percentage and total 8.9 percentage of students didn’t able to make it. In the event of discouraging results, Family members should remain calm and provide their tormented children with love and care.

The CBSE has announced its 10th as well as 12th class result. This is a stressful time for students, parents as well as teachers. while some students are happy, some didn’t get the grade they expected. Some of them who haven’t scored good marks, think that they have failed the exam for life and that there is no life or dream beyond that. The most important thing that triggers the children is “What will the people or friends think about me?” This can lead them to a poor mental state. It is very important for everyone whether they are parents, grandparents or other family members, to support the child emotionally by loving them and explaining to them that exams are important but not beyond life.

Never scold your children for fewer marks, no one is perfect in this world. Not everyone is born with the same quality. As a parent, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you have to remain calm because the child is going through several feelings like how to face friends, teacher and every one, so you need to be calm and tell the child that this was just an exam, we will work hard and pass the next exam with flying colours. Another most important thing is that never compare your child with other children as you know every child is different in one or other way. If your child is not good at studies he/she might be good in any other thing. If your child wants to cry let him/her cry don’t let them hold their emotions for long.

Fear of society: Most of the students are scared of their relative or neighbour. The student does not feel safe when they are asked about their result. They think that people will laugh at them. Friends, classmate will make fun of him. Their family will be humiliated in society. And they will be an outcaste. They did not know that this is just a month-long reaction in a life of 70 or 80 years

Short term perspective about life: Failing in any class or subject doesn’t mean the end of life. Most of the student thinks that after failing in any class, opportunities end and there is no scope available in his future. There is no bright future. Only those who pass the exam will achieve something.

Instant shock: Again, with no one to discuss, motivate and console them, an immense pressure builds inside their mind which makes every other thing in this world irrelevant, forcing them to end their life instantly.

What is the solution? 

Motivate a friend or colleague who couldn’t Succeed recently, never humiliate or shame people for the same.

If you are a parent and wish a bright future for your child, remember that the first criteria for a bright future is that your child needs to be alive.

If you are a student and have failed a paper, remember one thing that after 10 years when you would have moved on well in life, you would laugh off at this failure for which you are ready to give your life today!

If you observe a noticeable change in behavior of someone you know, talk to them or talk to their loved ones, you would be a savior of humanity.

If your child is confused about the career, always ask for the help. Councilors are always there to help you they will guide you the right path.

You have so much to accomplish. You will be fine soon. There is only one failure in life which cannot be fixed, and that’s suicide. You aren’t born to fail, you’re born to survive.

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