Can you become anupama???

Can you become anupama?

 Yes, I am talking about the serial Anupama, which has made its place in the top 5 today. In which Anupama is an Indian woman who shows that the husband is her god and in-laws’ paradise. When marriage comes, then the age is not much, but it is not allowed to study, because in our society the daughter-in-law has only got a degree in the kitchen, then it is best, otherwise she does not know how many taunts to read, With a husband who is well educated and does a good job, who understands that my wife should not be respected more than a maid, whose job is to put every task ahead, cook delicious food, What she herself wants is not necessary, but what the husband wants is necessary, but yes, get it on time in bed at night, love is there, it is important to have a physical relationship, It is only after marriage that the responsibility of the children comes on him which makes his priority bigger, taking care of the children properly, he spends 25 years of his life in these, not even a good one, but what happens after here It is incredible. The husband, who has been given the title of God, is playing his relationship with someone very strongly, he does not feel shy to say openly even after having such a big child, because he is a man, a man Forgive 100 mistakes, a woman comes here and breaks, because even a woman’s open desire is not valid. Because in our society, women get rights only in court and not in laws. He does not know how many times he has to go out of this house, but how to get out, because the parents say that the house is going from here to the doli, the same is your home world, the same your world, now this world should be called . Where the mother comes to know that the son is feeding outside, then the son is advised not to daughter-in-law that you do not deserve him. Who does not allow to become worthy, she herself, when Anupama wanted to study, wanted to do something, then her in-laws were her in-laws, today her husband leaves her due to the same deficiency, even then the blame of the same, husband Dhosh shows that How will you run the house without money, this is your position, you can just make theplas in the kitchen. Here too, she is told to break down because she is a poor woman, poor lady. Where her husband says that his hands smell of spices and he eats food made with the same spices. He says she does not like Anupama because she lives like Gavaro, with a twisted braid, big dot on the forehead and a woman wrapped in a sari all day, who feels ashamed to take her out with him because she orders food. Don’t know how to do it All this great woman tolerates her and accepts her other external relationship, while her mother is not ashamed to find out that she waits for her son. Here a woman becomes alone. Firstly, there is so much evil in our society about the daughters-in-law and they encourage such serials and more. While a woman cannot even raise voice for the atrocities being committed on her own, because she only has to bear the responsibility of the members of the household, here a positive aspect is that Anupama’s father-in-law supports her or else in our country or society It is rarely seen, here it is said that if you do not have a child, then only if you are infertile, then only your responsibility, where the matter would reach the divorce on any mistake and after the divorce the girl would be handed over to the mother, where if the wife If the family dies, the boy would get the boy married immediately, saying that the children need a mother and if a girl’s husband dies, then the sentence of life imprisonment is because you are a mother and the mother’s first life does not apply to her child, man. I can’t be Anupama, what is your opinion ???  Thank you

Sonia Chetan Kanungo



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