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Buzzing Sex Racketeers of Delhi Caught by the Delhi Police

As per the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data, a total of 8,132 cases of human trafficking were reported in the year 2016, across the country. It is estimated that human trafficking in India, affects between 20 to 65 million people. The main reason behind this heinous crime is commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriage.

Another shocking data from 2017, shows that the national capital of the country has the highest cognizable crime rate of 1050 (per 100,000 persons).

A few days back, local don and one of the buzzing sex racketeers of Delhi, Geeta Arora AKA Sonu Punjaban was caught by the Delhi police. After a trial in Delhi High Court, she was sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment, while her co-conspirator Sandeep Bedwal was also sent to 20 years of imprisonment for raping a minor girl.  The High Court has also imposed a fine of Rs 64,000 saying that she deserves the severest punishment as she not only purchased the minors for prostitution but also brutalized them.

According to the HC judge’s statement, “How can a woman outrage and brutalize the modesty of another woman, who is minor, in such a horrific way. The shameful deeds of convict Geeta Arora deprive her of any leniency from the courts.”

Each year, girls from rural and urban areas are kidnapped and thrown into prostitution or are forced to beg on roads.  Although human trafficking in India is an illegal act under the law, it still remains a crucial problem. Girls from rural areas, belonging to a poor household are shown dreams and limelight of the big city by a wrong influence. Once they move to the capital cities, they are pushed into trades like prostitution, begging, bonded labours, etc.

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