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Boycott AirAsia – Pilot’s Allegation Towards Airline

Gaurav Taneja who is an ex-captain of AirAsia and a famous YouTuber has made serious allegations on the airline for not taking proper safety measures for the passengers. The video on Taneja’s YouTube channel has already crossed 2million views in 11 hours.

Photo Source: Opinion India

‘Boycott AirAsia’ was trending on twitter after a video was uploaded on YouTube by its ex-captain. Gaurav Taneja, who is an ex-captain of AirAsia accused the airline of suspending him for taking a stand for safe operations on an aircraft and its passengers.

He has a strong fan base on YouTube because of his vlog channel – Flying beast. Through the help of his fan’s, the matter got aggravated and within a short period, it started trending on twitter. Taneja is widely loved over the internet.  In a few of his earlier vlogs, he did mention about signing a petition due to which he might lose his job. However, today the whole matter was over the internet. Taneja said that the airline is violating the protocol for the safety of their passengers. The protocols were introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19

In response to his video, the DGCA has said, “An investigation has been started on the issue raised by Gaurav Taneja and appropriate actions will be taken, if his allegations turns out to be true”.

Gaurav Taneja who is a caption of Airbus 320, has requested his followers to tag AirAsia in the post and support him in the crisis. On Monday afternoon, 26,000 tweets of #BoycottAirAsia were trending on twitter.

According to sources, an AirAsia India spokesman said that the pilot has been suspended on some disciplinary issues for reporting frequent sick leaves, instead of any safety lapse concerns. However, the matter is being internally investigated.

The YouTuber has accused the airline of pressurizing him to work on his day-off i.e. 9th of June as he had taken a sick leave on 7th June.

On a twitter message, Taneja said, “When I started protesting against this, the chief of flight safety said in an email that I report sick and fatigue frequently. The management also suggested me for undergoing lifestyle counselling and medical”.

The video on Taneja’s YouTube channel has already crossed 2million views in 11 hours. The pilot has disclosed many loop holes in the airline, concerning the passenger’s safety.

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