Bitter truth

# a girl is being raped, thrown on streets, cremated without the permission of her family, not even allowed to express the grief, not allowed to interact with media..that’s where we live “a democratic country” , country where the order of an egoistic Dm’s prevail over the voice of the victim.. country where a girl being a girl supports one where she benefits rather than raising her voice for the victim

country where ladkiyaan have been taught to cover her body, not to wear torn jeans or shorts , having allegations like don’t go out after 4 , don’t Hangout with guys etc.. earlier I too considered it a stupidity or low class mentality but I think that low class mentality people actually knows the truth of our democratic country.. they are smarter than us , they know the varieties of people nah ANIMAL outside that one single room . the means which have been used to fulfil the desire, that fishy formality age which has no meaning at all whether it is 3 or 30 , words like “no help plzzz stoppp” are out of their dictionary.. and the girl with fear, terror , helplessness along with a little hope that saying “no plzz” will change their mind..but ..

that ghoonghat and short minded mothers must be awarded for making her baby gurl limited to a single room , for not letting her enjoy that so called FREEDOM which our brothers are enjoying endlessly..and yaa now some of the legends will tell to become independent, learn karate, gymnastics etc.. firstly a standing ovation for them and secondly let me clear u it’s a “GANG RAPE” u know what that means a single has been attacked by so many, infront of whom my gymnastics will not at all work, my independent nature ????

to all the ammas ya I need all those restrictions, I need all those barriers, I don’t need freedom, just a life, just a life in a single room ..

~ momo

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