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“Beti Bachao” – A Warning or an Agenda?

“One is not born, but rather becomes a women”, the statement was stated by Simone de Beauvoir in her book ‘The Second Sex’. Similarly in our society, one is not born a Beti rather becomes one through the process of gender socialization which strictly operates in the patriarchal society. Women are the building blocks of our society, yet they are vulnerable. Their sustainability and identity has been in a constant question. Throughout the feminist movements, women have been demanding equal rights, to be considered equal and not inferior to males.

As mentioned earlier, a women’s existence is challenged at every step, the penetrating violence against women is the major threat. The recent Hathras rape case again shows the filthy mindset of the Indian society, where a Dalit girl has been brutally gang raped by four upper caste men on 14th September in Uttar Pradesh. The reaction of police in the case bring no surprise as they usually dwell slow in registering a compliant, tardy investigations and the officials raise doubts that there was a rape.

It is the same BJP government, which on the occasion of International day of the girl child has called for the eradication on female foeticide and came up with the “Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao” scheme in 2015, and now, is it doing enough for women? Or is the BJP government safeguarding the daughters of india? “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”, how will the women get educated if they are not protected? Does the BJP seriously abide by the policy or its just an eyewash? In India the number of rape cases are increasing day by day, and the government is sitting with folded hands and protecting the accused. All the BJP led UP government is doing, is to cover up the incident, denying the allegations of rape and pretending nothing like that has happened.

We all remember the Kathua rape case, which portrays another horrifying picture, where a minor shepherd  girl was raped and murdered and in Unnao where a 17 year old girl was brutally raped. In these cases also the BJP leaders denied rape and the victim’s families were threatened. The nirbhaya rape case of 2012 took 8 years to get justice. Will justice be served in the Hathras case? Did justice delivered effectively in the Kathua and the Unnao cases? And what about the other rape cases happening in our country, some of which goes unreported?

Women in India are living in a continuous cycle of fear, fear to get harassed, get raped anytime. A question strikes in every women’s mind – ‘Am I next?’ Women are also human beings, why the society fails to recognize this every time? Women are on the margins, they are getting deprived, even though they constitute almost half of the world’s total population. On one hand we worship women as destroyer of evil and on the other they are constantly in the hands of the evil. Such stereotypes needs to be changed. The government should realize that, its high time now, just making policies wont work enough. Policies should be implemented in an effective way. The job of the police is to protect the people not the rapist. In the 21st century the Beti is in danger, the government has been failing every attempt of safeguarding her, will women ever be safe in India? Or the situation is going to get worse?

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